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Family To Receive $1.5M+ In Vaccine-Autism Award

NRAdude So you are of the bias that it's all about money. (594 comments)

I don't see any peer-related journals of people enduring the matter without tracing the cause to vaccines. They just start noticing these strange symptoms of disease, go to a hospital and are said they have no illness. What could possibly cause disease without having a traceable illness, and it's not a placebo? I hear stress is the same way, but obviously you don't have the stress of someone refuting your strawman arguments while balancing the verry symptoms that devoid one of most capacity to do so. You know, in that regard, I don't hear anyone renting parcels in cemetaries to be filing complaints against the grounds-keepers for failing upkeep of their land on the pre-scheduled times payed-for.

You are working for someone, and that's great that your health allows you to, but don't say everyone's motivation
is money if not remedy from the courts for unnecessary EXPENSES endured and incurred from some savages buzzily compelling everyone to accept the hypodermic needle.

more than 4 years ago

4chan Gives 90-Year-Old Vet a Great Birthday

NRAdude Yea, US needed war to get out of 1933 bankruptcy. (363 comments)

I remember the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933, and needed a war to get the population on a mobilizations scheme to assure the retention of viable industry that would've been exported as a result of creditors. I remember reading that US Navy threatened Japan with sanctions if they invaded Philipines and such, which the United States had no right for it's agency to say and do because *it* (the United States singular, not plural of the First Judiciary Act) had no interest as a claimant. So the United States staged Hawaii to be an immobilized weakened possibly-aggressive neutral collection of the greatest threat in the Pacific Ocean as a target for Japan to think about anhilating (and they did), just so the United States can come-around to declare war.

Apparently in the Constitution of the United States, war is the only activity that must be done to keep the Unitd States in existance or else The 48 united States of *America* are the ones that have the original exclusive cognizance and jurisdiction. Few know the United States are not the States of America because it's a foreign nation and corporation animated from the District of Columbia. That's why we have the War against Poverty, Drugs, Education, and the one thing they'll never declare war against is Apathy because just like the American Medical Association they only want to assure their verry existance by targeting the individual symptoms rather than the original cause of the problem.

more than 4 years ago

India Now Wants Access To Google and Skype

NRAdude Catholics aren't Christian, Jews aren't Judean. (366 comments)

Catholicism is the church and body created by druids in the sun-worshiping cult; Pope "invented" around 350 AD.

Jews are the Canaanitish children that were displaced by the Judean fighting-tribe of Israel (Book of Joshua)
when Judah of Israel destroyed and took the territory for the 10 or so tribes of Israel to reclaim.

All the popes of the Catholic Church have been pre-dominantly Jews from Poland, having no affiliation with the House and Tribe of Judah. It's only a coincidence that Jew and Judean are similar-sounding names, until you look at the root-words they are derived. Going back to the crucifixion of Yahshuah (Joshua), he was accused by JEWS and brought to a man named Pontius Pilate in whom's heritage was from Scotland where he was born under a Yew tree and burried the same house he was born in Scotland where is planted the oldest living tree/shrubbery in all of Yewrope. In the conquest of Rome, no influence was made onto Scotland. ;-).

The reason why they all claim to be Jews rather than Yews, is because their heritage has always been that of a
latinized/whitened Arab. All the unique "hooknose" and facial features of Jews is more remeniscent of Arabic,
not druids from the parentage that would have resulted from druids around Scotland. Of'course, separating
the druidism inter-twined in direct competition with the Holy Scriptures incorporated into the Abrahamic legions
is a surgery in itself. Looking back to the Sacrifice is particularly grueling, yet you will realize that the
Sacrifice began unknowingly with Abel killed by Caan although he was forgiven in bearing the burden of his brother. The other account of sacrifice was when Abram (renamed to Abraham later on) was supposedly asked by an
unassigned/appointed Angel to sacrifice the only son Ishmael to prove his faith, yet then the true assigned-angel
intervenes that Abram does not kill his only son that he choose an animal in his place; whereas a nearby Ram was
caught by it's horns in the brush by Abram. Do you see that druidism yet betwen Abram and a ram as the druidic symbold of the creator-God Ram/Rom as adopted by Romanian gypsies and perhaps Rome? This interwinding of Scriptures struggling their seed to one-another is foretold in the Book of Genesis and the serpent: Jews are
the serpent-seed.

