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Recovering Moldy Electronics?

Muhammar Re:Corrosion is inevitable. (512 comments)

It depends on the degree of corrosion. Since corrosion cannot be repaired, there is only a prayer. Make sure your electronics is completely dried out, then power it up outside your house on Halloween night. Kids will appreciate the sparks and smoke.

As for disinfecting it: mold is heat sensitive - it likes cold wet dark environments best (in sealed cask, furry adipocere!) - so having your electronics running outdoor for a day or two should take care of disinfecting the inards. You wash the case from outside with household disinfectant cleaners like Lysol but I advise against spraying any liquid on the circuits, especially not stuff like bleach (eats metals) or rubbing alcohol (eats resin wire insulation). If it makes you feel better, you can also try blowing hot air into it from a hair gun, or tumble it in a laundry dryer, or hang it up in a cold hardwood smoke for ten days.

more than 6 years ago



Failed Avionics a possible cause of BA038 crash

Muhammar Muhammar writes  |  about 7 years ago

Muhammar writes "As you have heard by now, both engines of the Boeing 777 aircraft flight BA038 suddenly cut off without warning at very low altitude and low speed during autopilot-assisted landing at Heathrow. A prompt reaction of the pilots prevented the stall and saved all lives aboard; the crash landing short of runway tore off the landing gear on impact; the fuselage plowed a long deep gouge in the grass. With the investigation ongoing, the available information points to electronic control problem as the most likely cause of the sudden engine power loss."
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