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Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

Nexion Re:Bloody Idiot-YOU!! (576 comments)

Don't worry, you are vaccinated against them, right? I love how ridiculous the zealots on both sides can be.

2 days ago

Can You Buy a License To Speed In California?

Nexion Re:PORAC (322 comments)

More like you get a buffer of 5 - 7 mph by default. Purchasing either the PORAC sticker or this plate border broadens this buffer to a degree that depends on the officer. Doing 80 in a 25 as you blow by a school bus dropping off kids will likely get you arrested no matter to what special interest organization you give a donation.

If you did something like that you would deserve it too.

3 days ago

Can You Buy a License To Speed In California?

Nexion Re:PORAC (322 comments)

Calm down now peasant, don't hate. ;)

4 days ago

Can You Buy a License To Speed In California?

Nexion PORAC (322 comments)

You also might want to donate yearly to PORAC. They have this nice little sticker they send you that has had truly amazing results for me in the past. I think my favorite was when a CHP officer rolls up next to me, gets on his PA and says "The speed laws are for everyone." Not that it always got me out of tickets. Sometimes I would get a ticket for the posted speed limit plus five mph and a plus sign next to it. You just go ahead and pay that by writing in a plea of "Guilty/Traffic School".

Then I would do online traffic school where all you really end up doing is taking the standard written drivers test again. I think they closed that hole. I once did traffic school three times in one year. I laughed because right after that my insurance company wrote me a letter telling me that I was entitled to a "good driver's discount".

I'm not really extremely wealthy or anything, but I think I may just get one of these bronze hookups for my RX8. :)

Never drive like a complete maniac however. Police are not tolerant of reckless no matter how much money you throw at their orgs.

4 days ago

Feinstein and Rogers: No Clemency For Snowden

Nexion Re:clemency? (504 comments)

Don't you love a traitor pointing the finger and yelling "traitor!". Feinstein needs her own tribunal. I wish that wrinkled old bag would do California a favor and retire already. From the ravages of nature clearly seen upon her face one wonders why she is still here, and if somehow she is actually among the undead. Whatever witchcraft not only sustains her rotting corpse, but somehow manages to get her reelected time and time again is beyond my comprehension.

about 5 months ago

Why the NSA Can't Replace 90% of Its System Administrators

Nexion Uh... (251 comments)


about 8 months ago

2013 U.S. Wireless Network Tests: AT&T Fastest, Verizon Most Reliable

Nexion Suck with AT&T apathy. (131 comments)

Not when AT&T is throttling me. Seriously, they are luck I'm too lazy to change providers and they'll cut a month's bill when they irritate the shit out of me to make up for it so I stay on their network. Thank god I live in the city now, living on the edge to the sticks or in the sticks sux. AT&T had zero coverage in BFE.

about 10 months ago

US Mining Data Directly From 9 Silicon Valley Companies

Nexion Re:land of the free... (404 comments)

Problem is, they aren't going after foreigners anymore. They've humped that corpse dry. The new excuse for your tattered civil liberties comes from farming some home grown "terrorists". So they are looking at YOU!

about 10 months ago

NHTSA and DOT Want Your Car To Be Able To Disable Your Cellphone Functions

Nexion LOL (405 comments)

Yet police have a computer running a plate scanner (and god knows what else) and a radio they use in motion. On top of this they feel free to use their cellphones because they've had intense training to make doing so safe! No really, believe it!

Nah, you can keep your filthy NWO hands off my fucking property. Our servants who think like that will hopefully be lined up on a wall someday post tribunal judgement. Sick of this damn nanny state crap on top of the police state.

about 10 months ago

SCOTUS Says DNA Collection Permissible After Arrest

Nexion Wow... yeah, I don't get on here much as... (643 comments)

the news outside the geek sphere seems more important these days. If you hadn't noticed our country is going to hell in a hand basket RAPIDLY. Tearing itself apart as it seems the majority mindset of densely populated areas attempts to overreach likely to end in an armed conflict where no one wins. It will likely all die down replaced by defacto anarchy after the monetary system collapses in the not so distant future. Then a group that has been preparing for just this event will make use of left over resources to clean up the millions dead due to starvation, and likely deliver aid in densely armored delivery vehicles rocking no shortage of ammo. They will of course rebuild without that annoying constitution thing that allows the slaves to get all uppity about their "rights". Of course the whole world will go to crap as the international monetary system is based on worthless paper with little gold to back it up. Some will recover better then others. Me? I'll do alright. Always kept a few things handy if something like this ever happened. The body armor specifically capable of taking many 9mm SMG hits is new tho. :P