What you see happening today is all identity theft by druids against the Anglo-Saxon origin of Israel, and
anyone that cites from the CIA only spreads quotes from a corporation that is known to have infiltrated every
  foreign government to install what became known as the Fascist and Communist jewish DICTATORS that reduced
those surrounding societies into lower-class nations. There is a book coming out of Russia that is endorsed
even by Vladimir Putin whom boasts of isolating that Communism was created by Jews (non-druidic whitened Arabs)
to use the Soviet Union to hurt native Dannite people around Germany and Russia for over 70 years.

I've given you enough information to look-up, just be reminded that the heritage of MOST Europeans goes back
to India; Norwegians, Swedes, and a number of others are descended through a Lineage through Thracia/Troy and
right into Japhethites from Noah. So you should wonder why the Holy Bible is a collection of writings from
unrelated cultures, where the first Book of Genesis was a controlled environment of re-Creation from existing
matter not in any livable Order. What accounts to be a 3-headed Abram/AbraHAM religion is nothing more than
a sham trying to divide everyone into competing feuds to give reason to hate one-another through malicious

All law has been a matter of religion, that even those thinking to seperate their interpretations of law as
in the supposed "Separation of Church and State" opinions, they only begin the founding of their own Statist-
religion for theirselves to directly compete with Churches they are indebted to. There was a time for religion
to tame an angry soul for the adherint to be more helpful to his neighbor, just as writtend and said of Yahshua
as to what impelled the destruction of Jews at the hands of Judeans led by Joshuah. The ultimatum seems to lead
more into the jump into the life of Hesus al-Gadarn the mighty-God leading the Hebrew Anglo-Saxons and neighboring Celts to kick Jews out of Yewrope. If Canaan was ever a problem, then you'll see that is why STATE OF ISRAEL was created by Jews in the United Nations that have no heritage to Israel as proven by "Jesus" Christ the Earth Pig worm (Psalm 26) that magically becomes the Lamb of God after a Quickening prayer to the Moon and a bath from John the Baptist to fulfill his Nazirite vow.

more than 4 years ago

Military Personnel Weigh In On Being Taliban In Medal of Honor

NRAdude No! It's called Columbine MASSACRE echohohoh! (171 comments)

Hey, when Columbine occured, within 2 weeks I was pulled into the School Office because I fit the profile. I didn't even like playing Duke Nukem 3d, and they kept showing pictures of that game on the news and calling it Doom. They're just giving a reason to interject into everyone's life to build cultural acceptance of their unwarranted seizures on land. They behave as they do becaus they know their country has been morally and scholastically bankrupted by them constantly threshing every generation of it's best and brightest into pro-Government tards that beat-down anything productively un-registered to them.

I can't tell you how many times I've been flagged, that even COPS on the street always enjoy their 15-minute default detainment period because they want to "get to know" who they've never seen in the area before and be assholes about wasting your time. Our favortite virgin godesses Freedom and Liberty stand aside: make way for Psychiatrists and Psychologists for great whore of Justice!

more than 4 years ago

Patent Office Ramps Up Patent Approvals

NRAdude I say we Patent the Patent Office, and sue them. (101 comments)

We can sue them for violating our patent for recording and registering patents.

