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NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

Mysticalfruit Sounds like a perfect plan for a Eugenics program. (394 comments)

Clearly, we need to start a eugenics program that would create humans that have the following traits:
- Petite in stature
- Ultra efficient metabolism. Just increasing our intestines efficiency by 1 or 2 percent would save huge amounts of food.
- Highly intelligent.
- More efficient gas exchange (Humans in the Himalayans already have this trait) so they could function in lower pressure, lower O2 levels.

A human with those traits would be perfect.

3 days ago

The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea

Mysticalfruit Re:Largest single emitter of CO2 on Earth? (273 comments)

Great, so we're still having a competition to see who's shittier... Hopefully Lockheed will get on with it and we can replace all these nasty polluting ICE engines in these ships with fusion reactors...

4 days ago

The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea

Mysticalfruit Largest single emitter of CO2 on Earth? (273 comments)

Last I knew these mega ships emit staggering amounts of CO2 because their giant engines burn the cheapest dirtiest fuel possible.
I think it's time to rethink civilian nuclear power for mega ships.

4 days ago

Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

Mysticalfruit Re:Telsa's lobbiest crashes (294 comments)

Odd, because it seems to be going the other way... State by state Telsa is challenging the antiquated archaic franchising laws and winning. Michigan doesn't surprise me.... I can only imagine the lobbyist money that flowed from Detroit to make this happen...

about a week ago

Worcester Mass. City Council Votes To Keep Comcast From Entering the Area

Mysticalfruit Re:So competition is bad? (232 comments)

My parents (who live in Auburn (a suburb of Worcester)) have Charter and even compared to Verizon they've had great service. They had an issue with one of their boxes and Charter came out same day, replaced it, a second box and then proceeded to replace the wiring in the house, all at no cost. As an ISP they're not world class, but their reliable and responsive when problems crop up.

Is Charter a panache? No. They're just a bit better than the average which oddly makes them pretty damn good.. which is really sad.

about a week ago

Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity

Mysticalfruit Re:Mars has no magnetosphere (549 comments)

I guess that's cool until the moment some crazy terrorist engineers some crazy strain of the spanish flu and kills half the population.
Or Yellow Stone erupts and the world is thrown into climatic chaos
Or an asteroid hits, etc...

Why don't we do both? Make Earth a paradise and build the technologies to go to mars and make it a paradise too.

about two weeks ago

The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

Mysticalfruit How about we blame everybody... (622 comments)

Firstly, There needs to be better education about what happens when you take a picture with your phone and where it ends up. I've had conversations where the person doesn't get that once the picture is on facebook if they delete it from their phone it's still on facebook. We don't have to go into the gory details, but there needs to be better understanding about the causality of posting a picture, even as a text.

Secondly, the person should clearly understand that if they post a nude picture to something like apples cloud what the permanent ramifications of that are.

Thirdly, (I know this is already happening) device manufacturers need to start implementing two factor authentication and key management systems.

Thus if [insert random person] wants to send a nude photograph to someone... a) the file is encrypted on the server use the persons private key and the recipient is using a separate revocable key to look at it. Thus in the future if things don't work out, the first person take that recipient off their allowed list and presto the pictures aren't viewable.

This doesn't prevent the recipient at the time from making copies or forwarding the pictures, but it would mitigate some of the danger of the persons phone getting hacked.

Nothing is perfect other than not taking pictures, but in the social age we're in, that behavior isn't going to suddenly change so technology should keep up to protect people as best as possible.

about two weeks ago

Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World

Mysticalfruit Re:Completely off the mark... (547 comments)

Nice :-) I stated it as a question, so if someone knows who this "Whose" person is, we should ask if they're still writing programs in PL/1...

about two weeks ago

Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World

Mysticalfruit Completely off the mark... (547 comments)

Whose writing programs in PL/1 these days?
What about Delphi? Whose writing Delphi apps these days?
How about Cold Fusion?
What about ActionScript. After standing up the Air platform they've basically abandoned it as a language.

about two weeks ago

Glut of Postdoc Researchers Stirs Quiet Crisis In Science

Mysticalfruit More grant writing... less science... (283 comments)

