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Ask Slashdot: IP Masquerading Drawbacks?

My Little Pony Re:Bad Idea (212 comments)

  • God help him if someone runs a remote root exploit against the Win98 box! Wait a minute.. there aren't any! Same thing as Linux with all the services disabled.
I'm such an idiot sometimes. Of course, you're right AC. In fact, you can make a system really secure by pulling out the CPU(s). Like, one time, I, like, had a like, 486 box with Linux, and I like, pulled out the 486 and crushed it into powder and no one could hack into it. I'm so 31337. You, on the other hand, have probably never cracked anything tougher than a peanut.

Seriously, the worst of Win98's services can be disabled, but most people don't have any idea how. Worse yet, the ease with which you can take down a Win9x box with DOS attacks makes them the worst possible choice for a gateway machine.

Hey, if you want to build your house out of straw, piggy, go ahead. Just don't whine to me when the B1g b4D W01F takes out your system.

more than 15 years ago


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