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Bush vs. Kerry on Science

Nichen Re:Religeon (1618 comments)

Any president who reads the bible for help making presidential decisions cannot be pro-science,

That's an incredibly closeminded opinion, even with the "president" distinction. I read the Bible as part of my faith, yet am still interested in science enough to have degrees in mechanical and petroleum engineering, and following a career using that knowledge. Look to morality if you want to blame religion for any hindering of science; cloning people falls into this category, whereas topics such as the Kyoto Treaty and greenhouse gas control are grounded in economic-political ideology, with adequate science backing both sides of the debate.

At any rate, all these answers look pretty canned. There's some differences in mostly environmental and nuclear arms issues, but both candidates are saying the same rhetoric. Besides, both candidates profess to be of the same religion, so I guess their opinions on science don't matter anyways.

more than 10 years ago


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