There is humor in it if you look. Remember all those people who pointed out all the bad stuff Bush had done? I love poking barbs of fact at them and watch them squirm defending Obama. Typically either implying racism, religious fervor or that I'm a "tea bagger". I love to then point out that my love of democracy, liberty and love for our republic against their fanatical fascism is something my fiance from El Salvador and I will speak of and laugh about later at dinner. A dinner we wont pray before eating as we are agnostic. Cheers.

about 10 months ago

WA State Bill Would Allow Bosses To Seek Facebook Passwords

Nexion Ok, why is the US going to shit so rapidly? (316 comments)

A slow decline was always in motion, but all of a sudden we re-elect Obama, Sandy Hook hits, the gun grabbers look to further infringe, the CIA, NSA and DHS all have an anal probe up my butt tracking EVERYTHING and one state seems to think it can establish a state religion!

W T F!

It is like we need to go all nanny on the nanny state types and deliver some spankings to all the politicians and put them in timeout until they can stop acting like, as Dianne Feinstien accused someone of treating her, like a bunch of damn 6 YEAR OLDS!

I mean what? Is the union collapsing now? Are we to all just move on as our own independent states? Cause if we are I'm getting the hell outta Commiefornia for sure.

1 year,12 days

Boston Cops Go Undercover Online To Crack Down on Concerts

Nexion Hilarious would be... (229 comments)

Hilarious would be if the officers could somehow apply for the permit for the organizers upon hearing of the event, have a judge sign off on it and show up to the event to scold organizers on not getting the permit, charge the process fees for the permit they processed for them before wishing everyone present a safe and fun night as they leave.

It would take being that renegade non-conformist type up a notch

1 year,16 days

Could Twitter Have Stopped the Media's Rush To War In Iraq Ten Years Ago?

Nexion Re:Revisionist (456 comments)

Unpopular in America then where the administration would have actually had a snowball's chance in hell about caring what the people think.

Shit, in hindsight I feel like we don't only owe Iraq an apology, but the world as a whole for allowing our government to get out of control. Now we have the tedious process of getting these bastards back on their leashes. (._.)

It might take till 2020 to get our administrative employees back in line and to stop the killing, particularly with this lunatic administration. The next three years we wont accomplish shit. Then we'll fuck up whoever we vote for next followed by one where we get really careful about our decision.

1 year,26 days

Nuclear Arms Cuts, Supported By 56% of Americans, Would Make the World Safer

Nexion Re:No (615 comments)

How do you know how many they have? Not to be flippant or anything, but rather that they tend to be adept in the art of keeping state secrets. I can accept your assertion is possible, and can agree with most of what you said... eh, more like all of it really. I should clarify that when I say "ask other nations with smaller arsenals to start limiting wasteful spending" it is from a desire that they not bother making any more rather then to dismantle their current stock for some maintenance cost savings.

With the threat that the USG has become to its own people it will be an interesting century indeed. Their more recent campaign to increase their powers has caused more to notice the problem they present not only to us, but to the entire world. Droning on and on over a horrific shooting while murdering innocent civilians, many of them children, just becomes obvious to all but the most fanatical Obama cultists that there is something rotten in DC. I mean... I could have sworn we voted in a guy who was going to end all this endless war for us. Could someone please escort Dubbya out of the White House? I mean... I already feel we owe the world an apology for allowing shit to go this far.

I fear what might be done before we can put a stop to this. These are people who seem to think it is acceptable to fire guns through doors and randomly into the air,and it terrifies me they are commanding what might be the worlds most powerful military and are holding the keys to its most dangerously stocked armory. Often when I see the latest bit of news I'm left to wonder if they are on drugs, insane or both.

about a year ago

Nuclear Arms Cuts, Supported By 56% of Americans, Would Make the World Safer

Nexion No (615 comments)

However this should be US/Russia/China reduction of nukes, possibly expanding to ask other nations with smaller arsenals to start limiting wasteful spending, on what is essentially a pointless standoff weapon with very ugly costs to the human race on the whole for any accidental discharge.

about a year ago

Game Site Wonders 'What Next?' When 50% of Users Block Ads

Nexion Scripting and Flash is your problem. (978 comments)

Your analytic javascript and horrid flash is the problem. I don't run advertisement blocking software. I run NoScript, and the way you try to advertise to me is why you fail. Why not put an image up in that 200x80 that is linked to whatever site will make the desired product pitch and make sure that site doesn't require flash or javascript. Then use javascript to change the image advertisement with your horrid intrusive analytic scripting and/or lame flash. You still get to advertise to me it is just that your advertisement customer can't find some way to use your advertisement delivery channel as a great way to compromise my system's security.