I have many friends who are post docs who are now out of their field doing other stuff for a simple reason. Their jobs stopped being about doing research and became about getting money to do research. They spent 95% of their time writing an endless stream of grant proposals for an ever vanishing slice of the pie. Moreover, many of them were frustrated by the fact that it seemed that some institutions vacuumed up huge amounts of grant money leaving other labs high and dry. The system is clearly broken and basic science is suffering for it.

about two weeks ago

Adobe Spies On Users' eBook Libraries

Mysticalfruit Adobe has an ereader app? (150 comments)

I guess I was surprised that Adobe has an ereader app. Yet another reason to not use Adobe's products.

about two weeks ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

Mysticalfruit You mean "Windows Nien" (399 comments)

I think they skipped it because in in German it sounds like "Windows NO!" and with so many German principalities abandoning windows they didn't want to give their opponents any ammo.

Also, Apple started at 10 a while ago so they want to catch up.

about two weeks ago

Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

Mysticalfruit *shrugs* (577 comments)

Our house went windows free years ago and hasn't looked back.

Viva la Linux.

about three weeks ago

Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

Mysticalfruit I call bullshit. (575 comments)

Dear Attorney General,

Please provide a list of cases where you can demonstrate that this capacity was effectively used to stop a crime in progress.
Exactly. This is pure fear mongering on the guise of "Think of the children."

Conversely, if the government can covertly install spyware on any device it wants anyway, why would the encryption matter in the first place. Wouldn't the government just falsely embrace it claiming it's good for privacy knowing full well they can subvert it.

about three weeks ago

My toy collection is ...

Mysticalfruit Do board games count as toys? (209 comments)

Over the years I've managed to assemble an absurd board game collection. My wife calls them "toys" and refers to the closet where they're stored as "The Toy Closet"

about three weeks ago

US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

Mysticalfruit Re:Why is this on Slashdot (478 comments)

I agree. For assholes like these who don't have any air defenses, the B-52, the A-10 and a AC-130 are perfect. If we decide we'd like to take out Assad the F-22 and the B-2 will be what's needed to eliminate the air defenses.

about three weeks ago

Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"

Mysticalfruit What is GM supposed to say... (267 comments)

Note: I'm a very happy Volt owner...

However, GM is a publicly traded company... What else could they say? "Wow, the Tesla's a really great car..." How does that help their stock price? GM is in the business of selling cars and in doing so making their stock worth more. You're finding fault when someone is merely towing the party line and confusing a news story for a press blurb.

about three weeks ago

Russia Pledges To Go To the Moon

Mysticalfruit Re:Militarization of the Moon (197 comments)

I agree, now that we've got the shuttle out of the way we should start investing money in reliable, reuseable man rated launch systems. Maybe we could get that guy whose making those fancy electric cars to do it!

Maybe we should build a space station and man it continuously and learn tons about spending months at a time in space. I know, we'll talk to the Russians! We'll call it the "International Space Station!" It'll be awesome!

You know what would be really awesome? We should send a bunch of rovers to Mars to learn about it's geology and ecology, maybe figure out why it doesn't have an atmosphere. We could learn all about the long term effects of materials on Mars so when we want to send people we'll know what to build the habitats out of.

On a serious note, we've got a HUGE jump on everybody else. The Chinese are easily 20 years behind us, the Russians are quickly falling behind. In the near future we're going to have at least one totally man rated launch system (Dragon) with another CST-100 coming along behind them. NASA has plans for the HLV as does SpaceX. My money is on SpaceX actually launching a HLV first.

As for the moon, the question is why would we go there? The argument is that setting up a long term settlement on the moon would require that we engineer materials and technologies to shield humans from cosmic rays and figure out food production, long term habitation, etc. with the safety net of being able to bail back to Earth.

