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Copyright Takedown Requests to Google Doubled In 2013

MysteriousPreacher Re:THE SOLUTION ! (117 comments)

If you hire someone to send in the requests, then they are allowed to trust that you are making the request in good faith. Their's no penalty to you for lying to them. So nobody violates the law, and you can accomplish the same goal. But you probably do want to use incorporated safety nets, so that the target of the takedown notice can't get anything by suing you. So you're likely to need a lot of throw-away corporations. Each one, of course, should have it's own letterhead. (Why fake someone else's letterhead, anyway. It's not as if it's difficult to mock up a letterhead with the Gimp, Simple Scan, and Inkscape. Takes a couple of hours for the first one, and 10 minutes for each change.

You might want to seek legal advice before attempting this. Get a photo of the lawyer's face on hearing your plan.

But, IIUC, the DMCA makes no requirement that the originator of the takedown request has a good-faith reason to believe that it is correct, merely that the person who files the request has a good-faith reason. And it is quite apparent that lawyers are always filing requests for someone else that have no validity or plausibility, and which they have reason to know have no validity. And NONE have ever been prosecuted. (Well, I've never heard of any being prosecuted.)

Prosecution is pretty rare. Still, if you have a person acting on your behalf, claiming you can act in bad faith is like saying you can get away with burglary if you manage to convince some else to break in to a house under the pretence that it's your house and you forgot your keys. Again, suggest this to the lawyer and check their facial expressions. The consultation will cost money, but the resulting photos could form a new meme!

about a year ago

Woman Fined For Bad Review Striking Back In Court

MysteriousPreacher Re:Good (249 comments)

I'd certainly find it difficult to imagine Kleargear would see an upsurge in orders. Google results for Kleargear are overwhelmingly negative, and they're swiftly picking up poor reviews in WOT and similar site ranking tools.

The 48 business hour delay is odd. In addition to this, their order status site is down.


The order status page is now directing customers to their "Kleargear Customer Care Centre" which is this:


It's a "knowledge base" containing 0 articles. Just try searching for anything - you'll never find a single result. After a pointless search, the user is then directed to submit a question.

Kleargear appears to be circling the drain, or is some cowboy operation (as evidenced by their fondness of "certified/approved by x" banners. Either way, I wouldn't be expecting to receive goods paid for.

about a year ago

European Health Levels Suddenly Collapsed After 2003 and Nobody Is Sure Why

MysteriousPreacher Re:electonic pollution (304 comments)

More and more of electronic pollution? Mire wifi usage, more cellphones + more upper gigahertz traffic (G2, G3, G4)?

Imbalanced chakras? Cold and squared audio output from transistor amps? The decline of the department store?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Laptops For Fans Of Pre-Retina MacBook Pro?

MysteriousPreacher Re:What you are looking for (477 comments)

It's also a lot less expensive than a MBP

It certainly looks it.

about a year ago

BlackBerry's CFO, CMO, and COO Leave Company

MysteriousPreacher Re:So long (159 comments)

That exclamation censorship thing is pretty strange.

about a year ago

BlackBerry's CFO, CMO, and COO Leave Company

MysteriousPreacher Re:So long (159 comments)

The main difference are that when private enterprise raises money, the investment is voluntary, and when a private enterprise fails, they go away.

Life is harsh in the private sector. A moment of silence, please, for the following companies that failed and are presumably no longer in business:

General Motors
Bank of America
JPMorgan Chase
Wells Fargo
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
PNC Financial Services

about a year ago

San Quentin Inmates Learn Technology From Silicon Valley Pros

MysteriousPreacher Re:This is so exciting, my leg is tingling... (109 comments)

I would imagine that most people would take a job and a roof over their heads, and a higher crime rate, than a low crime rate and to be living on the streets or jobless. So I would imagine that many would take the training and "leg up" for themselves over convicted criminals any day, even if it meant a riskier street.

And why are these things mutually exclusive. As noted by others, the United States spends a lot of money incarcerating people. Spending money to reduce recidivism doesn't necessarily mean spending more overall. Even having an additional tax payer who isn't out nicking stuff is better than spending a few grand a week to keep them locked-up.

about a year ago

San Quentin Inmates Learn Technology From Silicon Valley Pros

MysteriousPreacher Re:The curve must be monotonic. (109 comments)

No argument from me - people should be rewarded based on effort. I don't see that providing adequate resources to rehabilitation and appropriate welfare would be mutually exclusive.

about a year ago

San Quentin Inmates Learn Technology From Silicon Valley Pros

MysteriousPreacher Re:This is so exciting, my leg is tingling... (109 comments)

Sure, law abiding people deserve better. They deserve education, healthcare, housing and food. The fact that prisons provide these free of charge to prisoners is irrelevant.

