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Time For a Warrant Canary Metatag?

NewToNix Define compliance the correct way (332 comments)

So you have a heart beat going on that is continually saying "I have been served with a *letter*", when you are told you can not tell anyone you have been served such a letter/request/command from on high --you comply --by stopping the lie. Now everyone knows the truth.

How does one get in trouble by compliance?

What the judge is going to rule you had to continue to lie, after being told not to?

This shit is damage, the net should route around it, the net is an artifact of the people that build their corner of it, so build a graceful failure into it --just good programing.

about a year ago

Silk Road Shut Down, Founder Arrested, $3.6 Million Worth of Bitcoin Seized

NewToNix Does anyone here think the SR is really gone? (620 comments)

It's now a trifle over 24 hrs since this story hit /.

If you can't located the new site(s) you should possibly consider surrendering your geek card.

And, as predicted by many here, there seem to be several (and growing) more SR style sites propagating through dark net, even as I type this.

Just as the king always lives in one form or another so it is with that which supplies a demand.

Dread Pirate Roberts is dead, Long live Dread Pirate Roberts.

All that was really accomplished was some advertizing to people that had no idea dark net, or the Silk Road existed.

Well it did, it does, and it's growing more outlets --thanks largely to the three letter agencies.

about a year ago

No Higgs Just Yet

NewToNix Maybe the Higgs is just a statistical fluctuation (190 comments)

New data presented at a conference in India shows no new signs of the Higgs. The signal was probably just a statistical fluctuation."

Has anyone considered that the Higgs may actually be just a statistical fluctuation, a mathematical artifact required to both satisfy the symmetry of the fundamental particle structure and at the same time insure the uncertain nature of... well, nature.

I know this may sound like (and it may actually be) a silly question, but I am serious in asking it.

We have had to learn to deal with (if not fully understand) the dual particle/wave nature of light. Could we be looking for something that has a similar duality, only in this case of being both a mathematical construct but one that while having no physical existence still may mediate in physical ways with special particles like quarks?

Could such a thing exist (if exist is the correct term), even if the Higgs is not such a thing?

I'm not looking for religious based replies, I'm just considering the possibility (or not) of such a strange duality of an interacting but non physical thing existing (being present without physical existence?) and possibly even being measured, much as we do with the things we accept as having rather strange dual natures, like light.

Sorry for the probably poorly expressed concept, but it's the best I could do --if you can see what I'm trying to formulate a description of, and have any insights into the condition I'm trying to describe, I'd really like any edification anyone can offer --except religious explanations. I'm just looking for thoughts on the scientific possibility of could such a dual nature interacting concept (not a thing, just a concept of a thing mathematically expressible to a useful enough degree to make falsifiable predictions about, existing). The language is not helping me at all --how does one express the possible existence of a non existing, but interactive thing?

more than 3 years ago

Can a Monkey Get a Copyright & Issue a Takedown?

NewToNix Re:Possibly the person that developed the film (335 comments)

You make an interesting point. I'm guessing the fineprint when you signed up said you handover "non-exclusive, worldwide royalty free" permission to /. to use as they please (or suchlike). So essentially this is the only copy of you work, and you already have one licensee to it. But you cannot get rid of this work, and you cannot unlicense it.

Exactly the way I saw it... I am but one of /.'s million monkeys and even if I 'own' my post, I can never issue a takedown... How odd to think of myself as just another monkey, exactly like the ones in TFA --but then I agreed to this state of affairs and the monkeys are simply unaware (of such human foolishness). But they sure look happy --possibly there is a lesson we should pay attention to, lurking somewhere in this...

more than 3 years ago

Can a Monkey Get a Copyright & Issue a Takedown?

NewToNix Possibly the person that developed the film (335 comments)

might have a copyright claim, if not superior to the monkeys, at least it could be argued to be the first enforceable position in creation of copyright of the images.