My feeling is that if we were to settle the moon it would be merely as a stepping stone to Mars and then outward to Ganymede, etc.

about a month ago

US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

Mysticalfruit Re:Why is this on Slashdot (478 comments)

I *think* this was the first use of the F-22 in combat. It's also on Slashdot because these people are anti education, anti enlightenment, etc.

tl;dr: If war planes have a purpose it's to bomb assholes like them.

about a month ago

Putin To Discuss Plans For Disconnecting Russia From the Internet

Mysticalfruit Sounds like a plan! (241 comments)

I'm already blocking *.ru and entire IP blocks assigned to russia at the firewall.

If they want to have their own internet with hookers and blackjack... have at it!

about a month ago



Cracks found in Shuttle external fuel tank

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Mysticalfruit (533341) writes "During an inspection of Discovery's external fuel tank, two cracks in the stringers were found. Currently NASA is evaluating its possible repair options. Considering how critical these stringers are to the structural integrity of the tank, I'm surprised that they'd be so willing to repair in place. This launch will the the last launch of Discovery before she is mothballed."
Link to Original Source



Well... where to begin!

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 7 years ago Well... Things haven't improved much since my last posting I see!

North Korea tested a nuke...kinda. I guess it misfired or something. Good thing they don't have weapons of mass destruction and are hell bent on destroying the world like Iraq was... oh wait. Oh their country doesn't have a strategic commoditity on it. I wonder what'll happen with Kim Jong-il chokes on a bon-bon and slinks off this mortal coil. Hopefully cooler heads will pervail, though I highly doubht that.

I suppose I have to talk about Iraq. I'm not sure what else to really say about it. Our government and by extension, us fucked up. That's right, we're to blame. Luckily in the last election those of us who voted explained in clear language we thought that Congress rolling over and not providing any oversight and giving the president a blank check was a mistake that they should lose their jobs. I could go on about this, but so much has been said and written that I think my musing about it would merely be a full repeat. However, go read "Fiasco" by Thomas Hicks. It's horrifyingly educating, but like anything else, realize that your seeing one side of the argument and keep that in mind.

There's something that a good freind of mine said and I'll repeat it here because I think it's really intelligent point of view on the overarching "War on Terrorism". I'm at best paraphrasing, but you'll get the jist.

After September 11th, George Bush had an opportunity to take this country in a different direction. He in that single moment in history could have stood up at the podium and said "Listen the people of America. Those who just attacked us, were funded by us. Everytime you fill your tank, you're funding terrorism. America will no longer be beholden to the oil barrens of the middle east. I propose by the end of this decade that America will cure itself of it's oil addiction. I know that this will be hard and America will have to sacrfice, but I know that our tenacious spirit and unparalled wisdom will prevail." He could have then gone on to explain how we were going to build massive wind farms and decommission all of our oil fired power plants. How we were going to build massive Thermal depolymerization plants that would turn our organic waste into usable oil. He could have mandated that the big three and any auto maker that wanted to sell cars in America would have to meet super strict emission and fuel economy standards.

And you know what, we would have gone along with it. We as a nation would have looked at the craters in NY and the blacked facade at the pentagon and said "Your right, we need to change course". We all know that oil is a dead end enterprise. That at some point we're going to have to get off that bandwagon. However, the future argument is always made. The idea that over the horizon is some super techology that's going to fix everything. Well, unless we start working now, that super technology might never come.

Tragically, instead we went down this path instead. Five years later and we're arguably in a more precarious security situation. Our military is streched to the limit. We're using use more oil then we've ever used.


More stuff to chew on...

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 9 years ago To continue the discussion about NK is to wonder what'll happen to the crumbling infrastructure and their ?nuclear? arsenal.

At a certain level, even though Kim's a wack job, you'd have to think that at some level there's a general who has the brains to go "Ya know, even if we had a dozen of these bombs, we're going to lose." Though if people weren't aware, NK has managed to drop missile parts on Alaska. So, if they wanted they could with drop a bomb on San Francisco. What's a more frightening prospect is NK starving would degenerate into a civil war and it's nuclear material would go to the strongest general or the highest bidder. (though the strongest general wouldn't be too bad provided they didn't have the intention to use it) So, in a nutshell, NK worries me.

