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The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

NonUniqueNickname Re:PC couch multiplayer is a thing now (99 comments)

Thank you for the link. I was not familiar with the term "couch" multiplayer and your link greatly improved my search for the next game. For other players looking for a "couch" game I'd recommend Ibb&Obb, nice ambient, smooth platforming gameplay, and quite the linguistic challenge to talk through a puzzle since the words up and down have lost all meaning.

about three weeks ago

U.S. Drone Attack Strategy Against Al-Qaeda May Be Wrong

NonUniqueNickname Re:If you have the opportunity (433 comments)

I'll address gp's ridiculous hyperbole. Goliath is described as a champion, not a bully or a murderous thug. At no point in the story is he said to have killed innocent people. Goliath proposes to not have a war but instead decide the conflict based on the outcome of a single one-on-one combat (himself vs an opposing champion). There is nothing “Goliath-like” about any aspect of the war on terror.

about 4 months ago

Astronomers Identify the Sun's Long-Lost Sister

NonUniqueNickname Re:Believe it or not (69 comments)

Interesting. There is an asymmetry between "brother" and "sister" in the dictionary: "sisters" may mean a kinship group of objects, but "brothers" may not. The article consistently refers to stars as “it” (except for sister stars), so I endorse your interpretation.

about 4 months ago

Astronomers Identify the Sun's Long-Lost Sister

NonUniqueNickname Re:Believe it or not (69 comments)

Romance languages go Sun -> Male, Moon -> Female. Semitic languages go Sun -> Female, Moon -> Male . Exact opposites yet quite close geographically. Long story short, assignment of gender to inanimate objects is largely arbitrary unless the object really looks like a penis or a vagina. Bunch of pervs that we are. Not that the two or three billion people who speak genderless languages aren't pervs. Japanese, for example, is genderless.

about 4 months ago

Bill Gates & Twitter Founders Put "Meatless" Meat To the Test

NonUniqueNickname Re:AND?? (466 comments)

Peas and some plants you've never heard of because they aren't served next to a steak.

about 5 months ago

Up-Front Seats For Tonight's Near-Earth Asteroid

NonUniqueNickname Re:What's special about the time? (99 comments)

I like your writing style. Why aren't you in charge of the asteroid reports around here?

about 6 months ago

Could an Erasable Internet Kill Google?

NonUniqueNickname Re:Rubbish. (210 comments)

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on Slashdot.

And keep in mind AC has seen everything, commented on almost everything. This one really takes the cup.

about 9 months ago

Property Managers Use DNA To Sniff Out Dog Poop Offenders

NonUniqueNickname Science, Bitches! (234 comments)

and male dogs

about 9 months ago

Ars Checks Out CyanogenMod's New Installer

NonUniqueNickname Re:User unfriendliness strikes again unfortunately (143 comments)

Sometimes it's not about installing, but about uninstalling. I've an old Samsung device that doesn't have a lot of RAM. They still release updates for it, each more bloated than the previous. I jumped ship last year to CM 7.2. It gives me the same OS version as the latest update from Samsung, but without Samsung's bloat. The cherry on top is being able to delete the Google Apps I don't want (gtalk, to name the worst one). On stock you can't delete them, you can't even stop them from running in the background. Now I got plenty of free RAM, phone's snappy, and I don't feel pressed to upgrade the hardware.

about 10 months ago

MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0

NonUniqueNickname Re:I can beat that (372 comments)

But did it support USB, TV tuners, and webcams?

Yes it did! GEOS supported all the existing USB TV tuners and webcams of its time.

about 10 months ago

Internet Archive's San Francisco Home Badly Damaged By Fire

NonUniqueNickname Re:With be a major undertaking. (104 comments)

Did the fire also damage the grammar capabilities as well?

This message brought to you by the National Socialist Grammar Nazis and the Department of Redundancy Dept.

about 10 months ago

How LucasArts Fell Apart

NonUniqueNickname Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister George Lucas (178 comments)

We're all familiar with the works of George Lucas. How could any of us be even a tiny bit surprised to hear that game development under his direction turned out to be an endless re-write?

about a year ago

Gabe Newell Talks Linux As the Future of Games at LinuxCon NA

NonUniqueNickname Re:Guess that's why Valve is so behind Linux (369 comments)

Everything by valve that's not way-too-old-to-port has been linuxified.

Great joy and merriment! I'm off to play Portal 2 on linux!

Should I end the post here, or clarify it's sarcasm, or take a whack at 'the linux gaming is a lie' humor?

1 year,3 hours

Syrian Rebels Claim Hundreds Killed By Poison-Gas Attack

NonUniqueNickname Re:Israel has a big dog in this fight. (222 comments)

Israel doesn't have a dog in this fight.

You need to look up a little place called the Golan Heights ...

How about you counter GP's claim by actually naming the dog? Would Israel rather see Assad remain in power or the rebels take over, which is it? Is Israel rooting for Assad and his links to Iran, or is Israel rooting for the islamist rebels and their links to al-qaeda? If you can not name the dog, just admit Israel has no dog in the fight.

1 year,26 days

BlackBerry Officially Open To Sale

NonUniqueNickname Re:Pride (139 comments)

BlackBerry's downfall wasn't having lost a competition against Android or iOS. Their downfall was needlessly making it into a competition. BlackBerry had the opportunity to build and ship the first-ever Android phone. But they turned Google down. Google had to settle for a little known (and at the time not very good) manufacturer called HTC, maybe you've heard of it?

Same exact thing happened over at Motorola. Same exact thing happened over at Nokia. Three companies at the top of the cellphone world, insisting to complete, refusing to make partners. Three companies sold for scraps. This is 100% a case of management playing macho going all-in and screwing the investors, the employees, and the users. How can anyone not see that after being shown in triplicate?

about a year ago

British Porn-Censoring MP Has Website Defaced With Porn

NonUniqueNickname Re:What problem is this solving? (266 comments)

What exactly is the problem this legislation is trying to solve?

Claire Perry is having a problem getting votes in her upcoming reelection.

And she thinks having her website plastered in porn will help with the votes? That's crazy. So crazy it just might work.

about a year ago



Firefox 3.5 slow to start... blames IE

NonUniqueNickname NonUniqueNickname writes  |  more than 5 years ago

NonUniqueNickname (1459477) writes "Many users are reporting Firefox 3.5 opens very very slowly. Slowly as in more than 1 minute, for some up to 2 minutes. No comments from the devs on how this tiny flaw escaped the beta. But they do suggest an interesting work around... Clear your IE cache. Really?

Bottom line: Hold off until 3.5.1."

Link to Original Source


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