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FTC Takes Out Porn- and Botnet-Spewing ISP

MyIS Re:What about the providers? (263 comments)

... If it had been started by the "Free Market" ...

Shady government-sanctioned telecom monopoly certainly does not qualify as a free market. Demublican-supported big-corp hookups are not at all what free market advocates have in mind.

more than 4 years ago

Why Is Connectivity So Cheap In Stockholm?

MyIS Re:Lack of profiteering (443 comments)

Oh, get off your high horse. In this case the government is just doing its job - controlling the natural monopoly up to a reasonable limit, without "hooking up" politicians' buddies. As a result, telecoms are still "profiteering" off that community-built base infrastructure, but in a proper unbiased market. Presto, lower consumer prices.

more than 5 years ago

Why Is Connectivity So Cheap In Stockholm?

MyIS Re:Hmmm (443 comments)

This calls for a (+6, Lone Voice of Reason) moderation in a thread dominated by cynical US-ians fed up with their un-free-market. What the Swedish did is much closer to libertarian-style hardcore free market than any sort of "socialism". Allowing companies to actually compete? Holy shit, what a concept!

more than 5 years ago

Ruby 1.9.1 Released

MyIS Re:I am afraid, there is lack of direction for Rub (226 comments)

Because I've used C and C++ every day for the past 8 years
But you'll never solve a problem quicker by using a language you aren't as familiar with

I think the GP is trying to tell you that you need to get familiar with that other language. It takes more time, and for a good reason. You won't just be learning a new API, you'll be getting used to a new way of thinking. And programming is all about knowing the different ways of thinking.

more than 5 years ago

Survey Says C Dominated New '08 Open-Source Projects

MyIS Re:how stupid (378 comments)

I think that the parent was referring to the fact that:
* C, Perl and Ruby are mostly used to write standalone utilities and apps
* Javascript is used to script the high-level functionality of a browser (albeit to produce more apps too, sometimes)

So it's not about compiled vs interpreted, or memory management models. It's about actual practical usage scenarios. And lumping Ruby and Javascript is indeed silly in that sense.

about 6 years ago

Canada Election Result Bad News For DMCA Opponents

MyIS Re:The ironic catch-22 (311 comments)

Your first sentence is bang-on about the effects of first-past-the-post. But I think that it is a good idea to let one party actually have full swing in its decisions from time to time.

As geeks, we always complain about "design-by-committee" situations. I think that a bickering and fragmented parliament falls right under the same label. Another phrase that comes to mind is "analysis paralysis", except as applied to government decisions.

In general, politics are notorious for being populist and catering to the superficial wants of voters. An "imbalance" of representation that first-past-the-post allows may actually work against that populism and let gov't pass unpopular measures that actually do the job better. And I think that far too many good ideas are not even considered due to not being "sexy" enough to sell to an average voter who may not know what "fiduciary" means.

more than 6 years ago

In-Game Gold Farming a $500M Industry

MyIS Re:Obligatory Penny Arcade post (201 comments)

Mod parent up.

Blizzard should stop wasting time on anti-bot and anti-farming measures and instead put more effort into making the game not turn into a second job. When I used to play, being a level 60 was much less exciting than being a level 20. Too bad... It's a beautiful universe.

more than 6 years ago


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