I already disclosed a prior post of my intention to buy the IP rights to 1984 the movie and then using RIAA and MPAA to sue United States. Christians can sue any company for violating their patents on the Book of Revelation, but they just seem too stupid to ignore the fact that Licenses and Certifications have only been tolerated since 1933 when Christianity has been in decline for another religion known as Apathy.

more than 4 years ago

Bicycles As a Gateway To Government Control

NRAdude United Nations *earns* it's critics. (634 comments)

All these adults and seniors are willing to shame theirselves because they think we all deserve a better living and lifestyle than what's being planned by foreigners selling the products on our market shelves because we have been bullied-out of the market of the same by corporations and debilitating legal harassment rigging the codes and evidence-collections. Do you forget the Security and Prosperity Partnership entered-into by George W. Bush on behalf of the United States? Do you not remember to read your EULA's, because SPP facilited through the Trans-Texas Trade Corridor may have a lingering failure to build that 30-lane Super Highway from Mexico to MicHiggan, but let me remind you that one of the conditions of the United States to enter the Pan-American Union through that SPP agreement was to

"reduce the population of the United States by 70%, accomplished through tampering with the quality of food and water and medical."

Look at all the health problems people have today. There are industries forcing dangerous experimental medical treatments through the courts onto those that get libeled and slandered as being "incapable of caring for theirselves." There are industries existing that sell CLEAN WATER kits that remove Fluoride and other contaminants allowed by governments. Forced innoculations are everywhere and disguised as Vaccines onto a culture that is progressively being indoctrinated to consume fiewer foods containing Vitamin-D1 and Vitamin-D2.

Just look! LOOOK!

more than 4 years ago

Is RFID Really That Scary?

NRAdude The only alternative is Lawful Money & UCC/Lie (338 comments)

Sir, step away from the plastic because it is inferior to paper.
Sire, step away from the Liensale encumbered by bank Notes & use more silver and gold.
Count, step away from the silver and gold and use more people: I hear Soilent Green stock is soaring.
Fellowservant of Christ, we are to love thy enemy because ill-will only reciprocates onto us.

more than 4 years ago

Minority Report Style Iris Scanners In Mexico

NRAdude ALL OF YOU, SHH! Use movie-script to sue gov. (187 comments)

If you think about it, we actually need Software Patents and Pantent-laws, so that we we can invent all these New World Odor schemes by suing them for violating our patends disclosed in simulations presented in movie theatres.

And there you have it. Thanks Orson for the movie, now who'se going to buy that evidence inherint in the disclosure of that movie? Klingon is a language too, and the Klingons don't attack Planet Earth because they
know the RIAA and MPAA will sue them using Patent-law. It's like this with COPS, they are only arresting un-licensed drug dealers because they hold the Patents on drug-dealing: government hates competition.

more than 4 years ago

PA School Spied On Students Via School-Issued Laptop Webcams

NRAdude School demographics says you aren't a Parent. (941 comments)


The reason you sent your kids to that "school" is because you couldn't afford another one that you wanted.

The reason your kids are learning from those "hired" teachers is because you don't have the time to teach them yourself.

The reason your kids are given laptops is because your poverty or lifestyle "choices" determined you were unable to provide for your kids.

The reason your kids are using laptops is because you are not willing to buy the "antiquated" inexpensive tedious materials and methods that reared a full-grown man out of 8th grade.

The reason your kids are sent to "High School" is because they weren't taught at a necessary rate that would give them capacity to resolve contract law of further encroachments and solicitors later on, and so they have been "press-ganged" into a "school" that swarms their senses with unnecessary economy rather than spendthrift.

The reason your kids are being "spied" upon is because there is a bounty on your head that would earn administrators much more money in having full custody of your kids if only there was determined remedy against your unruly social behaviors in your "home."

The reason school administraitors have a say in this "matter" is because they have been granted "parenting" privileges if not mere abilities to raise your kids on your behalf.

The reason why you even have an opinion on the administraitors' actions to spy on your kids through the laptops is because the State is fearful that you will revolt and so they continually sample when the necessary time they can intervene and penalize without over-burdening.

The reason you haven't revolted is because you were sent to the same schools, enjoyed the same social structions and atmosphere that breaks-down your ability to think freely in all aspects of scientific methods.