The next area that frightens me in terms of future stability is China (and India). China has a couple of major problems that it doesn't like to talk about. I'll mention the first one and then talk about both of them when I talk about the second one. The first problem is AIDS. Right now China has an out of control AIDS epidemic that it isn't talking about or doing much about. The second and more serious problem is peasant unrest. The great divide between the peasants and "haves" in chinese society grows every bigger. These "haves" have the money to buy the medicines to stave off the effects of AIDS. The peasants who have little or no education about safe sex practices come to the cities (most of them male) come to the city to make money to bring home to their village. Once in the cities they engage in risky sexual behavior. In one region 11% of sex workers tested postive for HIV. They then go home to their village and well you get the idea. The thing that's dangerous is that this is directly effecting the cogs of chinese industrial might. What happens when large numbers of it's working age population can't work anymore, i.e. start dying in droves. Now the government has gotten off their asses on this, but so far it's been really slow to react. When the unrest bit comes in is that at a certain point the workers are going to realize that the government a) knew this was happening b) did nothing about it. That's when the shit will hit the fan. Though at that point it's a bit like beating up the captain after the ships already gone over the waterfall. China's social fabric will start to rip when there isn't enough food. Then international investors will start bailing out (though that will have happened earlier (probably right after the communiest party is dragged out in the street and dismembered by 100 million enraged peasants).

India frightens me for all the same reasons as China. Rampant poverty, population explosion combined with an explosive HIV situation.

If you've been following the news, you'll see that there are some major issues in the Ukraine right now. Basically, according to the exit polls the non russian backed canidate should have won, but the russian backed canidate won instead. To top it off, international monitors reported voting irregularities. Though they haven't said what those were. In any case, right now there are tens of thousands of Ukranians in the street demanding that the "winner" be redecided. This brings up the next question. What if russia has been trying to influence the election in Ukraine? It's not that inconcievable. Considering that 15 years ago, it was just a satelite state of the USSR. Everybody thought that Putin was pro-western president until he suddenly ignored all kinds of russian properly law and gutted russians largest oil company on grounds that people have argued are "flimsy" (such as the company suddenly having massive tax bills out of nowhere). Could we see a new soviet union reemerge? IF it did, what ramifications would that have on our current military strategies? We've moved away from fighting the monolythic enemy (USSR) to the current situation where we're basically the worlds targets... Though we do have to remember that alot of messes that we've made in the past were to harrass the USSR and now those messes have come back to haunt us. (i.e. Afghanistan)


The direction things are going.

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 9 years ago Back in the day there was this doctrine about how the foreign policy of a country should be to promote stability in the world.

Looking at the existing situation the world is in, I see a couple of things happening the near to far future that I think will have a profound effect on the quality of life here in America.

1. Saudia Arabia. I see in the not to distant future the Saudi's losing control of Arabia. There are a number of factors to why this will happen, however the most profound are these. Firstly, the royal family skims something like 40% of it's countries wealth off for itself. This while people live in extreme poverty. Secondly, In order to keep the people from wanting to march into the palaces and string them up, they Saudi's have had a tactic of keeping the people pissed at some other group of people... you know... us. They've done this by allowing extreme forms of Islam to flourish in SA. So, now you've got a group of fantical people who believe that all their problems (both real (I'm not going to pretend that we haven't thrown some gas on the fire) and percieved) Though the problem with this strategy is that, the Saudi's are actually in bed with the current administration (Bush & Co.). So, now that the princes have cultivated this core group of religious zealots who believe that all things american are unholy, they're losing control of them. This is double bad. For one, because of our short sighted knuckleheaded policies, without the Saudi's oil, we've only got about 6 months before we start hearing this loud sucking sound out where our strategic oil reserves are. For two, the Saudi's need us just as bad. So, when the royal family's heads are living out in the sand cleanly removed from their bodies, the timer starts on our economy and it's already run out for theirs. Then the only export SA has is terrorists. Think about it. If you add up all th exports from the 22 oil producing countries in the middle east and then subtract oil from their exports, it's smaller than Finland. SA doesn't produce anything other than oil.

