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Anti-Piracy Windows 7 Update Phones Home Quarterly

Naito Firewall? (819 comments)

Anyway to block this off at the gateway? then claim that your computer doesn't have internet access and thus shouldn't be disabled if they do disable it? I just don't like the idea of having ANYTHING "phone home" regularly behind my back

more than 4 years ago

One Fifth of World's Population Can't See Milky Way At Night

Naito Blackout of 2003 (612 comments)

Was the most absolutely beautiful night in my life, until the moon came up anyway. I can't number how many friends looked up at the sky for the first time and realized the beauty that was always hidden away.

Really rather wish they didn't fix it so damn fast. Should make these blackouts a yearly thing, Earth hour is nothing in comparison.

more than 5 years ago

Asus Reveals the Eee Keyboard

Naito Lack of optical drive (312 comments)

Seriously, why is this listed as a fault these days? Optical discs are big, slow, have lots of DRM and are easily damaged. Give me something that I can plug a big ESATA drive or USB key into and play movies directly off of and I'm happy. I don't want to waste space and battery life on an optical drive.

about 6 years ago

Apple Intros 17" Unibody MBP, DRM-Free iTunes

Naito Re:True Road Warriors Need Removable Batteries (1079 comments)

True road warriors really ought not be carrying a 17" laptop around anyway. Airport waiting areas and airline seats barely have room for your elbows as it is, you want to fill up what little space you have with a gigantic 17" laptop? yikes.

about 6 years ago

Configuring a Windows PC For a Senior Citizen?

Naito Forget Windows (823 comments)

I recently set up a computer for an aunt who'd never owned a computer. She'd used them at public kiosks and work, but that's it. Her primary use was just web browsing, email and occasional letter typing. I was originally going to put Windows on it, but then thought I'd try an experiment.

So instead I installed Ubuntu (Intrepid) on an old machine (Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB RAM), set up my admin account and her limited account, and set up SSH on it so I could remotely administer it if I needed to. Total installation, updates and configuration took maybe 2 hours

So far it's been a month and I've never even had to go help her with...well, anything! She's been using it daily, and I've not had to fix anything.

I saved time from having to install antivirus/spyware-scans, installing updates and service packs (I only have a slipstreamed copy of SP2, I haven't had a reason to bother slipstreaming SP3 yet), it's nice and snappy even with just 1GB RAM (certainly helps to not have to run an on-access virus scanner!) and it literally does everything she needs.

Forget Windows. Seriously, what's the point for someone who just wants to go online? Letting the "average user" go online with Windows is walking into a high-school with a kick-me sign on their back.

more than 6 years ago

New Jersey's Cablevision Hijacks DNS Error Pages

Naito Rogers Cable (200 comments)

Rogers Cable high-speed internet has been doing that for the past couple months now too. URL typos get redirected to their own search.rogers.yahoo.com or something like that, disabling toolbar search functions in browsers.

The kicker is that I also think they're actively blocking access to other search engines periodically in order to increase usage of their own. www.Google.com will sometimes time-out while trying to load, but works fine when accessed through Dogpile meta-search.

Since I've moved off of Rogers already, I can't do more experiments to test, but if anyone else is on it, I suggest you keep an eye out.

more than 6 years ago


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