That brings up a question I've always wondered about --at the bottom of every /. page it says:

"Trademarks property of their respective owners. Comments owned by the poster. © 2011 All Rights Reserved. Geeknet, Inc."

If a poster can not edit or remove his post, how can he possibly own it?

Much like the monkey I may 'own' this post, but exactly like the monkey I have no say in it's future after I hit the submit button. So who really owns it? I don't think it's me...

more than 3 years ago

Top Student Charged With Fixing Grades For Cash

NewToNix Local information and link (135 comments)

I own some property in Pahrump (but don't live there, although I'm there quite a lot). So I can tell you the level of technical savvy in Pahrump is unbelievably low.

Even basic things, like fairly well established 'net conventions have not penetrated very far. For example, many local Gov. officials send all caps emails (but then so does a fairly large % of the local populace).

Nevada in general, and Pahrump in particular, are among the nations lowest ranked in education. The Nevada educational systems are in desperate need of overhaul.

It is also worth noting that when arrested in his University of Nevada, Reno dorm, he had a stolen TV and equipment for making counterfeit drivers' licenses.

Here's a link to the local paper, with pictures and local comments; http://pvtimes.com/news/grade-change-scandal-rocks-pvhs/

A quote from the comments by "3rd year Engineering Student":

@Isaac- I don't know the kid so I can't comment on his actual personality in different situations. It is unusual to have a smile when being arrested for a felony charge. Also hacking a system is really just the same as getting a code to access it without authorization. He also "hacked" when he changed his GPA. Given he actually did these things, he would be considered a "Black Hat Hacker" which is the worst type of hacker(there are good hackers like web designers). You need to check the definition of a hacker.

I think "3rd year Engineering Student" may need to check some definitions himself... but the pathetic part is that no one questions his expertise, or the definitions he offers.

Pahrump is a nice place in many ways, but it's also a lot like stepping back in time in many ways. The population is about 35,000, and it's about 50 miles from Las Vegas.

more than 3 years ago

Nokia Gives Some Hints On the Future of Qt

NewToNix Zero Day win32.elop.trojan (329 comments)

I wish I could take credit for this, but it's from a comment by "eMPee584" over on the http://blog.qt.nokia.com/2011/02/12/nokia-new-strategic-direction-what-is-the-future-for-qt/ (Blog link from the summary).

I think it just sums up the situation succinctly:

"Nokia got trapped by that win32.elop.trojan."

Has look and feel of a Zero Day exploit, and is creating that sort of confusion as well.

One could easily say it's not Zero Day, but then all ZD's are developed quietly over time and simply 'sprung' on the unsuspecting and unprepared innocent victims one day. Pretty much what happened.

QT has merit, and if the merit is good enough, and I think it is, it will have a strong future... just probably not with Nokia. (and yes I am a GNU/OSS/FLOSS fan boy, just not a zealot about it).

Anyway much credit to "eMPee584" for such a fine summation (assuming he was not quoting some one else, without attribution).

more than 3 years ago

New Cars Vulnerable To Wireless Theft

NewToNix Undetectable murder (280 comments)

The worry here should possibly be that someone, with essentially off the shelf hardware and software could conceivably commit the perfect murder --car component failed, deadly crash issues.

Get rid of your mother-in-law and maybe collect insurance and big settlement because some sensor or CPU 'malfunctioned'.

Not saying the tech is there yet, but I'd wager it will be soon enough --and that someone will attempt it eventually (possibly successfully --how would anyone know?).

about 4 years ago

Compiz Project Releases C++ Based v0.9.0

NewToNix First release of merged branches (237 comments)

This is a first release after the reunification of the Compiz, Compiz++, NOMAD and Compiz Fusion branches. It's unstable, but at least it's good to see all the effort coming under the same roof again.

more than 4 years ago

Australia Gets Its First Female Prime Minister

NewToNix Re:"First Female PM" is not news. (419 comments)

I'm sick of "First X Elected To Whatever Office." Haven't we moved past this yet? Ideas matter. Gender, ethnicity, heredity do not.