2. North Korea. I highly suspect that their's no clean rules for power transition in that country and I don't think Kim's getting any younger. The countries offical flower is the kimjongilia (I kid you not, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!)
Thus I suspect that when the time comes it'll degenerate into a messy internal power struggle between the generals and their armies, etc.

This POST isn't finished, though feel free to comment...


Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 9 years ago So, I went yet a whole other year without writing in my journal.

Well, I'm now 28. Since I was 27, my wife and I bought a house.

No promises, but I'll post more as things progress...


Woohoo, the big 27 ;-)

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 10 years ago Yeah, I haven't written in my Journal in a whole year ;-)

Pretty much, not much has changed.


Whoohoo, the big 26!

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 11 years ago So on the 11th I hit the big 26 mark. However, I'm still a kid at heart. I saw Harry Potter on the 15th and I liked it. I think they could have taken a bit more creative license, but at the same time, it's cool to see how my mental image of things matches up against the directors mental image of things. Some stuff was right on (like the chamber) other things (like what whamping willow) were completely different. Now I'm excited for the new Star Trek movie and the next LOTR flick.

I like the fact that alot of PS2 games are now 20 bucks! I picked up Tekken Tag Tournament on Sunday and played the hell out of it. Now I've just gotta remember all the cool moves. My wife's a buttom masher and she still manaages to pull off these sick combos that usually result in my characters body ending up in some pretzel like configuration on the ground...


Found a solution!!!

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  more than 11 years ago Personally, I think tivo is stupid. Mainly because you can't archive the video and the interface sucks ass...

I found a company that makes a product that runs for the PS2 that allows me to play any video file I've got on my PC on my PS2 and output it to my Television. My wife and I are huge invader zim fans , but sitting in front of the computer and attempting to watch invader zim can be a bit uncomfortable... now we can curl up in our comfy bed and watch invader zim instead!!! Once we get setup in our new place with cable and I get the video capture card installed, I'll be able to grab shows, save them on my PC and then watch them in the living room on the TV and get to take advantage of the whole "theater" experience! oh yeah...


The dentist, metroid and other things...

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  about 12 years ago So I went and had my annual cleaning and I didn't have any cavities (horray!!!) My dental health is one of those things that really stresses me out. Currently I'm 25 and I've got as many fillings in my mouth... along with a root canal/crown. I have this nervous feeling that by the time I'm 50, I'll be all crowns. Which would't be that bad except for the whole root canal part. Now granted my first (and only) root canal didn't hurt that bad, (it was one of my quad-cuspid teeth (count 5 back from your two front teeth (the tooth before your first molar)) I still don't like the idea of spending may hours and moocho bucks in the "chair".

I went backpacking a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome. Ended up hiking around in the white moutains by Mt. Tripyramid. This trip with a buddy of mine (wpidalamar on slashdot) was to test our gear and see if we liked our new packs. Though I learned a couple really good things...
1. I packed way too much food!
2. I packed way too much other stuff...
Needless to say, if you've read my profile, my b-day is coming up and my wife has been asking me what I'd like, we'll now she knows... I really need a pack cover. I ended up jerryrigging a trashbag over my pack when it started to rain (more on that!) and I need a new poncho. So yeah, it rained... At first we were like "yeah, its just a sprinkle" but it kept getting harder... When we checked the weather on our way out the door it was "clear with scattered showers" by the time we arrived at the parking lot (unknown to us) it had turned into "showers, heavy at times" so we hiked around and intended on staying the night (we had stayed the night at a different place earlier) we started todo the fun vs. not-so-fun factoring into account and a few other things came into measure as well..
1. we couldn't find a campsite on level ground. We were either in the middle of the logging road, or in a rut.
2. all the level places weren't secluded enough that we felt comfortable dropping our packs and hiking anywhere.

So with that, we decided that it was probably best to call it a day and hike out. All told we did 13 miles (with 40 pound packs) and weren't sore for it. (all in about 6 hours while we took breaks and goofed off)

Totally different topic!!!!