I don't mind tasteful relevant advertisements, and no that does not mean you have to anal probe me and track me everywhere I go. Nor do you need to compile a database on the things I like. Open your eyes, where am I now? Slashdot... hmmm... this one is probably a geek! You can tell what a person is interested in by the content they are viewing during your advertising opportunity. Advertisements that try to block the screen or have some stupid "hit the monkey with a hammer to win the prize" bullshit are why you have this problem now. Congrats, you pissed off the user so much with your marketing department stupidity that you gave incentive for users to find a solution to rid them of it.

Now adapt, evolve and try not to be a dick this time, ok?

about a year ago

Human Rights Watch: Petition Against Robots On the Battle Field

Nexion Re:Drones are Piloted (275 comments)

On the other side of the coin, I find humor in the fact that supporting facts of such conspiracies, such as the FEMA facilities to... lets say "secure" a large number of people at many different locations throughout the US and the purchase of a number (about 1.6 billion rounds, just over 5 for each US citizen) of bullets by DHS that is far past the point of ridiculous, given how common circumstantial convictions seem to get a pass these days, that there is enough evidence to convince 12 of your average US citizens who actually end up on a jury of such a conspiracy. I honestly doubt some elaborate scheme by elite wealthy busy bodies who conspire to control the world by decimating the population. It is so much easier to believe in a group of elite wealthy busy bodies conspiring to make themselves wealthier utilizing the massive economy associated with everyone remaining alive and well. See... now THAT happens. News agencies conspire to push propaganda for this evil empire? Nah, more likely they simply push the political agenda of those who control them. GOP/Dem politicians working hand in hand towards a NWO? Nope... their work is all about getting elected, repayment of debts from the "people" (corporations) who funded their campaign to office and extending what power they have in office.

Sure all together is seems like some great evil master plan, but the simplest explanation makes more sense. FEMA concentration camps would be used for containing viral outbreaks. DHS stock piled ammo heavily to make sure in a crisis they didn't run out, they over purchased to give some room for overhead and whoever did that went waaaaaaaaay overboard. The hundred or so million body bags? Well, it was likely a pain to find someone to make a large order with so again a big buffer coupled with excessive estimates result in enough bags to deal with losing a third of the population in short order. Yes, an outbreak could cause that much death too, but we are past body bags at that point, aren't we?

Still... asking a president who seems to have been mulling over the possibility of disarming the people and likely came to the conclusion that it would be ugly, due to military and law enforcement misgivings about doing so, would love technology that would lack any opinion about enforcing the disarmament of the US public. You would likely get a much warmer reception asking congress to legislate complete congressional control over automated combat machines in effort to take the ability to deploy such systems off the table for the executive branch. See, and that works because they LOVE more power. If you want to see the GOP and Dems truly conspire toss something like that their way. Not that you will have to as the second it comes up for funding to build this massive robotic army is the same second pen goes to paper drafting how such a force will be controlled. I;m sure it will occur to them that it would be bad to place such a heartless army in the hands of one person.

about a year ago

Piriform Asks BleachBit To Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

Nexion My two cents as a bleechbit user. (305 comments)


First off, thank you for your efforts on this project. While I buy a healthy amount of commercial software (OS, video editor and games for the most part) I prefer to only run software from a trusted source. Yes this includes Microsoft and Steam, and while we all have colorful things we might say about them the fact is I pay them, they are huge and issues I do face with them are known to me. Everything else I simply prefer source access. Your project includes source so it is much easier to trust your software then an alternative that, judging by the look of the website, is likely to want to opt me in to Chrome or something else I would have installed already if interested. What really makes them seem a bit dodgy is that you know it is commercial yet the site offers no blockers to downloading. These guys wanna get their meat hooks into my workstation!

Well enough of the "your app is awesome and they blow" speech. One issue I see is that you automatically download it, from their forum, given their complaint. I suggest that you instead utilize the following link below as the winapp2.com domain does not appear to be theirs. I would first contact either Robert Ward or Shane Gowland to be polite. Perhaps even sharing a percentage of your donations with them to help pay hosting costs, Being community oriented they might just tell you to keep it and use their INI all the same. Abuse of community projects by for profit companies never sits well with those of a community mindset, but I think this was not Piriform's true intent. Typically a corporate bully sends the thugs (lawyers) in the opening round with a cease and desist letter, but their request could have been a bit more clear about their intentions.

