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Google CEO Talks Business

Mtn_Dewd UW talk (140 comments)

Eric Schmidt is really busy on showing just how progressive Google is right now. I just got out of a talk at University of Washington by him in which he addressed many interesting Google policy questions ranging from responsibilities, censorship, and corporate structure. They're really trying to establish that they aren't just another fad and are trying to find a way to meet the demands of an exponentially increasing task of information aggregation and retrieval.

Interestingly, in our Computer Science department at UW, there is definitely an aura about Google. Everyone wants to work for them. They seem to defy all of the standard business models that we have grown to hate (ie: Office Space) and use a 70%, 20%, 10% rule that allows you to work on Google-related work, Personal-project-google-related work, and just personal work. I won't drag on about their structure, but I'm wondering if their business model and ideas will now spread into the mainstream corporate world.

more than 9 years ago


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