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Supreme Court Skeptical of Computer-Based Patents

Nickodeimus you have things backwards (192 comments)

"I doubt you've looked past your own selfishness and actually seen the big picture,"

but you also said: "Really? How many times are you going to spend years of your life creating something awesome ... only to have someone else like Facebook or Zynga copy it, market it, and put you out of business?"

Now, who is selfish? The person who wants information to be free or the person who wants to be the sole profiteer?

about 6 months ago

Cisco Plans $1B Investment In Cloud

Nickodeimus this new interface... (61 comments)

great truncation of my topic

Supposed to read:

"Why do people bitch about the NSA and still put their data in "the cloud""

about 6 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

Nickodeimus The one with Karl Urban? (914 comments)

That one, while pretty graphic, was actually pretty good. I don't know how well it meshes with the comics, but standing on its own it was pretty enjoyable. I'd like to see some sequels.

about 6 months ago

Supreme Court Ruling Relaxes Warrant Requirements For Home Searches

Nickodeimus By the same token (500 comments)

Using your logic, the person allowing the search is also incriminating themselves.

about 7 months ago

Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

Nickodeimus Propaganda bullshit (268 comments)

Hydraulic fracturing has been a method of drilling for oil for over 60 years. The only differences are that now they can turn the drill head from a vertical bore to a horizontal bore and the depth of the wells are much greater, too.

That said, the water they use for this process is not water only - it has chemicals in it that assist with the fracturing process. Its non-potable water and therefore must be cleansed before its returned to the land. Because of the cost of the chemicals, they reuse the same water over and over for more than one well.

This article \ series of articles is just propaganda put out by or influenced by saudi oil princes who are smart enough to co-opt environmentalists and conservationists to do their dirty work. Think about it. Who does the petroleum glut in the US harm the most? Oil producing nations, of course. And of course these oil producing nations want to stop that and get back to their profits any way that they can.

about 7 months ago

US Democrats Introduce Bill To Restore Net Neutrality

Nickodeimus Re:It's incredibly frustrating... (535 comments)

I think the point, possibly to subtle for you to understand, is that the republicans and the democrats are basically the same in that they just want more power, more control, more money. They don't do anything for the benefit of their constituency unless they're empowered by doing so.

about 7 months ago

Former Director of the ISS Division At NASA Talks About Science Behind 'Elysium'

Nickodeimus Re:who pays for maintenance? (366 comments)

They do the same as they are doing right now - they just print it. Who cares whether it really has value. its $100 because they say it is.

about a year ago

ASCAP Petitions FCC To Deny Pandora's Purchase of Radio Station

Nickodeimus Re:Intentions (229 comments)

I am speaking from ignorance here, so keep that in mind...

Couldn't you sue them for something like racketeering? I've heard this way too many times from local artists for it not to be true on at least some level.

about a year ago

After LinkedIn Clues, FOIA Nets New Details On NSA's ANCHORY Program

Nickodeimus Re:Calling the surpreme court... (75 comments)

Actually, these days the government decides who is a journalist and who is not.

about a year ago

Container Ship Breaks In Two, Sinks

Nickodeimus Re:Declared underweight? (361 comments)

And yet the comment is still entirely accurate.

No properly run business fails to pass the costs of doing business on to its customers. Not doing so would eventually cause the business to fail.

This is the reason many people are against corporate taxes. The thinking is if the business has to pay a tax then the cost of that tax is ultimately added to the prices that the business's customers have to pay for the product or service. Again, if the business fails to build this into the prices they charge then it will ultimately lead to the failure of the business.

about a year ago

Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until After Congressional Elections

Nickodeimus Re:pay the fine (600 comments)

The problem you are going to run into there is that the employer isn't going to just give you that money. They'll take the hit on the tax penalty and keep the rest for the CEO.

about a year ago

Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until After Congressional Elections

Nickodeimus Re:pay the fine (600 comments)

That's because, as any intelligent person knows at this point, the republicans and democrats are two faces of the same coin.

No one has approached or even mentioned the real reason for healthcare cost increases over the last 30 years. There is a little law that goes by the acronym EMTALA. Go read about it and apply a little economics to the equation.

Simply stated, our masters have no desire to reduce the cost of healthcare because there is too much money to be made from a completely captive audience. Whether you take the capitalist point of view or the socialist point of view, the end result is the same - we the people get screwed out of our earnings and don't have a choice in the matter. The status quo is maintained.

about a year ago

State Photo-ID Databases Mined By Police

Nickodeimus Re:state dmv records mined by police (205 comments)

The problem is not that it doesn't make things better. The problem is where, how, and when it will be abused. (It's 100% certain that there will be no if, because we all know that the government already gathers as many reins of power to itself as it can grasp.)

This is the concept that most people don't recognize. Most people say\think that its all good to protect the children or catch the terrorists. But what happens if you are in that database and some government entity unlawfully decides that your class of people, whatever it may be, needs to be disenfranchised, persecuted, or even killed off?

People will almost always say that those things can never happen here in the US. It happens in other places in the world but never here. The reason it doesn't happen here, for the most part, is because we have been, and must be, ever vigilant for these kinds of abuses and crush them when they start down that proverbial slippery slope.

Don't open the door to the possibility of it happening and it never will. By allowing this type of scenario to occur we are definitely opening the door.

about a year ago

Officials Say NSA Probed Fewer Than 300 Numbers - Broke Plots In 20 Nations

Nickodeimus Proof or STFU (419 comments)

Plain and simple. If this were at all true then each of these 20 incidences would have been widely touted in the media. They never would have had to give the source of their intelligence or at worst they could have \ would have said that inside information that was actionable was provided to their security forces.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Bypass Gov't Spying On Cellphones?

Nickodeimus Re:Not a god damned thing (364 comments)

Wish i had points to mod you up. Pretty much dead on on every item. No encryption that is available at this point is unbreakable for the kind of resources the NSA can leverage. Every other item people are listing here use various encryption means and methods that frequently revolve around AES256... which can be broken with brute force.

about a year ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

Nickodeimus Re: That doesn't fix anything (581 comments)

Tell that to Adobe when your application resides in their cloud and you only have credentials to log into it, nothing to download, and its tied to your IP address. Try selling that.

about a year ago

The NSA: Never Not Watching

Nickodeimus Re:Constitution (568 comments)

Wasn't there something about indefinite detention in some bill or other they recently passed? I forget. Thought i heard something about that.

about a year ago

Labor Dept. Wanted $1M For E-mail Addresses of Political Appointees

Nickodeimus Re:Make them eat Spam! (154 comments)

My takeaway was that they were using non-government email addresses. Not that they were using secret government addresses.

There is no logical reason for using a non-government address. There is also no good reason for using a secret address when it's very easy to setup both spam filtering devices and transport rules \ mail flow settings on the email server that allow \ disallow certain domains. The ONLY reason for this is attempting to do an end-run around their email regulations and laws so that they won't get busted for whatever they are doing.

about a year ago

Schools Scanned Students' Irises Without Permission

Nickodeimus Re:scanning students for bus? (342 comments)

...and it takes one law or event like 9/11 to change that. This is the problem with almost all government overreach. It starts out as a benign "think of the children" scenario and turns into something that is monstrous because some law perverts what was originally intended.

about a year ago



The Rise of Socialism in the US

Nickodeimus Nickodeimus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Nickodeimus (1263214) writes "President Barack Obama wants Congress to consider taxing the wealthy instead of workers to pay for a health-care overhaul, as House Democrats discuss a plan to require health insurance for most Americans. Taken with the nationalization of certain manufacturing companies does this indicate the rise of socialism in the US?"
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