I got my hands on a copy of metroid. I'm a big fan of classic NES games and Metroid tops the list as an all time favorite. I went by a yardsale a couple years ago and bought two top loading NES game machines and a pile of games for 10 bucks! After some cleaning and a bit of work, both of them are in tip top working order! If your like "what the fuck is a top loader" Nintendo actually made two versions of its 8bit nintendo system. The first one was that square box that the cartridge loaded in the front. We all know what a pain in the ass that thing was. Eventually the stupid connector wore out and the nintendo stopped working. The top loader was all the lessons learned from the front loader, plus a healthy dose of K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) thrown in for good measure. Imagine a Super Nintendo, only smaller but the same overall shape. Since were talking about nintendo here for a moment... Why didn't nintendo ever come out with a Super Nintend o cartridge that would allow you to play regular nintendo games in a super nintendo??? They had a cartridge that would let you play game boy games, but not NES cartridges... That's what kept me from buying a SNES... (plus I got a genesis for christmas the year the NES died...) More on metroid... One thing I find really amazing about that game is the music. I played about 10 minutes this morning before heading out the door and I've still got one of the particular tunes stuck in my head... Anyway, leave some comments on any games you personally like...



Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  about 12 years ago So I had insomnia the other night and it was fun. No seriously, it was. Yeah, I did have all the nasty after effects (driving like an old lady on heroine) mumbling, the usual, but it was still fun. You ask why? I'll tell you... Homeworld! A former co-worker friend of mine who my wife and I hang out with on a weekly basis showed me this game a while ago and while I was in Target (pronounced Tarjay ;-)) I picked it up, but my wifes computer wouldn't play it. We'll it would play it, but the zoom feature didn't work, which pretty much makes the game worthless. For those of you who actually read my journal (I know my multitude of fans grows larger by the moment...) Homeworld is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) Space conquest game. Very fun and very time consuming. Time being the operative word here. See, I don't have much of it, time that is. Things tend to be hectic. There are many factors to this, but working full time, plus going to school nights, plus some semblance of a social life does it to you... "it" being you go "shithouse". What precious time I do have, I want to spend it with my wife. So yeah, I sat up all night playing homeworld and it was fun. At one point, the computer had to turn back because it has lost 60% of its ships in my minefields alone, it hadn't even gotten to my Armada. What a great term. I had actually started calling it "Battle group alpha." We (the computer and I) over the course of several hours had several epic show downs, it won a few, but I won the most. Talking to my buddy, I have a couple of better strategies to try out the next time I had insomnia...


Hey! It's all about the buck

Mysticalfruit Mysticalfruit writes  |  about 12 years ago I find it utterly amazing how money plays into the decisions of everything. I try to pretend that I'm one of those high minded people who tries not to make decision purely on the basis of cost, but I find working in the tech world it goes that way. A year ago, if you even whispered the "L" word near my boss he'd give you that "Yeah Son, but see were an NT shop and that's the way it is" look. Today he pops into my office and is like, "You know those mail thingy-a-bobs we've got in the lab, what-da think about putting them on linux?" I'm not complaining I just think it's cool. I know that the thingy-a-bob reference just made him sound dumb, but he's not. He's one of those bosses that holds the reins enough that you stay on task, but not so tightly you feel like he's standing on your head or has a key logger attached to your machine. If you want my personal opinion, which your going to get anyway, but I think SUN is fucked like whore at a brothel frequented by the many members of the US Navy. Mainly I say this because my company's (which will remain nameless) IS department has set forth a policy of purging all of our SUN equipment. Now your probably saying, "Yeah So, just cause you are doesn't mean everybody else is" The problem is , well maybe I was a bit harsh on the whore comment, they'll still exist, but at a reduced size. In enviroments like mine I see two things happening, you either jump ship or stick with SUN. The problem I think is that we jumped ship (to HP) and are happier for it, so out goes SUN. So all those sun boxes that were doing unix type jobs (like our internal webserver) are now finding themselves collecting dust. The other problem is the expense of supporting sun hardware from a recuring maintance point of view. Some of the highend old sun hardware can run you into the thousands of dollars a month in maintaince cost. It's pretty hard to justify that when you can have a 4 way linux box do the same thing and the hardware is an 1/8 of the cost. It'a all about the buck...

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