You think a school is a right to attend, when all you ever did was make the unforgivable mistake of exposing your children to scoundrel employees of a corporation that only happens to have "school" in it's legal name and they derive their consent by your diminished immune system and thinking just because everyone speaking a language similar to yours means they are your friends and trustworthy.

None would ever know that a war of attrition is the cause of terrorists existing for over 100 years on the same continent in all the highest positions and highest offices, picking-off their opposition with "kindness" like vultures when none of the natural indigenous people remain but only mere mixed-race shells moulded in abomi-nations of their former selves that need all the State sponsorship and tax-deductions they could pleeeeeed. baaahhhh baaaahhhhhh baaaahhhhh

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Ad Contains Photo of 9/11 Terrorist

NRAdude All the men are still alive, complained from EU. (15 comments)

They've all been alive throughout parts of EU complaining that their photographs are being used.

I hope everyone doesn't think that among all the debris from the WTC tower rubble to not survive, allegedly Atta's passport and shit survived all the wreckage that not even living skin survived.

Look up Silverstein's demolition of his building 1/4 mile away from the WTC towers; he insured it for over U$ 2 billion just a couple weeks before, then he is caught on video records saying that him and fire department had no choice but to "pull it" because it "was being targeted." My friends, in that short 45 minute time-frame there is no way that a fire crew could collect enough dynamite to rig a building for demolition in what would have taken 1 week to accomplish a trained crew.

It all stinks!

more than 4 years ago

Mexico Wants Payment For Aztec Images

NRAdude RIAA and Government of Mexico in trouble (325 comments)

You know what, I think those Starbucks Coffee Mugs are evidence that the Azteca gods are alive and well in the USA.

Who allowed our precious artifact to migrate into Canuxico? And those Pyramids we built down there was because Noah built an arch to survive the floods while we Aztecans built underwater structures that super-seal tight when all that water pressure pushes them tight. Did you forget that the God over Aztecans has red hair?

about 5 years ago

Why Open Source Phones Still Fail

NRAdude It's a dispute onr Content delivery. (322 comments)

Don't let anyone fool you that it's about limited resources in a capitalistic availability. People get what they pay for, yet you have a phone network being throttled by network service technicians to limit how quick the technology agresses to perfection just so they can collect a more fine unit of currency in every change they make to the underlying Content delivery in their network.

They want to sell their software, but selling it too fast to people that payed more than others would make their technology look dire and unproven.

They want to sell their revision of software, but Open Source platforms have already skipped that delapidated development model by re-implementing what is already written.

They want to own all the rights to their software, but let's not forget that the network is not the same as the Administration that itself also bought rights to utilize that amount of network and conditionaly grant as a carrier for whomever subscribes to their accounting.

They want to control what hardware uses their accounting, regardless of the network capabilities just so they can guaruntee the use of their sold consoles will be obsolete and well-used that the next underlying technology of their network would obsolete the prior one in some extent of operation.

They want, want, want, and we don't need. A NEO OpenMoko FreeRunner PDA/Phone, a Motorola A1200 or Symbol MC7xxx/MC9xxx are perfect examples of equipment that have little tying them down to the network that these carriers hold ransom. Consider something more prevalent in theory as a Sony MYLO to a WIFI hub on a mountain, or even better a console that actually modulated a Chat room with a sleek shorthand communications protocol to a distant operator/moderator on a channel hosted on a mountain top. Does the network need to be proprietary than off-the-shelf components in the natural world of tools, or do the tools need to be proprietary to an open network?

