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Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic

NickBurns329 Re: Linus Torvalds is a turd burglar (527 comments)

>>Windows machine that does its job perfectly well ... Wow, I didn't know Gramma used the word TurdBurglar ... , but, it must be Gramma on /. , since no one can make the above statement, and not be ..ah .. say +75f#$@! years old! What an azz

more than 5 years ago

HP To Cut Back On Telecommuting

NickBurns329 Re:mad force.... (238 comments)

Hmm .. I could not disagree more. I think, like the abuse of email with spam, telecommuting has been abused to the point where the Corporation (pick one) now realizes that people *do* work better face to face and yes, under some pressure to perform work. Now, I'm sure a substantial percentage of telecommuters work better, more hours, etc., than their face-time counterparts, but probably enough have abused this privilge to spoil it for those that can work effectively at home. Plus, I see this as a trend to where, the Corporation will evaluate you in the office setting first, before allowing you the luxury of a 5 second commute.

more than 8 years ago


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