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Apple Receives Patent For Accessing Sets of Apps With Different Passcodes

MrManny Re:Prior Art (156 comments)

While I agree about the.. questionable nature of the patent, it was filed in 2010 -- i.e. before that functionality became part of Android. (Though if you could access the camera from the lockscreen with third-party apps, feel free to disregard my silly comment.)

about a year ago

EFF Wins Release of Secret Court Opinion: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

MrManny Re:Farce royale (524 comments)

What really bothers me here is that the constitution would only protect Americans as far as I understand it. Even if the NSA ceased their unconstitutional mode of operation, how exactly am I -- as someone living in EU -- protected from warrantless surveillance by three-letter organizations? If I don't err here (and I can't say I'm overly confident in my ability to interpret laws), fixing this "fantasy" at the other side of the pond only fixes it for the US.

about a year and a half ago

Forensic Investigator Outlines BitTorrent Detection Technology

MrManny Re:I2P/Freenet (193 comments)

Austria has made it mandatory by law for all ISPs that have at least a handful of costumers since April 1st. But from that I can tell, it's just headers.

more than 2 years ago

Dysfunctional Console Industry Struggles For New Profit Centers

MrManny Re:Worked for the PC game market (351 comments)

I would like to submit exhibit A: The PC game industry.

Unfortunately, the consumer suffers. But what's new, huh?

...which - according to some - is dead. (I don't agree with that though, quite on the contrary. But it may show what there isn't really a consensus here and arguing logically is tricky because of that.)

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Countersues Yahoo Over 10 Patents

MrManny Re:Preaching to the choir (80 comments)

I agree with you there 101%. Also, I think you should file a patent for the derpaderp-method as described above. There seems to be no prior art for this. ;-)

Anywho. What shocks me here is that most of the patents are actually similar to the point of being almost equal, except someone used Search & Replace to replace one circumstance/media/younameit with another. Granted, I only read the tl;dr versions, but most of these seem to read "personalize content based on user profile." Apparently, this idea is so good, you have to patent it thrice (and then some more, for good measure).

more than 2 years ago

Notch Wants To Make a Firefly-Inspired Sandbox Space Game

MrManny Re:Kickstarter (227 comments)

Well, I don't think being poor is a requirement for putting up a project. Heck, White Wolf just recently had a project kickstarted there.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft To Shut Down App Store For Windows Mobile

MrManny Re:Windows Mobile? (154 comments)

While I agree with your vendor filth statement, I can only agree to disagree on the UI part. Granted, my Samsung Galaxy S2 could look better. It's not that bad though, and the experience could be easily enhanced with the several launchers available on the Android market for you.

On the other hand, I just recently got my Kindle Fire and decided to throw one of the several Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) ROMs on it. I am very pleased with the new UI, maybe you should give it a try. No need to buy a device though, the Android emulator that comes with the SDK illustrates this perfectly well.

more than 2 years ago

Valve Reportedly Working On 'Steam Box' Gaming Console

MrManny Re:Windows. (233 comments)

In all fairness, Android isn't that free either, thanks to patent licensing fees.

more than 2 years ago

Booktype: An Open Source, Cross-Platform Approach To E-Book Publishing

MrManny Re:I have created books with Booki (87 comments)

Hi there,

sorry to bother you, but I've tried to find this Booki you mentioned. Either my google-fu has failed me, or my computer is playing Jedi mind tricks on me. :-( Can you point me at Booki's site please?

Thanks in advance,

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Killer Tablet Opportunity

MrManny Re:Been there, done that. (282 comments)

I wholeheartedly agree. I believe the merits of these new table devices are their simplicity and, well, lack of thunder underneath their case. That's not to say they are inferior; they are well capable to fulfill their users' needs. But they probably pale if I compare their hardware to my full-featured convertible I bought four or five years ago. I should point out that it was heavy as hell, and its batteries barely survived the three hours mark.

