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Cable Companies: We're Afraid Netflix Will Demand Payment From ISPs

NitWit005 What? (200 comments)

What part of that suggests they're afraid Netflix will threaten them?

about 2 months ago

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

NitWit005 Re:Iron Dome is clearly a conspiracy! (454 comments)

The problem is, history would suggest that you might be wrong, despite your firsthand experience. During the Gulf War, people were extremely confident that the American patriot missiles were shooting down Iraqi missiles, and they pointed to the clear rocket flying into the sky followed by a nice pop. It turned out that was often the operators detonating them after a miss to be safe. It's still not clear how many were shot down, but it's definitely not what was perceived (or claimed) at the time.

about 2 months ago

Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

NitWit005 Re:Sexism (435 comments)

Ugh... except that Google said nothing of the sort. They plainly stated they want to hire more woman and see it as an issue.

about 3 months ago

Computer Game Reveals 'Space-Time' Neurons In the Eye

NitWit005 Re:Is this all that surprising? (105 comments)

Even just reading from that quote, the information did actually reach the brain first. It just didn't reach what the authors define as the "higher brain centers". You're not contradiction him. I'm not sure how the electromagnetic field strength of the heart was supposed to be relevant either.

about 4 months ago

Our Education System Is Failing IT

NitWit005 Cost and opportunities (306 comments)

He asks the question: "So why do we tolerate IT pros who don't understand the basics of how a computer or network works?".

If someone is skilled at IT, deeply understands computers and networking, and has critical thinking skills, they can get a better job. There are few people like that anywhere. Why would they be sitting around in IT? They should be designing a router.

And frankly speaking, they don't need to know the deep depths of how everything works. It would be silly for a hospital to demand that every staff member have the highest level of education. It's a waste of resources. The vast majority of work can be done by less skilled people. Just like in a hospital, if a diagnosis seems difficult, you can bring in the expert. You don't need a building full of experts. Sure, it would be nice, but the waste would be staggering.

about 5 months ago

Leaked Letter Shows UK ISPs and Government At War Over Default Filters

NitWit005 Not exactly great politics (142 comments)

You need someone's cooperation, so you send a letter demanding they do a bunch of things you know they object to on short notice and then demand money at the same time? Good luck with that.

about a year ago

Math and Science Popular With Students Until They Realize They're Hard

NitWit005 No, the liberal arts are too easy (580 comments)

Every major field that's taught in university has vastly more information than can be taught to students. The STEM fields are hardly unique that way.

What's odd is that the science and technology majors make an effort to push students as hard as possible, and the other majors choose not to. Look back on the standards at schools 100 years ago and you'll often see that the liberal arts curium seems way more difficult and thorough than it is today.

about a year ago

Student Project Could Kill Digital Ad Targeting

NitWit005 Assuming they use cookies (177 comments)

A lot of ad platforms already have a non-cookie mechanism working. Storing hashes of user agent and IP address is common. You have to go through a proxy or otherwise change IP address for that not to work. It's easy to find services advertising this as a feature: The truth is that cookies aren't that great for tracking. People want to know your activity across browsers and devices. That requires using additional information like phone unique identifier (sent by apps), website logins, billing address fields, coupon usage, and so on. That information can be tied together to track you. You're not going to be able to prevent that kind of tracking by messing with cookies.

about a year ago

Can Ride-Sharing Startup Lyft Survive the SoCal Heat?

NitWit005 Re:Wait, what? (133 comments)

If a friend and I alternate driving each other, we've still made a financial transaction and are competing with taxis. It's just a barter based transaction.

about a year ago

Can Ride-Sharing Startup Lyft Survive the SoCal Heat?