You should contact them and make the required arrangements. Alter your code to use their site or if you are refused by them rewrite for manual download and import. Once you have released, if you had been using the piriform.com forum, write them a thank you for informing you of their desire to not use their server resources and let them know that your current release has halted such behavior from your application.



about a year ago

Iran Unveils Its Own Stealth Fighter Jet, the Qaher F-313

Nexion I'll believe it when Iranian aricraft fly!!!! (260 comments)

Kinda odd that they don't manufacture aircraft until now and then suddenly construct an aircraft that put's China's to shame. Somehow I doubt they built something so advanced and compact when obviously there is only one country in the world who could make something like that... Japan, and last I heard they were still out of the fighter aircraft construction game. ;)

about a year ago

As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

Nexion Re:To hell with that, WE demand more!!! (665 comments)

"So making music isn't working? Let me guess, you think it's limos everywhere, all the liquor & drugs you can consume, private jets from city to city, and a nonstop parade of 18 year old supermodels through your bedroom?"

You obviously didn't read my post... why am I reading yours?

Programming isn't bitches and switches either, but I don't collect massive royalties off everything I create. There are usage models I can contract (like 10% earnings after cost produced on software I wrote, but again this wont pay the bills. Software also needs to be maintained. Are musicians going to start sending me music updates?

"So the jobs are very similar! How much does an average programmer make, versus an average working musician, again? And would you take a programming job offering the same wage as a working musician, without grumbling about how little you got paid?"

I had some friends who had a band they each got around 150-200 for four hours work... in a bar... drinking free drinks. Yes... yes I would.

"As opposed to the average programmer, who doesn't sit on his ass all day and plunk away on a keyboard, while demanding a ransom for his work because he knows Visual Basic? I don't think Ms. Keating suggested she wanted a "ransom" for what she put out - she's saying "this style of music distribution sucks for musicians," and she's right - it does."

Actually I average in excess of 50 hours a week. I often have to work at odd hours... travel... hoist 50lb+ servers into racks... blah blah blah... you don't know much about the demands of a career in technology do you? It's not music distribution, it is advertising at best.

"Your employer calls you in and says, "you know, we're moving to a streaming model. You're going to get half a cent every time somebody uses your software, instead of a salary. And since nobody loses anything by copying it, we're going to also take the software you produced, and share it online so that customers can download it for free. Unfortunately, we can't track that usage, so you won't get paid at all for those - but it's not like you lost a sale, if the software wasn't free, they probably wouldn't have bought it anyway! But cheer up, you should be excited just to simply have the skill to be a creative computer professional with the skills to do this - the effort is its own reward!"

Yes, but is it web user base? LOL, so .005 dollars everytime clicks a link to a new page?!?!? Sign me up!!! Do I get the same for each library too!?!?!?

Oh, and do I get to also like actually do coding at some other place of business whilst I rake in the money from your project too!

Yeah... your post wasn't worth reading after all. Please... try again.

about a year ago



CSID Conducts Study of Consumer Password Habits

Nexion Nexion writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Nexion (1064) writes "CSID, the global leader in identity protection and fraud detection technologies and solutions, yesterday unveiled the initial results from the company’s survey of consumer password habits. In a world where security breaches make the headlines seemingly every day, CSID found that consumers are still careless about password creation, management and security, yet still believe they are safe, an alarming disconnect that can leave many consumers and businesses open to a data or security breach.

The CSID password survey uncovered that two-thirds (61 percent) of consumers reuse the same password for multiple sites. When a consumer reuses a password and login combination across multiple sites and one site is hacked, it leaves the other sites and the businesses behind them vulnerable to breach as well."

Link to Original Source

CSID Conducts Study of Consumer Password Habits

Nexion Nexion writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Nexion (1064) writes "CSID, the global leader in identity protection and fraud detection technologies and solutions, yesterday unveiled the initial results from the companyâ(TM)s survey of consumer password habits. In a world where security breaches make the headlines seemingly every day, CSID found that consumers are still careless about password creation, management and security, yet still believe they are safe, an alarming disconnect that can leave many consumers and businesses open to a data or security breach."
Link to Original Source


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