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Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Notabadguy Re:RACIST! (491 comments)

Oh, and I think that every Society for Black Engineers needs a counterpart Society for White Engineers.


Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Notabadguy Re:RACIST! (491 comments)

Jesse has a point, but only so far as he takes it across the board. If we're pushing for affirmative action in tech, then it should apply everywhere. Including professional sports. I think it's only fair that NBA teams show a mandatory 10% white men with equal playtime on the court, 10% asian, and 5% latino.


Man Booted From Southwest Flight and Threatened With Arrest After Critical Tweet

Notabadguy Re:Customer service? (890 comments)

TBH, the only reason I want to get on first is to make sure I can put my one bag in the overhead luggage, instead of getting on late and having to explain to a bunch of yahoos that their purse/satchel/gift/other trash belongs under the seat in front of them and not overhead blocking a bag that doesn't fit under the seat.

This, 100%. I secretly want to scream at people when bring "one carryon" as a carryon suitcase that has to be slotted in the overhead sideways to fit, the little bag that fits over the handle to make it two bags, plus their purse, and a shopping bag.

I would prefer to sit in a lounge drinking a bloody mary, except if I wait to board until the rush is gone, my little travel bag won't fit into the overhead. And I'm a tall mother****er, so putting it under my seat means that I'm going to have to wheelchair my way out at the other end because my legs are so cramped.

about a week ago

Amazon Confirms Hachette Spat Is To "Get a Better Deal"

Notabadguy Re:Time to become a better shopper (211 comments)

When you buy a Hatchette book for $10 on Amazon:

Amazon gets $3.00.
Hatchette gets $5.25.
The author gets $1.75.

When you buy an e-book from Hatchette on Amazon for $10:
Amazon gets $3.00.
Hatchette gets $5.25.
The author gets $1.50.

When you buy a self-published title on Amazon for $10:
Amazon gets $7.00
The author gets $3.00.

Hatchette gets 52.5% of revenue from the work authors do.
E-books, which have no cost of production or distribution net Hachette 52.5% of the author's work.
Hatchette, along with the other big five publishers have posted record profits over the last few years.

If you understand revenue vs. profit: Hatchette is operating at the SAME net profit that Amazon is, ~$260m. Hatchette makes as much net profit as Amazon does, for doing a fraction of the business.

I can't go so far as to say that Amazon is trying to help authors with their demand for lower prices from Hatchette, but I *can* definitively say that I have zero sympathy for Hatchette. Whether Hatchette can reasonably be expected to cut into their absurdly record-setting profit levels by giving up a point or two of margin to keep Amazon as a supplier remains to be seen via these unresolved contract disputes.

about 2 months ago

Anti-Virus Is Dead (But Still Makes Money) Says Symantec

Notabadguy Re:Social Engineering. (254 comments)

I have a T-Shirt that I got from that basically says that.

Front: Social Engineering Expert:
Back: Because there is no patch for human stupidity

about 3 months ago

Norway Is Gamifying Warfare By Driving Tanks With Oculus Rift

Notabadguy Re:I wouldn't want it (106 comments)

As a former M1A1 tank driver...Give it to the commander and let him play with the toy...

As a former M1A2 tank commander, I resent your request you insensitive clod!

about 3 months ago

The Tangled Tale of Mt. Gox's Missing Millions

Notabadguy Irony at all? (191 comments)

Does anyone else find it ironic that THIS messed up sight is posting an article about another messed up sight?

Timothy, you're not literate. Don't be hypocritical. Yeah, Mt. Gox was screwed up. So is Slashdot. And /. beta. And you.

about 5 months ago

Tim Cook: If You Don't Like Our Energy Policies, Don't Buy Apple Stock

Notabadguy Did anyone read the article? (348 comments)

I'm going to get downmodded for saying this no doubt....

But having read both sides of the story here, it looks like the flow of the commentators are sort of missing what this power play was about.

