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GmailFS - The Google File System

Nerd With Nalgene Re:This seems horribly abusive of Google. (429 comments)

They can of course break it any time they want but since 1 gigabyte in storage space costs, what, a handful of glass beads nowadays, do you really think enough people will bother with this to cause serious scalability problems for a search engine company that handles a hundred million hits per day?

Yeah, 1 gigabyte of storage costs a handful of glass beads.
But do you really think it will stay 1 gigabyte of storage?
It took this guy only 3 days to hack up this program in python. Give him another three days and he could make it register a dozen accounts and link them together transparently into one filesystem. In fact, it scales pretty easily to the point where I could have unlimited storage on Google's servers--and then it would be a problem for them, and they would have to break it.

more than 10 years ago


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Microsoft Philosophy

Nerd With Nalgene Nerd With Nalgene writes  |  more than 10 years ago

My dad used to work for M$, so I acquired all kinds of memorabilia. I was
cleaning out my desk a few days ago, and I found a Microsoft pin--you know, the
kind you would wear on your shirt. It looked something like this:

`/``\/``\````/--\``|``|--````\``/\``/``/--\``\``/``|--``\__ /````````\``/````\`|\`|__`````\/``\/``/````\``\/```|--``__/

`/\/\```/\``|/`|=````|>`|`|>|>| `|=`|-



I'm not quite sure how this was supposed to be interpreted, but it says
to me quite clearly: if you fail, lower your expectations.
Which reflects M$ design philosophy very well, I think.

Now it sits on my shelf right next to the Rubik's cube that says Microsoft
on every single little white square.


Reading /.

Nerd With Nalgene Nerd With Nalgene writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I am a new /. moderator as of Thursday, April 22, 2004. For some reason, it actual seemed relevant at the time--like, "Hey, that's cool, it'll let me moderate now". The stories also look a lot cooler when you have moderator points (or was I just imagining a color change?). Reading /. takes a lot of time that I should be spending on other things. For instance, it's 21:57 right now and I have 2 weeks' worth of CS homework to catch up on tonight.

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