They also deserve lower crime rates, and hopefully schemes of this kind will mean these offenders are less likely to re-offend. It's going to depend on the numbers. It's an unfortunate reality that justice isn't necessarily fair for people who do the right thing.

about a year ago

The Surprising Second Life of the PlayStation Vita

MysteriousPreacher Re:Resale, rental, input, pricing, exclusives (161 comments)

Console games are fun to play because you sit on the couch in your living room. computer games you play at a desk, facing a wall. i spend all day at work facing a wall. why would I want to do it again at home?

You have no wall behind your TV?

about a year ago

Intel Opens Doors To Rivals, Maybe

MysteriousPreacher Re:Probably Apple (59 comments)

Apple could buy Intel, at least in theory. They have cash reserves of $147 Billion - Intel's market cap is only $118 Billion.

That's exactly how it works.

Scene 1: The stockbroker's office

Tim Cook enters the office of his stockbroker, carrying a briefcase and looking determined.

Cook: Good morrow, old chap.
Stockbroker: Ah, Mr. Cook. Do please take a seat and explain how I may be of service?
Cook: I'd like to buy Intel shares.
Stockbroker: Excellent choice, sir. What quantity did you have in mind?
Cook: All of them
Stockbroker: Right away, Mr. Cook. Cash or credit?

Cook opens a suitcase to reveal $118 billion in billion dollar notes.

Cook: Cash, of course. Jeeves, ready my stealth jet.
Jeeves: Very good, sir. Where to?
Cook: Santa Clara.
Jeeves: Yes, sir.

Scene 2: The Intel boardroom

Tim Cook strides in to the boardroom, smoking a cigar and eyeing the decor.

Krzanich: Cook, you can't come barging in here!
Cook: I think not, old friend. For I just bought Intel!
Krzanich: How?
Cook: I read an informative post on Slashdot in which it was explained how it was as easy as having money equal to the market cap. I'll need to ask you to leave.
Krzanich: Damn it! I didn't think anyone knew this!
Jeeves: Shall I begin construction of your Tony Stark-like secret labs under the building, where you may commence work on powered armour or something similar, sir?
Cook: Yes, Jeeves. That would be awesome - Awesome to the max!

about a year ago

John Carmack Leaves id Software

MysteriousPreacher Re:The end of an era. (154 comments)

The only good thing about JC was he open sourced his game engines but other then that he hasn't done much to help other games besides his own get open sourced.

So he's done something good, but didn't do what you somehow think he should have done. That's more a criticism of you than of Cormack.

about a year ago

A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

MysteriousPreacher Re:Fucking rednecks (1030 comments)

Where does 5000% come from? I can see in the linked figures how 50% figures in.

about a year ago

How Munich Abandoned Microsoft for Open Source

MysteriousPreacher Re:Subjective (294 comments)

Given past behaviour it seems a pretty objective fear. Same would apply to any project, proprietary or open source, that doesn't offer migration paths for data.

about a year ago

Why Not Fund SETI With a Lottery Bond?

MysteriousPreacher Re:Why make it that complicated? (191 comments)

How do you figure? Each ticket has the same chance of winning, the more you buy the more likely you are to win. But the odds are such that the expected return over the long run is less than what you would pay in.

That's why smart gamblers buy multiple tickets. Buy two tickets - double your chances? Buy ten tickets and you're ten times more likely to win! How could you lose?

about a year ago

Reports: Apple To Buy Israeli 3D Sensing Company PrimeSense

MysteriousPreacher Re:Patents (81 comments)

I get the feeling you're going to head down that familiar root pointing out that x is really just a refined version of y - where y is some technology that originated 30 years ago. Barring that, I can only assume you've been living with the Amish. Either way, it'll be just as productive if I pretend to be playing Pong.