Agreed! But your post did invoke a mental picture of Spock as leader of the Klingon High Council...

more than 4 years ago

Titanium Oxide For High-Density Optical Storage

NewToNix Re:Titanium dioxide? (172 comments)

A better description is simply 'a Titanium metal oxide' - the phase shift is between Ti3O5 and -Ti3O5. http://www.nature.com/nchem/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/nchem.670.html/

"This is the first demonstration of a photorewritable phenomenon at room temperature in a metal oxide. -Ti3O5 satisfies the operation conditions required for a practical optical storage system (operational temperature, writing data by short wavelength light and the appropriate threshold laser power)."

more than 4 years ago

At Issue In a Massachusetts Town, the Value of Two-Thirds

NewToNix The Mass. AG did resolve this (449 comments)

"one zoning amendment which the voters passed in April - to require cottage colonies to operate as such for three years before conversion to condos is permitted - was reversed on a vote count challenge by a recent decision of the Mass. Attorney General's office. "


more than 4 years ago

Nothing To Fear But Fearlessness Itself?

NewToNix Re:Come to California... (660 comments)

Mob rule exists in every government --for a short time at least... it's a transitional state. The interesting thing is that people often do exactly as is happening in our short dialog; one person thinks in terms on how he finds things 'now', the other (me) is thinking in terms of long lost intent.

The US does much talk about exporting 'Democracy' to other countries --a silly notion as no one can agree on what they really mean by that... but many people are smart enough to grasp that 'Democracy' is a word for mob rule. Check out the web, you will find a zillion different possible definitions of 'Democracy'... exactly which one are we 'exporting'?

Yes I am conservative in that I think the original intent of the founders of the US was exactly what they said: a Constitutional Republic. The web is full of definitions for what a Constitutional Republic is, and they all agree, within a narrow definition of 'agree'.

So I opine in the narrow sense of what the framers described and defined... and that is not what we have now, nor is it whatever sound bite definition of 'Democracy' any given politician may be talking about at any given time.

It is no wonder to me that the US is not always well received... most people I've met when I was in other countries see us as rather two faced (to put it kindly). Can't say as I blame them, I grew up here and I find it hard to figure out on any given day which corp, or large pharma is in charge.

So yes I am conservative --in the sense that I want a return to a consistent voice that reflects something that has not actually existed for quite a long time --what the framers gave us; a Constitutional Republic.

The Republic vs Democracy is a Constitutional thing - you may view it as right wing / left wing thing, but I don't. That you find more left wing on what I see as "Oh that old Constitution thing, you know it means what I want it to mean for today's world, as I define today's world", should not be any suprise. Nor should finding conservative types on the "Wait, you're not living up to the Constitution as I see it" on the other (conservative) side.

But what passes for conservative is just as big a lie as what passes for liberal now-a-days. IMO. I'm of the opine that it is a Republic, but that it's now so broken that only blood in the streets will decide what we have here... in short Thomas Jefferson was correct about liberty needing the blood of patriots and tyrants every so often. He was not speaking about any country save the one he helped create. So there you have all I have to offer. I hope it offends thee lightly if at all, at the end of the day it's just another /.er expounding his version of "How it is (and should be)".

Just as an aside it might (or might not) be of some small interest to you that I am an atheist --just so you know my views are my own, not the right wing religious nut jobs... My version of everything is mine alone, I provided it for your edification, not as a conversion attempt.

I don't care what you believe, nor should you care what I believe --all that matters is we do not try to force one upon the other, again IMO. Which, of course, is the whole point of a Constitutional Republic. On the other hand, Democracy (in any form), seems to feel the need to be 'exported'. At least that's how it seems to me... and apparently, from their writings, so did Jefferson and company, etc. Probably why they conceived a Republic, not a Democracy.

more than 5 years ago

Nothing To Fear But Fearlessness Itself?

