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One Company's Week-Long Interview Process

Newer Guy I had to do this once. (362 comments)

I work in broadcasting. A company essentially wanted to 'try me out'. They flew my entire family (4) from Boston to Oregon, put us up in a Holiday Inn resort (upscale from the usual HI), rented me a car and gave me 50 dollars a day for food. I had to work 8:30 - 4:30 for ten days for free. On the last day they offered me a job. I almost took it, but decided to go to Los Angeles at the last minute. Unfortunately, I burned a bridge with them.

about 2 years ago

US Asserts Super-Jurisdiction Over Dot-Com, Dot-Net, and Dot-Org Domains

Newer Guy Don't like it? We'll drop an A-Bomb on you! (395 comments)

Seriously though, is there any doubt that the USA is fast becoming the schoolyard bully of the world? And we wonder why other countries hate us so!

more than 2 years ago

Man Ordered To Apologize To Wife On Facebook

Newer Guy My Ex wife's trick.. (400 comments)

I moved to California after my wife lied to the police and got me arrested for Domestic Violence. The charges were dismissed, but my arrest record still exists. After the Family and Probate Court ordered visitation, and I would fly back to Massachusetts to visit with my 3 kids, she would go to court A in the county, tell them she was 'afraid of me' and get an emergency Restraining Order, making it impossible for the visit to happen. The Family Court would get this dismissed, but not until AFTER I had gone back to California. Then the pattern would repeat, this time she'd go to court B, etc, etc., etc. This continued for over 3 years until she literally had RUN OUT OF COURTS! She even had the balls to have me served with the Restraining Order in the hallway of the Family Court, but had the server wait until AFTER our Judge had gone home for the weekend so it couldn't be fixed until Tuesday (3 day weekend) and I was flying back to CA on Monday! BOY was the judge's clerk pissed! I couldn't even call my kids to explain why we weren't meeting-so the clerk called them for me. As a result my oldest not only will not see or talk with me, but also changed her last name to my ex's maiden name when she turned 18. Now she wants to be my friend so I pretend to be (Keep your friends close AND your enemies closer!).

Divorce sucks and the courts are SO biased against men/for women that it's pathetic

more than 2 years ago

Do You Really Need a Smart Phone?

Newer Guy I can't afford to change my plan (851 comments)

I have a 10 old retention plan from Sprint that's too good to replace. I get 2500 anytime minutes shared among 5 phones (in 4 different area codes), nights and weekends starting at 7 PM, unlimited long distance, unlimited phone to phone minutes, unlimited texting, unlimited 3G data pack, unlimited photo pack, and an Airave hot spot-all for 110 dollars a month, including all taxes and fees. To change my plan so I could use a smart phone would at least double my monthly cost, si I have the smartest dumb phone I can have, an LG Rumour Touch.

more than 2 years ago

IE 9 Beats Other Browsers at Blocking Malicious Content

Newer Guy IE 9 does not work with XP (235 comments)

IE 9 does not work with XP-the most used OS in the world.

more than 3 years ago

Gates: Not Much To Show For $5B Spent On Education

Newer Guy Charter schools CAN be part of the answer (496 comments)

My daughter went to an inner city charter school in Los Angeles for kindergarten (Gabriella Charter School)-and got an excellent education. They integrate dance into their curriculum-which is quite rigorous. We moved to the Philadelphia area (New job) and she goes to one of the best public schools in the Philly area (Ithan Elementry School in Radnor, PA). She loves her new school, but what I find interesting is that she had more homework as a kindergartner at Gabriella then she had as a first grader at Ithan!

One thing I used to find where we wanted to live was Greatschools ( They base their ratings on standardized tests and parent input. I think it's better then nothing. What also is interesting is that teachers WANT to work at Ithan and the other schools in the Radnor School District-even though they pay quite a bit less money then the school district next door (Lower Merion School District).

In Philadelphia proper there are a lot of charter schools-some good, some average and some poor. Many of them are 'culturally diverse', meaning they teach a particular culture (unlike Gabriella which though the students were mainly Hispanic taught the 3 Rs plus English). I think that schools should concentrate on EDUCATING children more and LESS on celebrating cultural diversity, because good grades and a degree are more important to a future employer then that.

more than 3 years ago

TSA Announces Pilot of Trusted Traveler Program

Newer Guy How long? (388 comments)

How long until the TSA and Govt. wants to CHIP us? We all know it's coming....

more than 3 years ago

Apple in Talks to Improve Sound Quality of Music Downloads

Newer Guy Good audio does not have to be expensive. (450 comments)

There are many reasonably priced audio components that produce great audio..As an example, the Grado SR60 headphones make great sound-and list for 80 dollars. Ebay has many hybrid tube/mosFET headphone amplifiers that sell in the 50-70 dollar range (including shipping). An example is here: Or, for piortable use, this one is great-and also inexpensive: If you know how to, you can also roll your own pretty cheaply-start with the National Semiconductor LM4562 dual opamp.True audiophile performance for $1.10!

more than 3 years ago

Auto Industry's Fastest Processor Is 128Mhz

Newer Guy yep... (397 comments)

And for this anemic POS computer they charge something like 2 grand. What a RIPOFF!

more than 3 years ago

Digital Radio Mondiale, a Better Standard Than US-Adopted IBOC?