Shush. Pong.

about a year ago

Fuel Rod Removal Operation Begins At Tsunami-hit Fukushima

MysteriousPreacher Re:And then? And then? (101 comments)

I like your style, sir!

about a year ago

Reports: Apple To Buy Israeli 3D Sensing Company PrimeSense

MysteriousPreacher Re:Snapchat vs PrimeSense (81 comments)

However, everyone seems to forget that SnapChat is in touch with almost 99% of all youth and a very large percentage of all smartphone users.

A "customer base" MUCH larger than anything PrimeSense will EVER dream of touching.

Heinz has a user base much larger than Intel's. A comparison between Heinz and Intel seems just as disjointed and useless as comparing SnapChat's user base (online service for consumers) with PrimeSense (licensing tech and selling niche hardware to geeks).

about a year ago


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Bye Slashdot 2

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  about a year ago

And now on the regular website I click "Account" to look for a way to delete my account, and all it does is darken the page. Tried in Firefox and it loaded, and of course there's no way to delete the account. To hell with this.


Bye Slashdot

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  about a year ago

The mobile version of the site? What the hell?

I click links in my email notifications and have to scroll down to read the actual post, and now I was writing a comment which got lost. I wrote my comment, clicked the "login to post" button, and on logging in it brings me to the home page and loses my post. Jesus Christ monkey balls!

It's been a fun few years, but it's now at an end. This is no-longer funny.


A quick guide to Slashdot terms and conventions

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Term: M$
Example: "Typical M$ behaviour. I'm not one bit surprised by this."
Comment: By writing M$ instead of Microsoft or MS, you are reminding the world that some corporations in this world are interested in making money. This is something we all need to remember. If you find M$ being overused, you can also use the term Microsloth. Using either word quickly demonstrates that you're an impartial rational person and that your post will be insightful and balanced.

Term: LOL
Example: "LOL I went to the shop and I bought a newspaper LOL!"
Comment: Add LOL to the beginning and end of every sentence you write. In real-life, laughing at random makes you appear to be insane or unstable, but in writing it makes you appear intelligent and friendly LOL. See also LOLZ, LOLZOR, ROFL and ROFLMAO. Any sentence that doesn't contain at least one of these is a failure. LOL is most effectively used when responding on a subject about which you know nothing. LOL, why u need terabyte drive for profesional video work? I only have 60gb and that works fine for Windows Movie Maker. ur stupid.

Term: Rediculous
Example: "It's rediculous to expect me to read the article!"
Comment: When ridiculous just isn't enough, we have the word rediculous.

Term: CAPITALISATION of specific WORDS to create emphasis.
Example: "You NEED to read the MANUAL before you fucking post HERE!!!"
Comment: Some people write clear sentences in which the important points are easy to discern. This is a waste of time, just capitalise the words that you think are important. Some may see this as shouting but WHO CARES?????

Term: I know I'll be modded down for this but...
Example: "I know I'll be modded down for this but I think that Linux won't be ready for the desktop until..."
Comment: It's a play on the Obi Wan Kenobi 'Strike Me Down and I Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine' line. It's also known as 'playing the martyr card'. No matter how nonsensical or incorrect your post may be, you can always claim that you were modded down because of the Slashdot group-think mentality. Your being modded down has nothing to do with your comment being flamebait, redundant, off-topic or downright stupid.

Term: Sheeple
Example: "The sheeple can stay with Windows but I won't. I run [insert Linux distro] on my home-made system with an AMD [insert processor model].
Comment: Sheeple is a combination of the words people and sheep. It describes a herd mentality. Everyone is sheeple except for you, because you're smart enough to see what's really going on. This is possibly why you find it hard to relate to other people and are frequently shunned. One day they'll learn, oh yes they'll learn. You'll make them pay one day!

Example: "Since they stole the laptop from you to begin with, you can just break in to their house, kill them in their beds and take the laptop back. IANAL"
Comment: I Am Not A Lawyer. When giving legal advice it's handy to point this out just in case a Slashdot user assumes that a random stranger on the Internet happens to be a lawyer offering free and expert advice. The judge asked why the plaintif thought it was okay to commit burglary and murder? The defendent informed the court that a guy on Slashdot told him to do it, and he assumed he was a lawyer who knew what he was talking about. Why else would he have given the advice?

