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2007's Ten Biggest Gaming Letdowns

NexFlamma Re:more about "The Internet and Jade Raymond"? (232 comments)

Yeah, that comic would be the controversial bit I was talking about.

While they let me speak on it, I couldn't convince the higher ups to let me post that image on the homepage.

more than 7 years ago



Jack Thompson: Games Industry Colluding With DoD

NexFlamma NexFlamma writes  |  more than 7 years ago

NexFlamma writes "In a press release sent out yesterday, controversial Miami lawyer Jack Thompson claims to have found evidence of an "unholy alliance" between the gaming industry and the United States Department of Defense. When contacted for further information on the subject, Wired's Game|Life was sent a link to the supposed "evidence." The page G|L was directed to not only doesn't serve as evidence of his claims, but after reading through the 10-page link, G|L writer Earnest Cavalli demonstrates how the information presented directly contradicts Jack's statement."
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