I've also skimmed through what the article proposes. Well, actually, it doesn't propose that much. It's rather vague and I think, the author is oversimplifying many aspects. The devil in the detail might come to bite the author's ass if he ever tried to build such a system. For instance, what's up with the Triple UI approach he described? I don't know how he envisioned the details here, he's a bit light on that, but if it's anywhere near where I suspect he's trying to go (and I'm really guessing here): It may sound good on paper to empower the user with everything, but overconfidence may lead to people breaking stuff.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft's Antivirus Briefly Flags Google.com As Malicious

MrManny These things can happen (123 comments)

To be honest, I don't think this is really *that* big of a deal. This can happen. Worse has happened, not only at Microsoft but by other AV products as well. I recall Avast crying out loud over Steam less than a month ago, moving its service into containment. And if I recall correctly, Avast even flagged notepad.exe as a virus once. I specifically mention Avast, because a.) I use it, and b.) it actually scored rather well last time I bothered to look it up in comparative studies.

As long as there are probabilities involved, false positives and false negatives are bound to happen. When it comes to AV, I don't mind if it errs on the side of caution as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Mod me down or call me fanboy as much as you want, but I really don't consider this too problematic, regardless of Microsoft being the "aggressor" here.

more than 2 years ago

DARPA Investing In Electric Brain Stimulation To Train Snipers Quickly

MrManny Re:tried and true (124 comments)

They are either upping the volts or discarded this approach for some reason. Russian spacecrafts come down in bits and pieces these days.

more than 2 years ago

America's Future Is In Software, Not Hardware

MrManny Re:Good Luck USA (630 comments)

Not sure if this is sarcastic or actually sincere. I'm going to assume the latter, but feel free to correct me.

Our software development company did a test run by outsourcing a project to India and see how that goes. Well, long story short, the project is on the verge of failing due to massive setbacks, lack of code quality and -- we suspect -- a negligent degree of incompetence: we came up with no other way to explain why, for instance, they didn't know there's an actual graphical UI to administer MSSQL databases; and that in an 'organization' with twenty people where four do the actual programming and the rest keeps databases etc. intact. Don't ask. We didn't dare to either.

Everything our Indian overlords should code has to be explained in such a *detail* by our software engineers that actually coding ourselves would probably cost much less. And oh my God, don't you EVER forget to explicitely state every implicit detail that should be common sense to anyone.

Now it could have just been a coincidence, but it's shockingly easy to find similar expressions -- not only restricted to India. For example: http://blog.jpl-consulting.com/2011/12/why-i-will-never-feel-threatened-by-programmers-in-india/

more than 2 years ago

AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs At $68K/Yr

MrManny Re:300Mb is about 500 browser page views (433 comments)

Though it's highly unlikely that you visit 500 absolutely different pages where everything has to be downloaded over and over again. Much of the payload comes from (static) scripts and images which can be cached neatly. While I see your point and generally agree to comparisons to illustrate the absurdity*, we should still take a few more details (like caching) into account for more realistic figures. * disclaimer: I'm Austrian. I get 2 GB for 15 EUR per month (plus the usual gimmicks like 2000 free texts, 1000 free minutes of national telephony, and after that I'm capped at 64kbps but don't need to pay any extra charges unless I want to (to remove the speed cap). So I might be a bit spoiled. And I don't really know the US market concerning mobile carrier choices and plans.

about 3 years ago

Filesonic Removes Ability To Share Files

MrManny Refund for paying users? (412 comments)

I am slightly confused. I actually have a 3 months subscription there as I use it every now and then, and don't really want to work under the restrictions for non-registered users. Now that Filesonic basically removed a good portion of their functionality, does this entitle me to a refund of some kind? Then again, I probably won't lose any sleep over those few Euros I paid.

about 3 years ago

$1.5B Fine Overturned For Microsoft

MrManny Re:hmm. (134 comments)

You Americans. 'As long as I get what I want I'm OK with ________.'

Interesting point of view. I must say that I completely ________ with your opinion, you ________. In fact, if I could I would ________ your ________ until ________. So I beg you to ________ or ________.

And one further addendum: ________. Do we have an agreement?

more than 7 years ago


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