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How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

Niterios Never assembled (391 comments)

I have never assembled a computer, you insensitive clod!

about 1 month ago

Groove Basin: Quest For the Ultimate Music Player

Niterios Re:Clementine (87 comments)

This is my audio player of choice. Lyrics on the player Window. No problems setting up any hotkeys. Reasonably configurable interface. Doesn't look like it was made in 1998. Reasonable song information management. All those online music platforms which I do not use. By far the most well rounded player in Linux.

about 5 months ago

State Colleges May Offer Best ROI On Comp Sci Degrees

Niterios Misleading (127 comments)

This article misses the fact that elite colleges are also typically the most generous when it comes to financial aid. I am studying CS at Yale. Yale's tuition + room and board cost is nowhere near affordable by my family. Nevertheless, I got a Yale scholarship that covers everything I cannot pay, and I will not be indebted when I graduate. My tuition is probably lower than a state college's (although they might provide some aid for cases like mine, but not me since I'm an international). And I am by no means a special case, 50% of the student body is on financial aid. The perception that elite colleges are out to strip you of your money and put you on a life-long debt is false. They are willing to throw money at you if you get admitted. Also, it is rare that anybody graduates from the CS department without any job offers. I admit that what I learn is probably not drastically different than what people learn at a state college. Still, it is much harder to make it above the curve here than it will be at a state college, and much more effort/focus will be needed to stay afloat. There is certainly a discrepancy in difficulty, and employers will probably appreciate that.

about 6 months ago

Should Newsweek Have Outed Satoshi Nakamoto's Personal Details?

Niterios Open Source (276 comments)

Isn't this taking the open source thing too literally?

about 6 months ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

Niterios The year of the Linux Tablet (487 comments)

It is finally here! Now we just need it to be an open platform.

about 7 months ago

Is Google Making the Digital Divide Worse?

Niterios Re:Journalists love calling out google for everyth (259 comments)

You are right, I missed that point and your analogy is better. Nevertheless, I also think that it is unlikely that the educational content of the internet will devolve into a bandwidth hungry activity (anyone have insights on this?), which is the cited example. After all, the elite of the United States is still educated in classrooms, and the most data that can come out of that is a video stream. See, for example,, which provides video of lectures (and even transcripts), problem sets, tests and other materials. I think that a bandwidth divide just promotes a luxury divide (something acceptable in capitalism) and does not make the divide larger by affecting other divides, such as education.

about 7 months ago

Is Google Making the Digital Divide Worse?

Niterios Journalists love calling out google for everything (259 comments)

So, a faster speed is bad because some won't have access to it? How is not implementing a faster speed option going to help them? This is the exact same problem with, for example, real estate: Since some people can pay for better houses, should we prohibit such houses because it gives them an unfair advantage? It seems that the author does not realize that the problem is of much greater dimensions than: "Google is discriminating people by income." Capitalism is discriminating people by income, and if that is his complaint, then his article sucks at conveying it.

about 7 months ago

Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice

Niterios University (290 comments)

My university refuses to cancel classes. They are sore because they had to cancel classes due to snow for the first time in twenty years last year. Sent from my astrophysics class.

about 7 months ago

China's Government Unveils 'China Operating System' To Great Skepticism

Niterios US Operating System (223 comments)

Quick! Someone in the US pirate this and give them a taste of their own medicine!

about 8 months ago

The First Prescription-Only App

Niterios There's an app for that (84 comments)

Now we just need an app that will prescribe this app.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read?

Niterios My Two Cents (796 comments)

I try to add new ones that have probably not been mentioned: The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago (Portuguese Literature Nobel Laureate). Brings a brilliant insight of the events surrounding the establishment of Christianity by Jesus. It is not precisely something I would recommend to absolutely everyone, but certainly everyone that is/was christian. One Hundred Years of Solitude by García Márquez or any of his novels or collections of short stories. I do not think any of García Márquez's books have taught me extremely deep life lessons, but I still think everyone should read some of his books just to experience his amazing storytelling. Additionally, I think his books can be useful to more deeply understand Latin American culture, so García Márquez is a must read for anyone interested in Latin America. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote's ridiculous lifestyle makes this novel a really fun read. Nevertheless, I think its deepest value comes from the theme of fiction versus reality that the novel discusses. I think that all the content that has been created using this theme makes Don Quixote a valuable read.

about 9 months ago

Nelson Mandela Dead At 95

Niterios RIP Bill Cosby (311 comments)

Just wait for all the Bill Cosby pictures with the caption "RIP Nelson Mandela".

about 9 months ago

Scientists Invent Urine-Powered Robots

Niterios Man Vs. Wild (123 comments)

EcoBot? I thought the name was Bear Grylls.

about 10 months ago

First Arab Supercar Costs $3.4 Million, Has Diamond-Encrusted Headlights

Niterios Re:Yes, but... (241 comments)

Who cares? The real question is: Does it run crysis?

about 10 months ago

The Feathered Threat To US Air Superiority

Niterios The birds (195 comments)

Hitchcock tried to warn us. Now we will pay the consequences for ignoring him.

about 10 months ago

Artificial Blood Made In Romania

Niterios Re: Makes sense (232 comments)

The vegan vampire community is growing. I heard they are working on vegan sunscreen too.

about a year ago

NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President

Niterios As a Mexican... (242 comments)

I can say nobody is surprised this happened. President Calderón would have been silly not to assume something like this.

about 10 months ago

Tom Clancy Is Dead At 66

Niterios Now who is going to... (236 comments)

Write the story for Ghost Recon 17: Invade Cuba Again?

about a year ago


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