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Is Apple Doing All It Can to Beat Vista?

Nice2Cats Mandatory comparison with Porsche (773 comments)

This has been said many times before, but obviously not often enough: Market share is only one way to play the game. Other goals are things like "profit" and "shareholder value."

There is a little German car maker you might have heard of named Prosche. They make sehr viel money. Their stock is doing sehr gut. They don't really care about market share. Now, nobody bothers them about this or writes little essays about how Porsche will never catch up with Toyota or GM, because everybody understands they are playing for profit, not market share. For some reason, many people don't understand this with Apple. They keep talking about market share.

Apple has no debt. They are making lots of money -- okay, so is Microsoft. Their stock is up, what, 70 per cent this year -- Microsoft's has been dead in the water for years. Apple has two different product lines that are doing fine: Computers and iPods. They are working on a third, the iPhone. Microsoft has two products of the same type, Windows and Office, that make money. Everything else they have touched, like the Zune and the Xbox, has been a financial disaster.

Let Microsoft keep its market share. Apple is making money and making its shareholders happy. Like Porsche.

more than 7 years ago



Acer Boss rants against Windows Vista

Nice2Cats Nice2Cats writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Nice2Cats (557310) writes "Acer-Co-Boss Gianfranco Lanci is disappointed and angry about Windows Vista and is letting everybody know it. In fact, he claims the whole PC industry is disappointed. The head of the fourth largest PC maker is unhappy about the stability of the operating system and notes that Acer's business customers are asking for XP instead. The original interview is in German, and his quotes are spreading through the German media."


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