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Supreme Court Holds Right to Bear Arms Applies to Individuals

N3WBI3 Re:Ban Handguns. Period. (2221 comments)

Wow you have a terrible view of rights..

"That is what it is, taking rights from one to conform to the whole."

Laws do not exist to take rights away from someone for the good of the whole, they exist to protect the rights of people (or at least should). We don't have Intellectual Property Rights to prevent you from owning the latest movies for free we have them to protect someone else's right to produce product and be compensated for it. We don't have laws against murder to take away your right to kill (which is not in the constitution) we have them to protect my right to live ( is implied in the constitution).

The right to own the tools of your own defense if in the constitution, period and the belief is that the government does not *give* us rights, everything in the bill of rights is not a gift to the people but a restriction on the government protecting what people have by right of existence.

"I expect a law to be made because most people agree with me."

Thats called the tyranny of the majority and that is *specifically* why the bill of rights exist! and why its so damn hard to change (75% of the states, so today that would be what, 38). Its because your rights are not given by people the contract by which our government exist specifically restricts them from stepping on rights which are 'endowed by our creator' which could be God, Allah, Yawae, or the flying spaghetti monster, it matters not. Man can not give and should not take away these rights.

"My expressing of opinion is a way for others to assess if they feel the same way. If they do, and enough others agree, and they feel it is important enough, then a law should be made."

Thats how slavery happened, enough people wanted it and enough people were content to let it slide.

more than 6 years ago


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