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Left 4 Dead Bug Patched Quickly, EVE Exploit Takes 4 Years

NoName6272 Re:Eve-online exploit: more information (157 comments)

First thing first, so far 14 puppies have died because of this chain of posts... For shame.

Any ways I agree that everyone likes different games, I've played Eve, it was interesting just not a game I'd want to play enough. Same with WoW, same with Halo, same with most RTSs. The one thing that we all have in common is the fact that we will play the games that we enjoy, and most likely will insult every other as cyber nature dictates.


more than 5 years ago

Nobel Winner Says Internet Might Have Stopped Hitler

NoName6272 Re:wha? (290 comments)

But then again we wouldn't be afraid to use nukes yet, plus america wouldn't have such a huge bill and supposedly be the most powerful nation.

more than 5 years ago

Annual Video Game Report Card Is Positive, For Once

NoName6272 Re:Wrong idea (75 comments)

You're sig

Any life is made up of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is.

Actully fits this converstation pretty well... Any ways I've been playing games since I was two, when I was 5 I finally figured out how to crack my brothers protection on Doom II and after getting caught once I quickly discovered the boss key (F10 I love you!). I'm a nice guy, I haven't murdered any one and my room mate who has never played a video game in his life till just recently (18 years old) is on the high list of "serial killer". But then another person I know who has never played a video game till he was 15 is exactly opposite.

Video games are not the cause of violence, it might trigger it but it does not cause it. Much like a abused child can still be nice but when something triggers them they go insane. A crazy person is still crazy no matter how many pills they are on *_*.


more than 5 years ago

Professor, ECA Dispute Video Game Aggression Study

NoName6272 Tis all lies. (78 comments)

If you have a chance of becoming violent then games would just be the trigger not the cause. I've been playing games since I was two, I beat Doom one and two when I was 5 (behind my parents backs, got to love that boss key :).) and I turned out fine, I'm the least likely to try and cause a fight. Hell I learned how to read because my folks got sick and tired of reading the text in FF7, the face your kindergarten teacher gives you when you tell them you know how to read already and when they ask how you say because of video games is priceless.


more than 5 years ago

Using Money As Incentive For Competition On Consoles?

NoName6272 Re:Gambling is illegal (40 comments)

Well, carnival games are gambling as well; you pay money, to play a game, to win a prize, with uncertain outcome. That is basically the definition of gambling.
I mean look at WoW, they had a tournament (a few people I know couldn't shut up about it...) awhile ago, and there was an entry fee. Since that was world wide as well, am guessing this will sneak through one of those loop holes or technicalities that we all so love.
Either way, if they can't control cheating, then it will die. If they can (and I mean real control) then its possible it will survive for some time, possibly start something else off.


more than 5 years ago

Server Structure in EVE Online

NoName6272 MMOs (141 comments)

quote from article: "However, this model affects a lot more than its running costs and complexity and may be practically required for any successful next-generation PvP based MMO."
"Could the single server approach become commonplace in the next generation of PvP-based MMO? I, for one, hope it does."

I played Eve for awhile, it is very cool how so many players in one place just change the approach of tasks which are common place in every MMO it seems. I would love for hardware to get a jump on software right now so we can have more games like this, but I think the only reason why it works well with Eve is the near unending world it has created. In a game like WoW, the ocean is the barrier, in Eve there is so much empty dead space that you can just chill in for hours and see nothing. I think if this was adapted for a land based game, the land would have to be even larger causing busy quests (travel from point a, to b, kill 'tree', travel from point b to c, turn in) would take forever to complete. I could see ways of this working but it is unlikely we will get to see it anytime soon.

To above comments:
There was a group that transferred from one MMO to EVE, and took down a high level faction as complete newbs. They did this by rushing one of there big ships, with more starting ships then they could target. They would then literally just keep doing 1 damage till they won.

Also one thing that has attracted so many to Eve, is that casual players have just as much chance as hardcore players to keep up. Since skills are RT, they are both gaining skills at the same rate in a way, allowing casual players to log on, have fun and then just train while they are at work (which a lot of WoW players do, using 3rd party software those cheaters!!! I don't hate you, I just hate the system we chose to live in...). At the same time it allows hardcore players to do what they want. A lot of people in Eve have taken roles such as; trying to take over sectors, assassin guilds, mercs, tradesmen, pirates, police, politics and even spies. Eve has created a wonderful system and we should build off there success in the near future.


more than 5 years ago


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