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Borders Bust Means B&N May Get Your Shopping History

Muggins the Mad Buying a Parking Lot (230 comments)

The fine print in Borders' privacy policy does seem to allow this.

But if it hadn't, I don't see how this'd be different from buying a bankrupt
parking lot and claiming ownership of all the cars still parked in it.

- MugginsM

more than 3 years ago

Clear Has Nationwide Outage

Muggins the Mad Clear who? where? (89 comments)

See, I thought this was relevant until I dug in further and discovered that it's probably a different Clear, in a different country,
from the one I use.

You don't own the entire planet yet, you know.

more than 3 years ago

Cheaters Exposed Analyzing Statistical Anomalies

Muggins the Mad Re:Technical solution (437 comments)

The downside to doing this kind of thing is that then so many students fail the test that the teacher
gets done for incompetence, compared to the other teachers who aren't checking so carefully :)

- MugginsM

about 4 years ago

Cheaters Exposed Analyzing Statistical Anomalies

Muggins the Mad Re:Catching cheaters is missing the point (437 comments)

Stop spending money on anti-cheating technologies. Spend money on improving the methods of education.

One method of education is to get things to a point where the student realises
that actually learning the material is the best way to succeed.

With low risk of getting caught, many many students decide that cheating is
the best way to pass/get good grades/graduate for minimal effort. And it probably is
if you're not interested in learning and just want a good grade, to get a good job.

Raising the cost/risk of cheating and thus pushing more students to learn the
material is quite a valid education method.

- MugginsM

about 4 years ago

Botnets Using Ubiquity For Security

Muggins the Mad Re:ISP accountability (95 comments)

how would the ISP inform the customer that they've been infected?

obviously web or email would just open them up to the usual phishing.

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Calls All-Hands Meeting On Privacy

Muggins the Mad Re:Posting private info to a public website (302 comments)

My opinion is that if you post personally identifiable information to a public website, and expect that information to be kept from all the world's eyeballs, you're being incredibly foolish.

The problem is you can't control what other people post.

I create an account with just my name and use it to keep in touch with my friends and family.

It doesn't take long before someone posts a photo from my birthday party and annotates my name. A quick grab of my friends list reveals some workmates, one of whom has a map of the office.

so without me doing anything but putting up my name and a list of friends, anyone can now work out where I live, work, when my birthday is, and what I look like.

I deleted my FB profile a while back and am glad I did.

- Muggins

more than 4 years ago

No Third-party Apps on iPhone Says Jobs

Muggins the Mad If it has a web browser (778 comments)

So how powerful is the inbuilt web browser?

If it can run java applets near full-screen then I don't see why you can't implement a whole
heap of stuff that way. Sure, no VoIP or offline games, but I can't see why you couldn't run
SSH clients or custom internet based apps that way.

Sure I'm not interested in a device costing that much that I can't write stuff that runs offline for (and in NZ
it'll cost $unfeasible to use our shitty mobile networks), but there looks like *some* ability there
to run custom apps.

- MugginsM

about 8 years ago


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