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Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

N_Piper Re:More detailed ratings are a good thing (642 comments)

I know this is unpopular but the private prison system is actually kinda collapsing at the moment due to a lack of prisoners as "War On Drugs" era minimum sentence laws are repealed.
Sometimes, just sometimes, things start looking up for this country.

about 2 months ago

Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

N_Piper Comcast's call centers are a mess (223 comments)

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
On a side note I think I may have handled one of your calls, defiantly handled a few with missing $50 cards.
I was a contractor in modem support nothing I could do but forward to the Tier agents with mandated minimal communication (though that rule has since changed). Let me tell you those Tier agents are not the best and brightest out there but generally speaking anything beyond basic account operations required an esoteric form hidden somewhere in a maze of "Interactive Troubleshooting Guides", my guess is that after giving up they probably just chucked the card request in the comments and flagged the ticket for further review, rinse repeat until somebody who knows what's going on gets served your call and there you go.

about 2 months ago

Gates Donates $500M+ To Fight Malaria and Other Diseases

N_Piper How is this news? (106 comments)

It's the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, it's been around since 2000, He and or his Wife regularly pump money into it.
This is less news than Tim Cook being gay.
I'm starting to think those news stories about smart phones and Google running everyone's long term memories may not be such BS after all...

about 3 months ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

N_Piper Re:It was supposed to be Windows 9... (399 comments)

Wow a refference to the great Pentium FPU error of 1994, that's a callback and a half.
Good Work sir.

about 4 months ago

CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

N_Piper Re:Not sure about this. (195 comments)

To me the first thing this case really hinges on is Jurisdiction and Venue, this is a Pakistani citizen living in Pakistan running a company in Pakistan.
The DOJ is basing their claim of American on this is the Amazon Cloud based webpage selling this stuff.
In reality this is a Publicity stunt through and through.

about 4 months ago

Author Charles Stross: Is Amazon a Malignant Monopoly, Or Just Plain Evil?

N_Piper Confused (405 comments)

People can still buy BOOKS from Amazon?!
I thought they quit that business when they stopped making new e-readers and moved to iPad lookalikes locked into that shitty Netflix competitor.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can Star Wars Episode VII Be Saved?

N_Piper Re:painted into a corner... (403 comments)

I'm in a theatre for two hours, you need to entertain me, outsmart me and give me something to think about for a long time after.

And that's what Abrams has shown in his film work to not be able to do, What he CAN do however is give you allot to SPECULATE on, What is the monster, Who is Walter, Why does Riverside Iowa look like southern California, Where is this island supposed to be, When is this going to end.

about 8 months ago

Anonymous's Latest Target: Boston Children's Hospital

N_Piper Re:That is why social Hacking is Bad MmmKaa. (329 comments)

Hospitals are not "every small company" the simple fact is that they are currently legally bound to various parts of the Hippocratic oath does not automatically make the hospital manager a saintly self sacrificing person.

about 9 months ago

Crowdsourcing Confirms: Websites Inaccessible on Comcast

N_Piper Re:Stop (349 comments)

Fun Fact: Comcast home networking support are trained to use as part of the trouble shooting protocol.

about a year ago

2-D MMOG Glitch Released Completely Into the Public Domain

N_Piper Re:Coming soon: (70 comments)

I Miss Asslandia.
Hell I miss the whole damn game.
I remember holding hands with my wife and crying as the server shutdown timer clicked down.

about a year ago

Full Details of My Attempted Entrapment For Teaching Polygraph Countermeasures

N_Piper You seem to have it wrong (465 comments)

Not law enforcement or tax men but Hair dressers, middle managers, business men who spout nothing but buzz words in other words idiots.
Idiots who adopted the leaf as a form of currency and then set about preventing inflation by burning down the forests around them.
The only group that was exiled inappropriately were the janitors, Telephone sanitizers to be specific..
Also the leftovers did not form a civilization they went feral breeding with the native cavemen and leaving no trace in the fossil record of their base civilization and ultimately corrupting the program of the biocomputer Earth.
Go through the source material more than once before you make claims about the political meanings of science fiction.

about a year ago

Gunman Opens Fire At LAX

N_Piper Harder than killing him... (520 comments)

My congratulations on the Police who did the difficult task of taking this man alive.

about a year ago

Wanted: Special-Ops Battle Suit With Cooling, Computers, Radios, and Sensors

N_Piper Re:The Army is not the only one who wants this (176 comments)

A powered exoskeleton would make any type of heavy lifting trivial, do you have any idea how many man hours are used unloading a truck at one Walmart every single day?

about a year ago

Mechwarrior Online Developer Redefines Community Warfare

N_Piper Re:What do you expect? (189 comments)

Neither here or there...
Duke Nukem Forever has the stink of development hell all over it.
Compare it to other games that got stuck there and it is pretty similar, Daikatana, Too Human, The Bureau: Xcom declassified, Ailens: Colonial Marines.
After a certain point of time in development a game is guaranteed to ship incomplete and buggy.

about a year ago

Mechwarrior Online Developer Redefines Community Warfare

N_Piper What are YOU smoking? (189 comments)

How about the part where the guy doing the "Ask the Devs" thread regularly take on questions that he answers with something along the lines of I don't know.
Or that the Community Manager's only apparent contribution is getting big names in the "Let's Play" and Game reviewing to make videos of the game...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIn-im_tWEg Reference Video
Or that instead of a Valve style change log the updates instead focus almost exclusively on purchasable content, there wasn't even a foot note when all the weapon sound effects were changed.
Do I even need to bring up the cluster fuck that is ECM? Bringing in the Raven mech whose role as a dedicated ECM platform is somewhat undercut by the fact that only one of the three versions can mount ECM at all was a bad idea made worse by the fact that ECM was totally overpowered to the point of totally disrupting the team alliance indicators making it impossible to tell who you were shooting at.
Also to remind you the Hero Mech design are Cash money only variants different from any acquired with in game currency that also have a bonus to exp and in game currency.
Really though the main gist of the post is that PGI has failed to keep people happy or to even make enough empty promises to hold off full out rioting, Remember back a few months ago when PGI went ahead and deleted over half the official forums because it was getting unruly, Or we can look at the bottom half of this post http://mwomercs.com/news/2013/08/730-september-creative-developer-update where they admit things are getting so abusive that they are considering calling police on some commentors...
That is not a well managed community, not at all.
I play in a group and have seen several Gold Founders (people who paid $120 to get into the closed beta) walk away in disgust or boredom.
Things are going downhill.

about a year ago

Neurologists Shine Light On Near-Death Experiences

N_Piper Re:I died and was brought back to life (351 comments)

His thoughts on organ donation at that point were probably something along the lines of "I sure wish I could get a different heart".

about a year and a half ago

Campaign To Kill CAPTCHA Kicks Off

N_Piper Re:stupid (558 comments)

If what presents itself as only the most barely notable disability in day to day life excludes me from your consideration as thoughtful well spoken adult due to a single special circumstance, I don't care too much about your comments either.

about a year and a half ago

Automated Plate Readers Let Police Collect Millions of Records On Drivers

N_Piper Re:Had this in the UK for years (276 comments)

Pretty sure Mythbusters already took that one on...

about a year and a half ago


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