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Linux Gains Native RTOS Emulation Layer

Not Invented Here Re:Realtime, VxWorks, Dolla Dolla Bill Yall (89 comments)

The problem with VxWorks is that the scheduling accuracy is its only positive feature. Device drivers are rare and expensive, probably because it doesn't have a sensible hardware abstraction layer like Linux, Windows (NT family), and QNX. If you want to use the MMU on the processor you get charged again, and you get even more incompatibilities. The documentation doesn't go into much depth, and Google isn't very helpful, as hardly anybody talks about it on the Internet.

Have you tried QNX or RTEMS? I don't have any data on their scheduling accuracy, but they claim to support the same real-time features. I've also found the QNX documentation much easier to follow, and I managed to turn out a BSP and a custom device driver within a week of first receiving the software.

more than 5 years ago


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