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DC Reboots Universe

NexusTw1n Re:Old fans (292 comments)

Except you can't reboot a universe like Doctor Who, because they did not reboot the universe...... (Technically they did reboot the universe in a recent-ish story in the new Doctor Who series, but that was a plot device.)

Make your mind up, did they or didn't they reboot the universe?

Here's your helping hint : It wasn't a plot device, but a deliberate decision by Moffat. who respected RTD's work bringing Who back, didn't want to be tied down by Russell's vision.

RTD rebooted Who by using the nebulous off camera "time war", while Moffat DID quite literally reboot the entire universe, flicking a giant reset switch that allows him to ignore anything RTD did he doesn't like.

This is how good writers make a mythology their own. They reboot in such a way as to please the ubernerds that require canon while taking the characters off in directions unemcumbered by half century of cruft.

more than 2 years ago

Personal Info of 3.5 Million Texans Was Publicly Accessible

NexusTw1n Re:So? (146 comments)

It won't be unique to each bank though. They will simply require you to provide the ID# assigned to you by Experian.

This ID# will effectively become the new SSN, and the problems will continue.

Until you make data security a legal requirement punishable by prison, you are going to see leak after leak. Making the leak of personal data a criminal offence is the only way to make it cost effective to have decent security procedures in place.

more than 3 years ago

I back up personal files...

NexusTw1n Re:Speaking of backups.... (266 comments)

I use http://www.livedrive.com/ . Unlimited backup storage for 3 PCs. You can browse the folders and open the files backed via the web or iphone. So even without using their "briefcase" service, you can have every file and folder from your main PC available to you whereever you are.

You can even build a streaming playlist for the iphone or laptop based on the music or movies you've backed up.

more than 3 years ago

UK Video Game Tax Relief Cancelled

NexusTw1n 50 grand tax break (106 comments)

Bad news for the video games industry but it's not a total disaster. They get to benefit from a drop in corporation tax, and if they are smart, they'll take advantage of the 50K tax break for setting up a business outside of the SE hot zone.

All anyone such as Rockstar needs to do is open a new software house in Bradford, adjacent to and working with Rockstar Leeds for example and they get a reasonable tax break.

So while they've been kicked in the teeth, there are still some workable benefits to be had from the new budget.

more than 4 years ago

The US's Reverse Brain Drain

NexusTw1n Re:Employment policies - US vs. Europe (757 comments)

If you've written a job description / contract that allows mediocre performance, then no, the employee cannot be fired. But that's the company's fault for writing a mediocre job description, that then needs to be honoured as all contracts should. You could write in a performance requirement, for example a sales target or a minimum allowable score in a 360 review, then you could fire them for an average performance. But again, this comes down to planning the job properly before you hire, because you can be sued for setting targets that are not achievable.

Contractors are more expensive than employees, and certainly in the UK at least, become classed as employees if you hire them for a year, and no you aren't allowed to keep hiring and firing the same people every 364 days. The other advantage to hiring employees is that they can't skip out on you, most people above burger flippers are required to give one month's notice before resigning, and senior staff can see that rise to 3 to 6 months.


more than 5 years ago

Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con

NexusTw1n Re:rights unknown? (125 comments)

Gutenburg wants to be able to scan orphaned works too. They have been campaigning legally for years. Gutenburg isn't a billion dollar advertising agency so can't afford the lawsuit that google pulled off. But now they are watching in horror as Google gets an exclusive deal meaning non profits such as Gutenburg and other libraries and archives are locked out. The law will never change now because congress will argue the problem is solved - Google is running it.

more than 5 years ago

Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con

NexusTw1n Re:What about future authors? (125 comments)

Imagine if instead of just indexing, Google stopped linking to the real website and just presented its cache. You'd never have access to the real site, just Google's copy of it. Imagine how happy webmasters would be then.

They aren't just indexing books, they are allowing them to be read online with Google adverts raking in the money. They have the exclusive right to do this, a monopoly gatekeeper. Books they don't approve of can simply vanish, books they do approve of, get an artificially high page rank, popular books get pay per view.

This sort of power over books should not be in the hands of any single company.

more than 5 years ago

Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con

NexusTw1n Re:The non-competitive product argument is total B (125 comments)

Once Google has an established monopoly there is nothing stopping them charging for access. They become the gate keepers to millions of books. Meanwhile their rivals a non profit making Project Gutenburg will be out of business because they used to scan orphaned works, and this deal prevents them from continuing.

This is not about laziness, Google just did this without bothering with permission, and then sent lawyers only billionares can afford in to steam roller an insane settlement, that no one else will ever be able to pull off.

Monopolies stop innovation and stop competition and in this case treat the talent like crap. It's a bad thing.

more than 5 years ago

Opting Out of the Google Books Settlement, Pro & Con

NexusTw1n Re:rights unknown? (125 comments)

The writer retains the rights. Google came to an agreement with a guild that does not represent most writers to hand over EXCLUSIVE online rights to themselves even if the author didn't agree to it.

If the author doesn't like the deal, he needs to find out about it, and he may be living in isolation in a jungle somewhere, and then he needs to opt out by a deadline.