I await the day that DARPA realizes that the people create their own redunant network of peers upon a natural layer that can't be shutdown by even the P-Resident of the Ournighted Straits of Mymerica over in the Tower of Washishington District of Criminals that like to round-up my account airtime units despite using less than 30 seconds in a call and there being a decimal point only utilized by text messages as it seems.

more than 5 years ago

Calling Video Professor a Scam

NRAdude Are we still proof-reading what we write? (385 comments)

In short, Orion Blastar's URL made sense; you have an employee of a corporation delivering discussion of reasoning and conclusion in a subject that his is not allowed, forcing association of character to those not in the same. This is why I myself wouldn't trust anyone to teach someone fully capable of learning such useful subject from a Noose-paper or periodical. More memorization of useless unanswered statements rolled into fact because the dispute resolved to the unwritten Last Man Standing rule. Let him continue teaching the one-sided Hist-Story and forcing the waste of hours in one's youth. By the way, is it American History or U.S. History?

Did you read your own link? It was NOT a Libel lawsuit, and was very specifically against a teacher (as a representative of the government, not as an individual) and was for a specific comment that was ruled as violating the 1st Amendment (specifically the Establishment clause) rights of the student. And the judge also ruled that a similar comment did NOT violate the 1st Amendment as it was connected to the subject the teacher taught (History).

Mis-filing a case is a libel in itself, a mis-representation publicized. Your recommendation for a government official to become a teacher is intriguing, because government is only allowed to regulate a criminal's activities; what kind skill or usefulness of subject matter do you expect a teacher to dispense in form of a crime? How you speak of there being a judge, there must be an oath accepted per the transcript of every individual case because of the bicameral nature of a judiciary or employed trustees of the Judicial Department taking turns in the mode of conduct expressed in turn on the bench when moving on principles espoused of a legislated democracy or a Republic. So don't give me any of that horseshit of an impartial judge when I expect them all to be biased in my favor or another's based on pre-ordained principles in favor of whomever has the controlling interest in the matter not as a supposed testator to receive some effect or thing to their full advantage without being versed in its ability and use in their properties. All the truely ordained judges I ever met were at a County Fair, not honored solicitors employed in execution of a Trust at an auction house (what your courthouse behaves under). Are you saying he is a History teacher that doesn't mud the water with His-Story now? Did he come to these religious conclusions of Hist-Story based on his observations or some-one else's point of view that was uncontested after having disemboweled their opponent that didn't agree with him? I find it even more laughable how a college-educated "teacher" would argue their unlearned conclusion to a student only by rank of privilege to teach a captive audience. In such session, you'ld think this is a bonus when contracting a disease through the ventilation system or cafeteria if not a contractual disease in the courts forcing children into such second-class standing to second-class parents while under the threat of legal harassment and intimidation.

So in summary....I believe you are a fucking moron. (no libel risk...opinion is always protected for an individual), and the person you responded to is NOT proven wrong by your link as your link has nothing to do with insults per se but with the actions of a government official (a school teacher in this case) being hostile to religion with no secular reason for the comment.

You choose the wrong line of work to defend and the wrong way about writing your criticism. That's the main reason I came into this discussion; you want to write about something you might have experience in, but I just don't know if you are using the right words because this kind of discussion only breeds in-fighting. Consider that all topic of religion is a Style of history only discerned by those that comprehend it to their use and advantage of others. Fellas, do you trust another man you haven't met and unknown to the core of his capacity in latent principles and ethics from his parentage to judge and have journal'd a dispute between either of you that only you could disclose your intent in a law? What is it to be in the law when legislated preferences derived from the Codified law in Statute form were never considered in the regiment or activity? Attributes to one's character are derogatory when done in bad faith, and acceptable and just when in good faith and met to one's hearing of it in due course.

In short, Orion Blastar's URL made sense; you have an employee of a corporation delivering discussion of reasoning and conclusion in a subject that his is not allowed, which is why I myself wouldn't trust anyone to teach because they are not qualified. Let him continue teaching the one-sided Hist-Story and forcing the waste of hours in one's youth. By the way, is it American History or U.S. History?

more than 5 years ago

New Nanotech Helps Detect Early-Stage Cancer

NRAdude Pancreatic Cancer is detected by Pregnancy Testers (18 comments)

Pancreatic Cancer kills within 6 months if I heard correctly. A recent discussion from herbalist Wendy Wilson on AmericanVoiceRadio.com, Friday/17, Oct 2009 edition of The Power Herbs, revealed that it was discovered from a prior study that Pancreatic Cancers release an unusual enzyme through the Urine that is the same as with a pregnant woman. With sensitive pregnancy-testing tools, which improves yearly, it is possible to detect such viral cancers.

