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Google Is Backing a New $300 Million High-Speed Internet Trans-Pacific Cable

Nkwe Re:Only 6 pairs? (135 comments)

For each fiber, you need an amplifier every 50 (?) km. You may run into a weight limit where the amplifier pack becomes too heavy to be suspended by the cable during cable laying.

And those amplifiers require power, which is hard to transmit over a cable at those distances. (Well maybe not "hard", but the length imposes practical limits.)

about two weeks ago

Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

Nkwe Re:Uncertainty/fear? (550 comments)

I'm not sure that this is still true, but don't you go blind for a few minutes while the procedure is going on? That's what frightens me - the thought that I might go blind and not have my sight come back.

Yes you do (but it is seconds, not minutes). The part of the procedure they don't really tell you about in advance is that they basically use a vacuum cleaner to suck your eyeball out of your head while they do the procedure. Actually they use suction to slightly pull on your eyeball and hold it still while the laser is doing it's work; while this is happening, you can't see out of the eye -- it all goes dark. This part of the procedure (which really only lasts for a few seconds on each eye) is fairly unpleasant and is probably the reason they give you Valium.

about a month ago

Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

Nkwe Re:Server 2012 already looks like Windows 8. (322 comments)

Very specially written? You mean any piece of Powershell, any .NET assembly, or any COM service?

or any executable (and yes, if that executable doesn't understand the Powershell object pipeline, you can just hand it plain old text on standard input).

about a month ago

Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers

Nkwe Re:Just another reason not to fly..... (217 comments)

I am curious by what logic is it determined that frequent flying reduces risk

I don't think that it is frequent flying itself that reduces risk. Rather if you fly frequently, the airlines consider you a better customer. Since the airlines want to keep their better customers, they try and make life easier for customers by reducing the airline related "hassles". The airline related hassles don't have anything to do with risk. What some airlines also do is sponsor their better customers for the TSA Pre program, which does reduce risk. Risk in TSA Pre is reduced by background checks.The cost of these checks theoretically covered by the application fee that the airlines pay on their customers' behalf.

about a month ago

Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers

Nkwe Re:Just another reason not to fly..... (217 comments)

But that stuff you rambled on about certainly sounds like a hassle. Is that how you live your life? Really?

Nope, I don't do any of it. I was just saying that if you are trying to avoid being tracked when traveling by avoiding flying, it won't do you any good. I travel a lot and I assume that I am tracked a lot.

Actually if you travel a lot, the hassle factor gets greatly reduced; when you travel by air frequently, you gain status with the airlines and they treat you much nicer. You also become eligible for TSA Pre / known traveler, which lets you go back to the simple "old school" security which is basically just walking through the metal detector and running your bags through the x-ray. No more taking coat and shoes off, extracting laptop and liquids, etc. It typically takes me 5-10 minutes from the time I arrive at the airport front door to the time I clear security.

about 1 month ago

Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers

Nkwe Re:Just another reason not to fly..... (217 comments)

My wife and I last flew commercial on 9-10-2001 out of LGA, the day before 9-11. My wife and I decided, the next day that, short of an emergency situation, we were done flying commercial. If we couldn't drive to get there, we didn't need to go. It's not because we were afraid of terrorists, but we saw what a hassle and invasion of privacy it would became.

I hope that when you are driving, you don't use any toll roads and that when you buy gas or anything else, you use cash that you obtained from an ATM when you were at home. Best also not to drive through any intersections with red light cameras. You also might need to put optical filters on your license plates if you don't want to be tracked. There are lots of cameras out there.

about 1 month ago

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

Nkwe Re:What if we hadn't? (211 comments)

Scaling from 0.8 grams to 0.8 tonnes is just a matter of using a bigger rocket.

For small scales that is true, for large, not so much. When you make a bigger rocket, you need more fuel to lift that rocket. When you add that extra fuel, you need to add even more fuel to lift the weight of the added fuel and so on. As you scale up, a higher and higher percentage of the fuel is used just to lift the fuel. There is a point of diminishing returns. I am not a rocket scientist, so I don't know at what point you hit the wall with current technology (probably not at 0.8 tons), but there is a limit to scaling with current technology. It would be more accurate to say scaling up is a matter of building a better rocket or finding a lighter fuel source. Solving these problems would have broad applications.

about 1 month ago

"Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In

Nkwe Re:lost the human touch? (102 comments)

The self check in terminals are fine, but fat lot of good it does when i still have to stand in a huge line just to have the human behind the desk put a sticker on my checked baggage. WTF is that about? ... Why can't the terminal simply spit out my baggage sticker for myself to put on?