Newer Guy IBOC is a joke! (134 comments)

I am a broadcast engineer with over 30 years of experience.

IBOC is a true joke. It's the FIRST broadcast service ever authorized by the FCC that actually CAUSES interference-mostly to your NEIGHBORS above and below you on the dial! IBOC is also an FCC sanctioned PRIVATELY owned system that costs broadcasters over $25K in upfront licensing fees-and then more in continuing royalty payments.

What most of us want (broadcast engineers) is for the FCC to authorize TV channels 5 and 6 for a dedicated digital radio band using DRM. Low band VHF is the WORST place for Digital Television (it goes in order UHF channels 20-40, UHF channels 14-20, UHF channels 40-51 , VHF channels 7-13 and finally VHF channels 2-6). Right now there are about 25 DTV stations on channels 5 and 6 in the entire country-and it's been proven that EVERY ONE can be accomodated on UHF (To accomodate the station in Philadelphia on channel 6, a station in Reading, PA would have to move to a different UHF channel and give Philly its current channel, OR Philadelphia can move to channel 3 if they insist on staying on low band VHF-a BAD idea!).

If the FCC got off their ever widening ASS and did this, every AM station that wanted a digital FM could have one-with enough left over for every FM station too-AND a nationwide FM frequency for the National Weather Service/Homeland Security to operate on!

more than 3 years ago

New Legislation Would Crack Down On Online Piracy

Newer Guy Innocent until proven guilty? HAH!!! (350 comments)

This joke of a bill assumes you are guilty and punishes you until YOU prove yourself innocent-at THEIR timetable of course!

The RIAA can target anyone they want-the judge says: "yup yup yup" and POOF! you are out of business!

Of course you can have the order lifted-right? Let's see...your appeal date is is scheduled for six months from now-until then you REMAIN out of business! What do you mean you don't have enough money to operate without any business that long? TOO BAD!!!!.

Every day...every single day I see another one of these-taking away freedoms from PEOPLE and giving them to CORPORATIONS! We truly ARE fast becoming the Corporate States of America!!

more than 3 years ago

Appeals Court Rolls Back Computer Privacy Guidelines

Newer Guy Yeah... (88 comments)

We should let law enforcement decide what the 'proper balance' should be. After all they are 100% objective and have no ulterior motives....RIGHT?

about 4 years ago

Leaders Aren't Being Made At Tech Firms

Newer Guy Re:It's a lack of understanding what is leadership (135 comments)

Agreed! I had a boss who was General Manager of a Boston radio station. He didn't know much about engineering or sales-but he was a great judge of people-and creative people WANTED to work for him! He hired the best people, gave them the tools they needed to do their jobs and then LET THEM! He didn't micromange. He knew that creative people occasionally pushed the barriers and let them-but was always there to pull back gently on their leashes if necessary. I enjoyed working for him-and let me assure you it was hard work. BUT you felt like you were part of a team-and he also shared the credit/spoils with all of the people who worked for him. One summer week the Tall Ships were coming to Boston, and it was my job to not only facilitate a weeks broadcasts from a pier on the waterfront, but also make sure the talent got there for their broadcasts-when half the streets were closed down. So I hired a reliable friend as station driver for the week-dressed in his best suit and with a daily freshly washed and cleaned station Jeep just to drive talent, clients and management back and forth. He had full press credentials so he could drive everywhere and since he kneew the area (and knew how to make friends with the Boston Police officers) got priority treatment from them. At the end of the week my boss told me: "when you came up with this idea I didn't like it, but decided to give you a shot-and it turned out it was one of the best ideas you have ever had". THAT'S the kind of boss he was-he made you feel great!

about 4 years ago

Leaders Aren't Being Made At Tech Firms

Newer Guy Too much education and not enough common sense! (135 comments)