It was disclosed from a cancer-surgeon Dr. Simoncini, that he halted all surgeries when he found that that cancer can be removed simply be treatments using nothing more than Baking Soda (http://www.cancerisafungus.com/) solution and monitoring and raising the PH level of the body of whomever he's working with. I have a vast collection of jungle pictures of insects that ingested fungal spores, and the fungus spread it's micorhyzae (iirc) through the live insect alive lowering the host's PH level, then afterwards sprouted an impaling fruiting-body through the exoskeleton. That's exactly what a fungus does to people too.

more than 5 years ago

On the Efficacy of Flu Vaccine

NRAdude 1976 Swine Flu Innoculation deaths, and propoganda (430 comments)

Here is a video from back in the 1976 time frame of the US Government and Pharmaceutical companies trying to scare people into buying a vaccine.

As it turned out, the vaccine killed more people and the US Government payed-out $100's of millions to claimants.

Just go herbal, and consider O-Zone therapy, Colloidal Silver, and building Dr. Robert Beck's device for electrification of the blood.

more than 5 years ago

Photoshop Disaster Draws DMCA Notice For Boing Boing

NRAdude Alot better faces out there than *cthahaha* D.J. (391 comments)

Ith was my cold stare that scared the television Off when Duane Johnson started prying through with his kind of advice. You'ld think a human that wore underwear and touched other men in a ring for a living would've wore a mask like the smarter ones do in Mexico *wink.

more than 5 years ago

Seasonal Flu Shots Double Risk of Getting Swine Flu, Says New Study

NRAdude Virus mutates too quick, use Blood Electrification (258 comments)

Don't get vaccinated for multiple strains that are more deadly because it makes you twice as likely to catch only one strain?

And you should know as a fact that all the recent flue vaccine have been advertised before the mutation took place. Either someone's an insider on this Vaccine stock or someone is internationally playing their cards. Of'course the only remedy for communicable disease is to avert from all the public offices and nasty-personality people that intend to manhandle children and prisoners in every contactable way like this is Rome or Sodom/Gomorah.

There has been more than one herbalist that has recommended Oregano oil drop on the back of the tongue and Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear canal, though Blood Electrification tools have been perfected by a doctor Robert Beck to solve the issue of disease all-together.

more than 5 years ago

Canadian Minister Lies On Net Surveillance Claims

NRAdude More than one Reichstag fire, USDA does this alot (155 comments)

Just look at all the crap family farms go through, and there hasn't been any devastating incident connected to Mad Cow, Bird Flue, Swine Flue, or pox yet the USDA paves the way for all those Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies to make an a$$load of money off compulsory innoculation that infects people no different than if they just contracted the disease out in the wild. The compounds in every vaccine has done more to sterile reproductive functions of Americans, cause auto-immune disorders that destroy nerve tissue from body to brain, cause food allergies, and outright destroy the Immune System (allowing worse diseases than the one's allegedly supposed to prevent) no different than how another government-created disease AIDS has destroyed Africa.

more than 5 years ago

Cops Play Wii During Undercover Drug Raid

NRAdude I can attest to this. (251 comments)

I've seen countless "investment/gatewhores" play with things TAKEN by them from someone they suspected of alleged "drugs," and they play with those TAKEN things in such a way to antagonize their millitant tresspass graced by a dishonourable and at-large Political corporation that counterfeits the local authority momentarily by a minor change from style of pen-stroke to a class of artificial entity that resembles the former position and post held.