It may be about putting the sticker on correctly. If the sticker isn't put on correctly (positioned so automated scanners can read the bar codes and securely attached so it won't fall off), the bag may not make it to the destination in a timely fashion. Granted that putting on the sticker isn't hard, but some people have difficulty with seeming simple things. In addition, having an airline employee attach the sticker before the luggage is accepted allows for a human check to ensure things like: the bag is within dimensional limits, the bag isn't already damaged, the bag is in fact "approved" luggage that is sturdy enough to withstand air travel, etc.

about 1 month ago

Wearable Robot Adds Two Fingers To Your Hand

Nkwe Furries (77 comments)

are thinking about having prehensile tails now.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

Nkwe Re:Jobs aren't future proof, skills are (509 comments)

Skills become obsolete or can be automated. If you rely on skills you have to dedicate yourself to a lifetime of learning.

While I could have been more clear in my subject line, I did hint at the kinds of skills I meant in my comment text. I wasn't referring to specific technical skills, but rather more generic, high level skills -- sometimes referred to by recruiters as "soft skills". While specific technical skills (such as a programming in a specific language, brick laying, or buggy whip manufacturing) may come and go, high level or abstract skills (such as communication and problem solving), will never fall out of need.

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

Nkwe Jobs aren't future proof, skills are (509 comments)

Don't focus on specific jobs, focus on skills. Skills such as problem solving, understanding abstractions, and of course strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Skills involving dealing with and understanding people's needs will never go out of demand.

about a month ago

Source Code Leaked For Tinba Banking Trojan

Nkwe Re:Windows DLL injection attack vector. (75 comments)

Remind me again why Windows has the capability to "inject" a new DLL into a running process from outside the process.

Because if you have root you can do anything (technically possible).

about a month ago

Industrial Control System Firms In Dragonfly Attack Identified

Nkwe Re:Decentralize the power grid (24 comments)

Doing so is really hard if you need to move power between grids - which you probably do.

about a month and a half ago

Two Earth-Like Exoplanets Don't Actually Exist

Nkwe Get it right (102 comments)

I certainly hope that before we send a generational ship on a one way mission to check out one of these "Earth like" planets that isn't there, we get this right... Of course it would be a good plot for a movie.

about a month and a half ago

The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

Nkwe Re:Illegal and Dangerous? (200 comments)

Maybe and maybe not. There is always the chance that the firework could malfunction on it's own. Possible malfunction is one of they many reasons that in professional shows, no one gets to sit under where the fireworks are intended to go or anywhere a wind shift or malfunction may take them. I suppose if a drone collided with a mortar very close to the ground as the mortar was being launched it might alter the trajectory, but at the altitude from where the pictures were being taken, the firework has gone where it is going to go.

Acknowledged that in some smaller shows you used to be able to sit right under the fireworks and having the smoldering hunks of cardboard rain down on you. This was kind of cool, but in my experience, hasn't been an option for a long time.

about a month and a half ago

In 2012, Facebook Altered Content To Tweak Readers' Emotions

Nkwe Re:consent (130 comments)

They can do whatever they want, it's their site.

Did you think about that before you wrote it? If not, take a second and think about it.

There are many, many, many things they cannot do with their site.

Within technical limitations, they can do anything they want with their site. However, some things they could do may have legal or financial consequences.

about 2 months ago

When Drones Fall From the Sky

Nkwe Life on the line (97 comments)

One of the things that keeps traditional aircraft pretty safe is that the pilot is inside the plane and is highly motivated not to crash. Perhaps to keep drones safe as well, we should keep the risk with the pilot -- if you crash a drone, the penalty is the same as if you were inside the plane you were remotely piloting (penalty up to and including death).

The range of penalties would of course need to be scaled to the size of the drone -- a toy quad-copter is not the same as a Predator, but the point is the legal infrastructure needs to ensure responsibility for those piloting drones. Note that I emphasized the pilot. The pilot needs to be on the hook, not the company employing the pilot, the manufacturer of the drone, or anyone else.

about a month ago

Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data

Nkwe Re:I can't think of a better argument... (387 comments)

In the event of an outage he literally takes a mule down the face of a cliff to get to it. Places like that really do still exist in the United States, as hard as it is to believe.

Good example of a high bandwidth, high latency data transfer.

about 2 months ago



Nkwe Nkwe writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Nkwe (604125) writes "In order to ease border crossings Washington State is introducing 'Enhanced' (with RFID) driver's licenses.

"They will look much like conventional driver's licenses, but will be loaded with proof of citizenship and other information that can be easily scanned at the border."
The requirement for a passport at all US borders is an issue local commerce between Washington State and Canada, and the new driver's license is less expensive then a passport, but what "other" costs will it create?"


Nkwe has no journal entries.

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