NewToNix Re:Come to California... (660 comments)

A good question, well asked. Forgive me please for sort of shuffling you off on a canned video, but I think this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7M-7LkvcVw may help answer your question, at least to a degree --the video has some flaws, as would anything attempting to deal with this in 10min and 30 sec. It does not necessarily reflect my personal politics either, exactly.

The Republican/Democrat political parties have really little or nothing to do with the nature of our type of government (as envisioned by the founders --or as it exists today for that matter). There is lots of info about this out there --Google is your friend.

To some of us the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic is important. YMMV --I'm not here to convince you of anything... but you asked. So within a minimal framework, I've tried to answer --or at least point at possible answers.

Good luck sorting it out... you have no doubt noticed we (US Americans) don't agree much on just what our government is supposed to be. But the one thing it is not (although rapidly becoming) is a Democracy. IMO.

more than 5 years ago

Nothing To Fear But Fearlessness Itself?

NewToNix Re:Come to California... (660 comments)

Is America a democracy, yes or no? Do Americans not vote who will represent themselves yes or no?

America is a Republic. So No to the first question.

In the second question you seem to miss the Electoral College in both fact and concept. The President is elected by a group that may vote as they please (not necessarily as they were expected to vote by those that elected them). This non direct coupling applies to all levels of government --once elected they may chose to do things much differently then you believed they would when you voted for them. So a yes as to vote, but at best a maybe on 'does who I voted for actually do as I expected him/her to, once in office' --the implied part of the second question.

These sort of yes/no questions are rarely productive, except to frame the answer in a way the questioner wants.

Example: "Have you stopped beating your wife? Answer yes or no. --either way you answer you confess to being a wife beater.

For most people political issues ARE emotional issues. This is possibly regrettable, but one should learn to deal with reality, if you want to change that reality into your own personal version.

Sarah Palin is an excellent example of a nitwit politician who knows how to play the hot button issues. She is smarter than most people give her credit for.

If Sarah Palin is both a nitwit, and smarter then most people, then is she not of above average intelligence and therefore as qualified as anyone (and apparently more qualified then most) to have an opine? Just asking --it's rhetorical --and intentionally side steps Palin's actual value or lack thereof.

more than 5 years ago

Google Data Liberation Group Seeks To Unlock Data

NewToNix Re:my favorite essay on who has your data (167 comments)

sorry you had a problem with it, but I had nothing to do with the site --I just read it some time back and liked it.

You should maybe point out the problems with it to the author: Rick Moen. He's an editor over at http://linuxgazette.net/

The essay displays fine for me is all I can say... and I did rather like it as an essay --that's my entire involvement with it.

Thanks for the links, anyway.

more than 5 years ago

The Internet's Biggest Security Hole Revealed

NewToNix Re:I archive the talk (330 comments)

Thanks, I'm on my 5Th copy of the CD now, 10 will go out tomorrow morning via snail mail to very interested but bandwidth challenged friends. They will do the same. Beyond that --who knows. Your bandwidth and archival effort is appreciated. Nice Flickr set too...

more than 6 years ago



NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  about 8 years ago

NewToNix (668737) writes "It's gotta be a slow enough news day to get this accepted... all it needs to do is slip past the lameness filter...

So what are your new years resolutions?

Here's one of mine: Get Slashdot to add a 'Slow News Day' Section and Topic on the Slashdot Story Submissions page.

And here's one I saw over on Technocrat (from a BadVista post apparently).

New Year Resolutions:

1. Renew my FSF membership.

2. Get at least one new person to Join the FSF.

3. Help at least 2 people become 100% free from Microsoft software.

4. Explain what DRM and TC are to at least 4 people (and I mean really be effective at explaining how this affects them).

5. Give away at least 8 'Live' GNU/Linux Cd's — and take the time to sit with each person the first time they try it out (there is nothing like a personal bit of supplying 'helpful tips').

Now there are 5 really easy resolutions to keep. You can add more, and I'd encourage everyone to do even more to promote GNU/Linux and the FSF.