This completely screws other places offering free online books such as Gutenburg, because Google now owns the rights to pretty much all literature online. It's an EXCLUSIVE deal that means only google has the right to scan orphaned works. The only way anyone else can do it, is to scan the books anyway, and hope to win a billion dollar lawsuit from both Google and the Authors Guild.

To "help" authors make up their minds Google offered a bribe. Sign up before the deadline and get a share in the advertising revenue made from the orhpaned works, sign up aferwards and you don't get that benefit. Change your mind after a year or so, and it's too late. The data will be in the database permanently.

Google is trying to be a monopoly, and not a single piece of their behaviour appears to be concerned with authors, libraries and archivists. It's a disgrace and I look forward to them explaining the land grab of European author's rights to the EU.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Awarded Patent For iPhone Interface

NexusTw1n Re:Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (449 comments)

I'm not convinced they did invent multi-touch first. I use a laptop powered by an N-Trig touch screen, which uses dual mode (pen, finger) ignores accidental touches (your palm) and implements gestures (two finger gestures allow you to scroll, zoom , one finger gestures move you back and forward etc).

This tech has been around on tablets for years.

about 6 years ago

Used Game Market Affecting Price, Quality of New Titles

NexusTw1n Re:Uhuh... (384 comments)

Games with replay value don't get sold, gamers want to keep them to play again later. With no second hand copies available, people will have to buy new.

Games that are good enough get relaunched at half price as Platinum Games, which will see another boost in revenue as 20 quid is a price point where most gamers are prepared to buy new.

Games that have a long completion time - eg 30+ hours, or excellent online gameplay, result in gamers keeping them for quite some time before being sold back to game stores, which keeps that initial sales stream lasting longer than normal.

Games that have a short single player experience, or turn out to be not as good as the paid for review claimed, get sold back to the store as quickly as possible, and the publisher's revenue stream dies.

Gamers sell games to buy more games, they know you always get a better store credit price than cash price.

Gamers who buy second hand games, can't afford to drop 50-60 notes on the latest games. If these poorer gamers weren't keeping the second hand market strong, the price the richer gamers would be getting when they sell their games, would drop. This would mean they'd have less money to buy new titles.

50 - 60 notes is a lot of money to most people, even those that can afford it, can only justify it, because the game retains value and some of the cost can be reclaimed by selling it.

The market is working correctly, and any attempt to try and grab more market share by the publishers will back fire.

more than 6 years ago



250GB drive coming to the Xbox?

NexusTw1n NexusTw1n writes  |  more than 5 years ago

NexusTw1n (580394) writes "Microsoft and Activision have revealed a new Xbox 360 console which ships with a 250GB hard-drive and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 branding. The unit will ship for $399. While game branding of consoles isn't new, what is interesting is the drive size. Are MS finally going to sell a decent drive for those of us stuck on 20GB? If so, what price will it be?"
Link to Original Source

NexusTw1n NexusTw1n writes  |  about 8 years ago

NexusTw1n (580394) writes "On Monday, Sony claimed their revolutionary SixAxis controller had been honoured with an Emmy , leaving many wondering why the Wiimote had been ignored.

Today, that press release has been clarified , with a statement making it clear the award was actually for the PS2 Dual Shock controller, rather than the new PS3 model.

"I would like to confirm that Sony did not win for their PS3 controller, they won for their Dual Shock Analog controller," the NATAS representative concluded. Somewhat at odds, then, with Monday's press release: "Sony Computer Entertainment America Wins Emmy Award for PLAYSTATION 3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller," where SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton attributed his company's fictional success to "overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim".



Unbelievable double standards

NexusTw1n NexusTw1n writes  |  more than 12 years ago Depressing reading /. this morning. A large number of posters complaing that SW airlines are being forced to comply with ADA standards and make their site accessible to the blind.

Blind user sues SW

The unpleasant trolls (depressingly getting modded up as insightful) cry. "Why should they be forced to let blind people use their site ? "

A few points spring to mind.

You only have to make the site W3C compliant, to achieve this.
This then means the site works in non IE browsers, and on PDAs and text browsers like Lynx. Which I thought was supposed to be a good thing.
Technology is about making life better for everyone, not just a few selfish geeks. I couldn't believe comments about blind people shouldn't use the web, presumably made by teenage boys who don't remember when the web was primarily a text only information source.
What we have is a sizable majority of the /. crowd, arguing for discrimination, arguing for non standard web designs, arguing for poor coding, arguing for information and services to be available for the priviledged few.

ADA does not sue for money, if they win, the company involved has to simply comply with federal law. No disabled person sues using ADA for financial gain, they sue for the right to be able to go about their lives as normally as possible.

All the guy is asking for is the webdesigners to fill in all the blank ALT tags, which if they were any good at their job would be filled in anyway. This comment from Golias sums it up perfectly.

"If your site can't be read by these text-to-voice tools the blind use, it should be pointed out that you are a shitty webmaster."

Oh, and as for the braille on ATM jokes, I guess some /.ers are stupid and slow and need to look at the screen when getting cash out. Me, and the majority of blind users have the screen sequence memorised, and simply need to find the keys in the dark - 3am post clubbing blind drunk, those braille keys come in very handy!

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