I've never tried pot. I hung-out with junkies as kinda like a church service, seeing how wasted they got and the potential for fights; I kept the peace when they weren't able. They were some kinds and some grandparents that had a real hard life, and the last thing they needed was a raid against their recreation. It is wicked to see people of the same character separated from one another. Pot smoking among closely related family members is no difference than a custom of a native American or clansmen. Needless to say, they were bounced many times out of the houses they rented, and they kept jobs and payed rent just fine like everyone else. It was only a problem when angry people kept their anger when smoking, rather than smoke to dissipate that anger into some video games. The grandchildren were thrown into Child Protected Services, Juvinile Hall (realy a prison), and even momentarily Foster families for just being a statistic without violence and ill-intention but smoke Pot like their grandmother did for her older-health stresses.

Worse things happened to them when separated from their family than what would've ever happened by a home-invasion robber looking for money, but not the Home-Invasion Robbers looking to steal children for the Social Services (SS) that the poor soles are pushed through. Those children attended a horrible school, grew up fast and I considered them well matured at 13-years old, but it was the State religion that said otherwise. Who is the State? Is the State a man, an association, a commission, or is it the "soil" as originaly used in the term Several States back in America over 300 Years before the United States and the united States of America reared it's pederast head? The reason children grow up wrong is, so-far, because someone else's religion not-so-much as intervenes but interrupts the council of their original blood-line parentage and God-parents from teaching them a lesson proper.

Look for a book called "Adventures In Legal Land", and Mark Stevens, where it was discovered that seizing assets and all property that came in contact with mere Pot-smokers is among the U$17 trillion industry that doesn't seize but outright TAKES without any courtship but as a paramilitary prize of administrative enforcement of commercial regulations that have nothing to do with the subject but a slay of hand in the Statutory laws.

Long-story short, I've been able to get people off their unnecessary use of drugs through Jesus Christ more than any threat of violence at the barrel of a gun or deprivation of property and liberty ever accomplished. All police and related attorners, in my brave opinion of their unqualified and licentious councel, are: spineless, soulless, suckers of shatan's cock; each and every one of them.

Sincerily, Gregory-Thomas(R)

more than 5 years ago



Waveform audio on a PC speaker.

NRAdude NRAdude writes  |  more than 6 years ago

NRAdude writes "Being around the corner from the bus is the lowly dsp-less PC speaker. It's quick to remind someone of an improper command on the line, and is forgotten for any other purpose. For a quick while, Microsoft published and all but abandoned a usual driver & utility that facilitated Microsoft's RECORDER program to allow *.wav output on a PC speaker. Many more were available to achieve this on Windows 9x and 3.1, from SpkQQ to WorldOfJon's SPEAKR This was accomplished same and better on Linux using HU-Sound. This is fallen into decay. Has anyone been willing to continue this long line of software and hardware flexibility or extended the existing software? With better integration, has anyone considered this to a command-line mplayer so a headless or console-limited server can modulate a more interesting sound while idley capable to not stress its priorities in parallel? This topic should cover the attitudes on hardware "because its there and we can", as opposed to "why should we." Somthing like this SHOULD have been available back in 1998, when I was in a competition stationed to a 486/dx running DOS with a packet modem in the radio room aboard the Queen Mary at Long Beach, Calif."
Link to Original Source



Examples of Lurker moderation on Slashdot!

NRAdude NRAdude writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Greetings and blessings from a Network Redundancy Administrator, dude! That is one of the many persons derived from a bullshit-generator and performed by Gregory (author for this journal). I have a message for all you wicked people, lurker moderators trying to impugn and quash the honest use of the Slashdot moderation process:

Don't be like a Oregon Judicial Department "judge" that says "Facts are not an issue."

Continuing a tense, in reply to the slander of my character by lurker moderators; Does working for any form of "government" demand surrender of others to another man's pride in said "government", or unconditional subjection of others to the point of slandering a record foreign to a dispute? Consider lurker moderation; when thoughts are posted and can't be addressed immediatly due to any concern of their character (prejudice), but meanwhile attention is intentionally misplaced in an unrelated forum in parallel that is all but abandoned, whereas a person with moderator intentionally moderates with prejudice based on comments made in another unrelated forum only after believing none but the post author knows the negatory moderations. There you have it. A coward in the marking.