BUT, think what a change we all could make if each of us did just these 5 simple things in 2007.

I hope you will share my resolutions (and also keep them) in the coming year.

And to all, a very Happy New Year!

So OK, Slashdot, what are your big resolutions for 2007?"

NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 8 years ago

NewToNix writes "Bruce Perens has set up a "Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement" site.

He invites you to Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement.
"Novell and Microsoft's software patent agreement betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell's own system, for Novell's sole financial benefit. Join Bruce Perens in signing an open letter to Novell's CEO Ron Hovsepian."

You may want to read the letter and comments, no matter what your stance on this issue is.
And sign it if you agree — I did."

NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 8 years ago

NewToNix writes "Without ever mentioning the Linux Kernel Developers' Position on GPLv3 Here [Slashdot.org] , the FSF has issued a clarification of what they refer to as "a few factual points about the Second Discussion Draft of GNU GPL version 3, on which recent discussion has presented inaccurate information."

The FSF statement is here. [FSF.org]"

NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 8 years ago

NewToNix writes "Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Software Patents And Open Source http://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.j html?articleID=192501175

The opponents of proliferating software patents who see them as a threat to open source software may finally get their day in court — the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involves two brake pedal manufacturers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a friend of the court brief in the case of KSR International v. Teleflex.

The two parties will be arguing whether Teleflex has patented the right to put electronic sensors on brakes.

The EFF has signed on to argue that the U.S. Patent Office's increasingly loose grants of patents is hurting innovation in many fields, such as electronic brake sensors, but that it's particularly worrisome for open source code development.

And, of course, Bruce Perens has weighed in on the subject.

How ever the Supreme's decide this, it may have some far reaching effect on FOSS projects."



NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 8 years ago I can be a bit slow at times... but as I have discovered that at least some people actually do come here to see what I may have written (a huge surprise to me), I might as well make a pitch for two organizations that I find worth while: The EFF The Electronic Frontier Foundation

And the FSF The Free Software Foundation

I'm very proud to be a contributing member to both, and would like anyone that drops by here to take a look and join either, or better both, of these fine organizations.

BTW: I'm not astroturfing - although I could use my membership links and get some credit for anyone that joins through a link I set up, I don't do that.

I'd rather these people get the entire benefit of anything that comes there way - they need it... and you (and I) need them.

Take a second and just do it, what ever you can manage to spare, it's easy and everything helps. So don't think you must make some huge donation or something (it would be nice if you could though - I wish I could).

Thanks for dropping by - and thanks even more if you can help either or both the FSF and/or the EFF.


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 8 years ago Today some one actually read this journal! I'm so proud...

I have a 'public', well an AC, but still he came here and read, and posted about it!

True he was complaining about the content here, but hey, as long as he came and read, and got my Nick spelled right, why complain.

Could this be leading to a future as a blogger?

Well probably not, and as the AC pointed out, I'm no comedian... but hey, he came, he read, he posted about it.

I'll just have to work on content I guess...

I know it's not much, but you know AC's count too... well for something, even if not much, but it's a start anyway.

So thanks AC, who ever you are. You made my day!


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  about 9 years ago Be it known that today, 1/27/06, I did make this permanent record in my journal.

The sole purpose of this record is just to make this record.

I have, therefore, accomplished at least one goal today.


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 10 years ago I just thought it would look better in my (few) posts, if under my nick the date of my last journal entry was more up to date.

Or to put it another way: "Bump"


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 10 years ago So long without logging in (like 2 weeks?) That they forgot me (and I forgot my password)...

Well all fixed now.


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 11 years ago I notice that if I blog only to prove my existence to myself, then I must blog often enough that I do not forget myself, and therefore just fade away.............


NewToNix NewToNix writes  |  more than 11 years ago This is just to remind me when I started this journal - and how long it has been since I wrote anything in it. And to use some server space - I view it as proof of my existance...

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