NitWit005 Re:Lyft's rating system is bonkers (133 comments)

You're falsely assuming they want average. They probably want excellent service only. If you want to ensure people only get excellent service, you're going to have to have a harsh cutoff built into the system somewhere.

about a year ago

Bruce Schneier: Why Collecting More Data Doesn't Increase Safety

NitWit005 More basic issues (149 comments)

I suppose this is a problem, but we have to be realistic here. The FBI has failed repeatedly to complete large software projects. They have trouble handling even clear-cut data.

about a year ago

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Still a Long Way Down the Road

NitWit005 Re:Computers can't bluff (352 comments)

Google's cars already have some social interactions like this built in. If it's at a 4 way intersection with stop signs and people aren't obeying the rules to let it through, it will eventually assert itself just like a human driver would. Any defensive behavior a human does is programmable. They're all fairly simple when you get right down to it.

about a year and a half ago

Electrical Engineer Unemployment Soars; Software Developers' Rate Drops to 2.2%

NitWit005 Reads like a press release (419 comments)

This reads like a press release from IEEE-USA. It doesn't sound like they have any clue why the employment numbers have changed, but they want to complain about visas.

about a year and a half ago

The Hypocrisy In Silicon Valley's Big Talk On Innovation

NitWit005 Perception Issue (208 comments)

There is definitely less risk taking, but there is a big issue of perception. Things just don't seem mind blowing after a while, even if there is tons of work left to be done in that area. You see this again and again: cars got boring, planes got boring, nuclear energy got boring, space flight got boring. Everything gets boring eventually. Most computing related areas have lost their cultural edge. It's hard to pitch things as being innovative, even if they really are, and have people buy the idea.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Knows If You're Gay, Use Drugs, Or Are a Republican

NitWit005 I'd question "unwittingly" (473 comments)

I'm going to go ahead and suggest that most people know the message they are sending when they like a page like "Republican National Comittie" or "GAY SEX CLIPs". The whole point of liking it is to 'tell the world'. In fact, if my wall is any indication, that's the ONLY reason people like things. Okay, that and websites that trick them into it.

about a year and a half ago

US CompSci Enrollment Leaps For 5th Straight Year

NitWit005 Mostly matching other degrees. (176 comments)

If you examine Figure 1 in the report, there was a downward slide from 2001-2007 and an increase from 2007-now. That mostly matches what is seen for all majors in Figure 2. The real story here seems to be the overall education trend, not CS specifically.

about a year and a half ago

Canadian Newspaper Charging $150 License Fee To Publish Excerpts

NitWit005 Re:They're certainly free to do this... (217 comments)

That assumes you hit the web page with a browser. I'm sure a lot of robots have examined the page. Some of them probably even made cached copies of the content.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Should We Have the Option of Treating Google Like a Utility?

NitWit005 You'll probably be horrified at the cost (238 comments)

People underestimate how much is spent advertising to them. At one point the New York Times had an article on Facebook that noted you were only worth $5 a year to Facebook, when the NYTimes was getting $1000 annually per subscriber with their "declining" print business.

Would you pay $1000 annually for the New York Times? Probably not. Newspapers used to be very expensive and people rarely bought them. The model of putting ads in them caused a huge surge in sales. The ads were annoying as hell, they didn't cost you anything personally.

There are paid competitors to many Google products. People chose to use free versions with ads instead.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Should We Have the Option of Treating Google Like a Utility?

NitWit005 Re:Stop worrying about Google. (238 comments)

The behavior tracking services that I've seen also anonymize it . They generally require that you use some gibberish ID for the person, or do some sort of ID sync where you tell them what IDs you want to use for each person.

Where you often see a mapping to individual humans is with opt-in databases. Think of the act of signing up for an Amazon account, Safeway card or something similar. You've told them your name and where you live and they know exactly what you've purchased.

about a year and a half ago

Laser Intended For Mars Used To Detect "Honey Laundering"

NitWit005 Re:As long as it doesn't contain horse meat .. (387 comments)

You probably get bugs in your food pretty much regardless of what you eat. It's hard to avoid considering how small some bugs are, and the obvious tendency for them to be attracted to food, or other bugs.

about a year and a half ago


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