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iMac Turns 10

Nalyd Re:iblame imac . . . (179 comments)

Actually, I think iCarly got it right. It refers to her internet show. Doesn't the "i" stand for "internet"? Steve changed it with the launch of the iMac. He started the with iCEO when he first came back to Apple. Then it stood for "interim". Unfortunately, I didn't have any $$ then or I would be in a little different position now. Apple stock was $13 a share! -D

more than 6 years ago



What would you do with your own server rooms?

Nalyd Nalyd writes  |  about 4 years ago

Nalyd writes "A friend of mine recently purchased an industrial/commercial building that at one time served as a circuit board manufacturer for Intel. It is currently vacant and has 2 server rooms (racks and cabling only (fiber too!), they auctioned off everything else) He's looking for a potential partner to take on the task of filling those server rooms and, perhaps, setting up a business of some kind to sell services to other potential tenants and the world at large. (He is considering leasing to multiple smaller tenants)

My question is, if you were tasked with this effort and given $10,000 to start, what would you do?

Some of the potential desired services for local tenants would be, internet access, storage, independent LANs, physical security system controls (gates, sensors, cameras, etc) and voice services."

How best to implement secure online voting?

Nalyd Nalyd writes  |  about 7 years ago

Nalyd writes "I've read a lot about electronic voting machines and the controversy regarding them. Given this IS the 21st Century and many people trust their money to online banking systems, it seems there must be a way to create a national, secure, online voting system that streamlines the entire process.

I believe it must be a grassroots system that is created independently of the government or commercial entities. By the people, for the people. Couldn't it start off as a secondary system that runs in parallel to the current system and continues to grow as more people accept it, ultimately becoming the defacto standard?

Oh, great minds of Slashdot, I challenge you to develop such a system!

How would you implement it? What would it cost to build? What software? What hardware?"


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