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"Irish SOPA" Signed Into Law Despite Resistance

MrKane Re:London remake? (129 comments)

hahah. If I had mod points! :)

more than 2 years ago

New Quantum Record: 14 Entangled Bits

MrKane Re:Very cool (101 comments)

If you can travel close to the speed of light you can explore quite a bit of space, in a normal amount of time. You would also have travelled forward in time at a faster rate than your home world, and so would infact be exploring time, should you decide to return to your point of origin :)

more than 3 years ago

Russian Simulated Mars Mission Close To 'Landing'

MrKane Re:one really big psychological difference (170 comments)

I'm with you on this one; it must surely make a "fundamental" psychological difference.
However, I'm not sure there have been many experiments of this type.
I guess it's best to start off "easy" when gathering this kind of data.
They're still heroes, every one of them! :D

about 4 years ago

Switzerland Pursues Violent Games Ban

MrKane The many co-correlations of statistical data... (276 comments)

I would be interested in seeing the statistics being used by the Swiss Government to support such a proposal.

Intuitively, to me at least, the idea for "Games as a cause for violence" is not based on rational thought.
A more likley explaination is "ape brain as a cause for violence", preceeded by "selfish gene as a cause for violence" coupled with "lack of self control" as a catalyst.

Simply speaking, to make a theory that cites any single activity a cause of violence is going to be woefully inadequate at describing reality.

And the idea that it is a valid approach to seek the removal of the rights of an individual to persue an activity (like reading, or making films, or playing video games), activities
which primarily deal with the imagination, and the "internal", well that is abhorrent to me personally.

I would add, that it is my belief, that it is not really the responsibilty of government to protect me from the ideas of others per se, but it for those institutions to protect me from
any practical application of ideas that threaten my safety.

Again, the correlation between video games and violence is overshadowed by other factors (such as population density coupled with poverty say [conjecture] ), significantly enough I would argue, so that the argument violent video games are a practical threat, is rediculous.

Anyways, you get my point ;)

more than 4 years ago

Violence in Games, Once Again, Not That Compelling

MrKane Re:Hmm... (191 comments)

Wow. I feel more stupider havind done reading that...

about 6 years ago

Violence in Games, Once Again, Not That Compelling

MrKane Comment / Tag Disagreement @ 23:27 16/01/09 GMT. (191 comments)

I'm not sure the terms "redundant", "enoughalready", and "republican" accurately summarise the situation. Some groups, like mediawatch-uk (a continuation of the Mary Whitehouse created NVLA), still use quotes such as: "If violence is shown as normal on the television screen it will help to create a violent society". They are neither redundant, as they constantly petition UK Government, and so have the potential at least for having a noticeable effect (and were in fact big movers in actioning / responsible for a number of legislative actions regarding social decency), or Republican. All be it, I do retract my belief that "enoughalready" is useful in summarising the situation. ;) Thank you, MrKane.

about 6 years ago

US To Launch Military Orbital Spaceplane

MrKane Re:Military Space Tests. (270 comments)

My advice is to step away from the internets, and take a stress pill.

more than 6 years ago


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