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U.S. Senate Ratifies Cybercrime Treaty

Murodese Re:What other countries are signatories? (192 comments)

There doesn't seem to actually be a list out there, but from grinding through various pages, these are the countries I believe are part of the treaty:

Albania (13.07.1995)
Andorra (10.11.1994)
Armenia (25.01.2001)
Austria (16.04.1956)
Azerbaijan (25.01.2001)
Belgium (05.05.1949)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (24.04.2002)
Bulgaria (07.05.1992)
Croatia (06.11.1996)
Cyprus (24.05.1961)
Czech Republic (30.06.1993)
Denmark (05.05.1949)
Estonia (14.05.1993)
Finland (05.05.1989)
France (05.05.1949)
Georgia (27.04.1999)
Germany (13.07.1950)
Greece (09.08.1949)
Hungary (06.11.1990)
Iceland (07.03.1950)
Ireland (05.05.1949)
Italy (05.05.1949)
Latvia (10.02.1995)
Liechtenstein (23.11.1978)
Lithuania (14.05.1993)
Luxembourg (05.05.1949)
Malta (29.04.1965)
Moldova (13.07.1995)
Monaco (05.10.2004)
Netherlands (05.05.1949)
Norway (05.05.1949)
Poland (26.11.1991)
Portugal (22.09.1976)
Romania (07.10.1993)
Russian Federation (28.02.1996)
San Marino (16.11.1988)
Serbia (03.04.2003)
Slovakia (30.06.1993)
Slovenia (14.05.1993)
Spain (24.11.1977)
Sweden (05.05.1949)
Switzerland (06.05.1963)
"The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (09.11.1995)
Turkey (09.08.1949)
Ukraine (09.11.1995)
United Kingdom (05.05.1949)

As well as United States, Canada, Japan and South Africa.

Information whored from Treaty, Member States of CoE, this particular line of the treaty: "The member States of the Council of Europe and the other States signatory hereto," and the original article.

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