There is no other way for me to explain it as such. My Slashdot person, "nradude", once having GOOD "karma" now has only POSITIVE "karma" due to lurker moderation. The two posts that incited the lurker moderations were in response to someone boasting of having a role in the employment of government in the STATE OF OREGON. Me, having been aware of the exploits of the STATE OF OREGON and its SOSCF child thief division, responded appropriatly as would any Californian would respond to a bad neighbor: honestly. My two posts never were challenged, but there was a lurker. This post and this post aroused a moderator to lurk other unrelated posts. Many people would ask why I would write such, but it is all I could write given the circumstances. An issue needed more publicity than what was received. The Child Theft endured by brother Wilbur and Sister Pamela, their struggle, their victory, the recent death of sister Pamela, and the still thieved child. Anyone looking for an action-thriller story, including free courtroom videos of impeaching, abating, and arresting licentious executive administrators operating a perpresture posing as a judge, and learn some common law and its application, HERE IT BEGINS FOR THE GASTONS! Read it at your own risk, then return to the root of that website and begin your trek into reading the nightmare and the triumphs of one family body of the thousands plundered by the STATE OF OREGON SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILES (SOSCF). How would you like to be served, rarely or well-done?

Yet, this journal entry is about lurker moderation. The two URLS to the above slashdot posts aroused a moderator to lurk into unrelated forum and slander unrelated and honest and informative posts; of which are this informative post of an Quake3 modification (entertainment), this verry detailed post on my thoughts of Negotiable Instruments Law, and this post of my on-topic jest at music players being more than music players (which had no modeation attention but within the reach of the lurking moderator that hates men).

I recently contacted the blessed Slashdot editor Rob (Malda) about this feast of bad moderation, and bless his soul he commented as to look into the matter; of which I inquired on the status and uncovered another blessed Slashdot editor Robert (not Malda, but a helpful Robert). To this day due to lurking moderation, I have been unable to post from this FREE wireless gateway next to a Subway sandwhich shoppe. The Slashdot person "NRAdude" is not banned, just the IP. It makes me wonder...one bad moderator can ruin an honest man's posting record and slander a perfectly good IP address.


Browse at -1 today; Karma depends on it!!

NRAdude NRAdude writes  |  more than 9 years ago

The most dedicated Slashaholics post anonymous to respond to posts with sensative content that is doubting to benefit an account's record. Perhaps the verry fact that people are slowly growing unweary of spreading their thoughts without anonymity among slanderous censors is the cause for Slashdot's deteriorating fan factor. I began posting on Slashdot around in the Year of Our Lord one-thousand-and-nine-hundred-and-ninety-and-eight and it was a verry clean place. The trolls were such fortunate to always be noticed and replaced to -1, yet today's trolls are crafty: they sell you water while its raining outside. I'm talking about those trolls...that have an answer for everything, and are subscribers to Slashdot. Is that all it takes to raise moderation points: send a Slashdot secretary fiat money from the Federal Reserve System insurance policy & credit monopoly? I hear anti-slash websites are gaining visitors and opening their own piggy-bank for subscribers to gain access to a better quarry of intellectual commentaries adjusted to Slashdot news forums to collude greater moderation; NRAdude is not among them. It is obvious NRAdude is not among them trolls. I would be posting above -1 if I was among their exploits. Adopt NRAdude! NRAdude's posting record is witnessed to not troll. Browse at -1, because patriots of Slashdot depend on it: we are being slandered by the real trolls in a giant switch of thought. Imagine, all those physics genius and self-witness declaratory posts, in such high frequency to quash the unquestionble knowledge of CmdrTaco articles. It's almost as if they are all... Har! Slashdot has been commandeered by trolls!

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