Term: What's the point in buying x product, I get by with my y product.
Example: I don't see why Citibank would spend that much on UltraSPARC T2 systems just to run a customer database? I run a blog on my trusty Compaq Presario. It's not just the MySQL database, it's the web server as well. I can even play games while it's serving my blog LOL!!!
Comments: Don't let a total lack of knowledge prevent you from offering advice. I'm sure the CTO of Amazon has never considered how cheaply their ordering system can be run, and as soon as they log off they'll tear out their server room and replace it with an Alienware machine - complete with a really sweet pulsing green light on the front. Your personal experience is always relevant and the world must learn this.

Term: retard
Example: u think that you actually have a say in government? Retard!!
Comments: Anyone who has witnessed a debate or a negotiation between great thinkers knows that there is only one sure fire way to convince your opponent. In order for them to accept your point of view, they must realise how wrong and stupid they are. Calling them a retard (or asshat) accomplishes this.


Sneak adverts in Slashdot posts (kidtux1)

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I think Fidel has commented on this before but this is the first time in a long while I've come across someone doing this.

Slashdot allows you to include a signature at the end of each post. Some people put witty quotes, some put adverts (such as the infamous 'click here for a free iPod'advert). Slashdot has a mechanism in place for people who don't want to see signatures, they can disable them.

Some sneaky twats get around this by placing their advert at the end of their comment by copying and pasting. Because the advert is now part of the comment, not the signature, it is still shown. Personally I add anyone doing this to my foes list because this is not better than spam. The way he words his comments is confusing as well. Since there's no dividing line between his genuine comment and the link, it's easy to just click his link thinking it's relevant to what he's saying when in fact it's just him whoring his blog.

Anyway, the lastest addition to my foes list is kidtux1.


A guide to bad customer service. (Blatant advert)

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Yeah, this is kind of an advert but it's something I've been thinking about for ages now.

I work in a job where I train people to deal with customers so I'm probably over-sensetive when it comes to customer service. If I get bad service, I'll go elsewhere even if that means a little more hassle or a higher price.

I figure that some people just don't want to learn to help customers and some are incapable of doing it well. Rather than get depressed, I've decided to help people to develop bad customer skills.

The Bad Service Guide

if you do pay a visit, please feel free to let me know what you think or if you have ideas that could be amusing. Anyone working with computers is guaranteed to have seen some pretty shitty service both in shops and on the phone.


When zombies attack

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 9 years ago

This story is very, very strange. It's about some kind of virus that appears to kill people and then restart their hearts for up to two hours after death.

The re-animated victim then becomes incredibly violent. Sounds too scary to be true.

Zombie attack

I'm heading for the Winchester. You're welcome to join me, bring a cricket bat though.


Spammers and guestbooks

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Since posting a guest-book on my site, it's been hammered by spammers. Here's my guest-book if you're interested in seeing what's happening.

Spammed Guest-book

I've modified my script now so that they can't spam me anymore. I left the examples there because I'm in the process of complaining to their hosting company to hopefully get this spamming stopped.

If you've had guest-book or forum spamming like this, I would strongly urge you to mail the hosting company. Generally, for the Baikal and Umax stuff, it seems to be Everyone's Internet. I'm not saying here that the owner of these sites is spamming but it seems odd that the spam is being referred by the owners sites and is advertising his sites.

At this point, it's hard to say whether the hosting company will help. I've emailed them and had some replies but nothing concrete yet.

I've tried to contact the various sites via the Contact links they have but they are all broken. The web sites being linked are generally very low-quality. Most of the links are dead. Here's an example Baikal Guide. Don't worry, this doesn't have porn or anything on it, just a lot of very bad html.

So far in 3 days, I've had around 100 spam attempts on my guest-book, all thwarted by the protection I put in place. It's crude but at least it stops the Umax adverts.


Pyramid schemes and fake sigs

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Okay, it was annoying enough when people were whoring their sigs out so they could get a free iPod or free iMac. At least you could go to your preferences and chose to hide sigs.

Now, there is new approach. Simply manually paste a sig in to each post. This means that the normal sig blocking will not stop the advert getting through. Not only that, but they have two adverts (it's not just one free thing they want), and a link to a Wired article full of glowing testimonials.

Here's an example.

sig whore


Best reply ever

MysteriousPreacher MysteriousPreacher writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Came across this beauty. Look at this comment and then the reply to it.

Everyone commits attrocities

Everybody commits attrocities.

Jesus fuck, if that's how you lead off, I'd like a bit of assurance that you don't live within two hundred miles of me. Fuck, what's your attrocity---making cockpuppets from the neighbors' dogs?

--grendel drago

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