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Playboy on Playstation Portable

NashCarey Good thing it is portable... (61 comments)

When I am at work taking PSP to the toilet to play could mean a whole new thing for me.

more than 9 years ago


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AWARE is not a game. AWARE is an experience.

NashCarey NashCarey writes  |  more than 10 years ago AWARE is not a game. AWARE is an experience. How many times have you watched a movie and lived vicariously through the characters turmoil? Have you ever said to yourself, "that's dumb! He should do this.....?" Have you ever wanted to have a life more exciting than the one you are living? AWARE will open doors for everyone. First understand you ARE the game. No graphic engines, or cheat codes. This adventure is experienced in real life. You may get a fax full of government secrets. Or you may get a phone call from somebody in need of your help. Or a call from someone ready to threaten you for helping someone in need. While surfing the web you might be startled by an IM from someone you who knows much more about you than you do them. Imagine what your surprise will be when on the way to the grocery store you look in the mirror and notice someone following you. All of these instances may occur. The best part is you are never in any real danger. Yet you will certainly have your adrenaline pumping. Here are some things you should note before experiencing AWARE. First interactions start Mid April. During this time you will be able to interact and solve some small puzzles, but most of the fun is during the full experience. First interactions are intended to give background and introductions to the characters. The full experience starts this summer. AWARE was written and being sponsored by Nash Carey. Carey just returned from Iraq March 13th and wanted to share his ideas with everyone for the wonderful support he received while at war. Aware is free for anyone who wants to play. To learn more and/or begin play visit www.ruaware.org. Enjoy AWARE and be ready for anything.

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