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Too Many College Graduates?

MrSparkle Re:Blame the employers, not the students... (1138 comments)

Exactly! My girlfriend almost wasn't hired at Oracle for a sales position because she had a couple classes left on her 4 year degree. They wanted to hire her based on interview and previous experience but only would after she enrolled to finish the classes. I find that ridiculous considering their CEO didn't finish college!!! People in charge of hiring need to get with the times.

more than 4 years ago

What Can I Do About Book Pirates?

MrSparkle Re:Get another job, broski (987 comments)

I agree. Setup a PayPal voluntary donations link. I know I've contributed to people when the work they created was valuable to me.

I do not however like the "old model". There's a reason it's called the "old model". ;)

more than 5 years ago

Bluetooth Versus Wireless Mice

MrSparkle Re:Wireless Mighty Mouse (519 comments)

Exactly, and that is one of my biggest complaints about Apple. On one hand you have people claiming how simple and intuitive they are.

On the other hand how are the following the least bit intuitive?
-Right click on older Mac Book Pros requires you to place to fingers on the track pad and then click the giant mouse button that easily could have been split in half.
-Scroll wheel on iPods, who knows what you're doing half the time.
-Pressing "Enter" in Finder on OS X does a "rename". Huh? What's the single press button to open the damn file?
-"Home" and "End" in Mac OS X. I may as well rip these keys off the keyboard because by default they're useless compared to there behavior on a PC.
-iPhoto: Try to delete something, I dare you. Hint: don't try the obvious stuff like the "delete" key or pressing "right click" (I'm assuming you already know you're Mac hardware's obscure Konami code-esque right click combination)

For all Apple's UI preachy-ness you'd think they'd have figured out the value of a right click context menu by now.

more than 5 years ago

Minnesota Latest To Try To Block Gambling Sites

MrSparkle Embarrasing (138 comments)

What an embarrassment to MN. I hope who ever is leading this charge is ultimately fired and kicked out of the state.

more than 5 years ago

Nationwide Domain Name/Yard Sign Conspiracy

MrSparkle Re:Guerrilla Marketing (324 comments)

Guerrilla Marketing indeed. The article itself is a slashvert for the author's company. Nice.

more than 6 years ago


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