Today's colleges and universities are hopelessly out of touch with reality-and the students they graduate are too. My late mentor-a TV pioneer who associated with people named Sarnoff and Garroway, among others once told me that in many cases "schools get in the way of your education". He meant that no 'book' education can teach you "street smarts" and "people smarts"-only experience working with others can teach you this. Now today we have companies who think experience is a BAD thing-and are laying off their (older) competant workers in droves-replacing them with fresh out of grad school MBAs who don't know the difference between a AA battery and a tank-and don't CARE to know either! And we wonder why the USA is fast becoming a third world company technology (and many other ways) wise.

about 4 years ago

At Google, You're Old and Gray At 40

Newer Guy Re:Not just Google (543 comments)

I hope that you sued that company into the ground for a crack like that!

more than 4 years ago

Federal Court Issues Permanent Injunction For Isohunt

Newer Guy This proves how clueless (212 comments)

Again, this proves just how utterly clueless judges (and politicans) are of how the Internet actually works.

more than 4 years ago

When Internet Radios Get Affordable

Newer Guy ARIR-205 (139 comments)

I've had one of these for over a year, and it works very well. It also receives AM and FM stereo, has 512 megs of memory for audio record/playback and also will play files off a USB drive. It doesn't do AAC, but does do Real Audio. It has a headphone output and sounds quite good. It works with an Internet portal. It also has personalized weather forecasts, an atomic clock, alarm, and works with Slacker, etc.

83 dollars including shipping and also comes with a wireless access point.

They also sell an RCA branded one for the same price:

more than 4 years ago



Did Ananymous stop Karl Rove from Stealing Ohio (again) for Romney?

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  about 2 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "In 2004, the Ohio vote count was going for Kerry — until the Ohio election site went down and came back up a minute later. Then suddenly the count was reversed to Bush — and Bush won Ohio. This year a similar thing happened but when it came back up it remained Obama. Thom Hartmann has an interesting take on this — especially when you consider how insistent Karl Rove was on Fox News election night that Romney would be winning Ohio even after Fox called it for Obama."
Link to Original Source

Netflix down tonight

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "Apparently Netflix has been hacked. Their streaming doesn't work, their customer service number doesn't answer and none of your registered streaming devices show up on their web page. Someone is obviously upset over their 80+ % price increases within the past 10 months."

Diebold sells voting business

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  about 5 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "Diebold Inc. has sold its much-criticized U.S. voting-machine business to its bigger competitor, Election Systems & Software Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska. Diebold announced the sale of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary Premier Election Solutions Inc. on Thursday and said it will get $5 million plus payments representing 70 percent of collections of the unit's accounts receivable as of Aug. 31. Diebold expects to recognize a pretax loss on the deal in the range of $45 million to $55 million."

Maricopa Cty. Sheriff takes over computer system

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "More then a dozen armed Maricopa, AZ Sheriff Deputies took over county computer rooms in its Wednesday raids and takeover of a computer system that interlinks police and court agencies. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's officers showed up Wednesday told computer technicians to step aside, posted armed officers at entrances and exits, and took over "management control" of the system. The Sreriff also changed the passwords for access to the computer system. This is the same Sheriff that has made tent cities for prisoners, and performs racial profiling in his county."
Link to Original Source

Pulver Media down for the count

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "Pulver Media, the company headed by Jeff Pulver, who runs the VON conventions and publishes VON magazine (and creator of Vonage and Free World Dialup) appears to have gone out business after it's lender seized control of the company. As of last night, their web site was still up, though Free World Dialup was at least partly down (and its web site was offline)."

Nextel is having a nationwide outage.

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "I received this from a friend in the cellular industry a few minites ago: Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 12:18 PM About 30 minutes ago, we received word that there is a National outage for Nextel in respects to being able to make and receive cellular calls. Direct Connect and text messaging still is fully functioning as well as all data and blackberry services. We have not received an ETA for a resolution; it was told that it could take up to 24 hours. I will give more information as it becomes available. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused."

Wi-LAN sues 22 companies over wifi patents

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "Wi-LAN, another patent holding company, has sued 22 companies that make or sell wireless routers. Defandents include Belkin, Best Buy, Buffalo, Dell, HP and Lenovo. "While we prefer to resolve patent infringement through business discussions, we have consistently maintained that litigation was always a possibility when negotiations do not result in a license within a reasonable time," Chief Executive Jim Skippen said in a statement."

Sprint cancels PCS wireless of over 200 soldiers

Newer Guy Newer Guy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Newer Guy (520108) writes "Sprint has cancelled the PCS service of over 200 military members for "excessive roaming". This is on the heels of last week's news about Sprint where they were cancelling PCS service for "excessive complaining" to Customer Service. Time to cancel my Sprint PCS I guess!"
Link to Original Source


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