The NCPPR wasn't trying to get Tim Cook riled up....they were trying to make millions of stockholders aware that Al Gore, whom both the left and right recognize as a nutjob, is the board member driving some weird decisions at Apple, and that Tim is backing him. There's nothing wrong with green data centers. But that's the tip of the iceberg. Al doesn't know the first thing about computers. And he's on the board of directors at Apple. And he's working (and succeeding) at driving Apple board discussions away from how to make computing devices and into "how to fight climate change." He's shifting the company away from what they're good at into something new, and political.

"Hey! You guys hired Lisa, the former head of the EPA to be a decision maker at Apple. What sense does that make? What qualifications does she have to make decisions for a tech company?"

"Hey! Fine with green data. Why are we looking at powerpoint presentations about fighting climate change instead of nextgen technology? Why is Al Gore giving the presentation?"

I have no love for the NCPPR, but I understand why they did it. I work at GE. If Jeff Immelt took Al Gore into the Board of Directors, and senior staff meetings were dominated by Al Gore talking about Climate Change instead of market penetration and product roll-out, I'd expect people to want to stand up and take notice.

about 4 months ago

Canadian Court Tries to Dampen Copyright Trolls In P2P Lawsuits

Notabadguy Re:That's only part of the story. (60 comments)

I particularly like the part where the demand letter to subscribers will include a copy of the court order and "clearly state in bold type that no court has yet made a determination that such subscriber has infringed or is liable in any way for payment of damages."

No pulling the wool over peoples' eyes. I still don't get the summary though.

about 5 months ago

Canadian Court Tries to Dampen Copyright Trolls In P2P Lawsuits

Notabadguy Erm, what? (60 comments)

Could someone translate that crappy summary into English for me?

about 5 months ago

Facebook Mocks 'Infection' Study, Predicts Princeton's Demise

Notabadguy Actually... (193 comments)

The best part of Facebook's article is where they use identical research methodology to prove that there will be no air left by 2060.

I predict an immediate rush on all stockpiles of canned air!

about 6 months ago

Facebook Mocks 'Infection' Study, Predicts Princeton's Demise

Notabadguy Pseudoscience (193 comments)

Turn about is fair play sir!

about 6 months ago

AMC Theaters Allegedly Calls FBI to Interrogate a Google Glass Wearer

Notabadguy Re:Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole! (1034 comments)

I read the story.

This is one of those cases where I would say, "Pics or it didn't happen." The story seems improbable, I would expect a technologically savvy author to have fundamental literacy skills, and it has so many holes in it, I just see a story.

about 6 months ago

Doctors Say Food Stamp Cuts Could Cause Higher Healthcare Costs

Notabadguy Re:Math, do it. (1043 comments)

Not only does our government not have the money to fund all those foodstamps, it doesn't have the funds to absorb the cost of additional health care either.

Conservatives and Liberals have different spending agendas, but they both want to spend, spend spend. We have no MONEY to spend.

about 7 months ago

Valve's Steam Machines Are More About Safeguarding PCs Than Killing Consoles

Notabadguy Re:PCs Don't Have Decades for Games (296 comments)

The desktop PC market is *not* declining. Shipments of new PCs are declining because the PC market is stable.

about 7 months ago

Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool Pledges Not To Execute '51% Attack'

Notabadguy Another Bitcoin story (351 comments)

So many Bitcoin stories. This one asks questions like,
"Can we trust them?!?"
"Are these assurances enough!?!"

Same answer to both: "Who cares anymore?!?"

about 7 months ago

US Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes Because They Were "Agricultural Items"

Notabadguy Re:All the news that matters (894 comments)

Yes. 11B. Infantry. I turned down a full ride to Michigan State to enlist in the army. Despite an ASVAB score that meant I could choose any MOS that I wanted, I chose Infantry. I even chose the maximum enlistment period (six years). My basic training had a population mix of high school graduates, GED holders, enlisted NCOs from other MOSes that wanted to switch to Infantry, college drop-outs, and a couple college graduates.

Several years later, I got an early out of my enlistment to attend USMA, and finally got a college degree. Several of my classmates were also former Infantrymen. During my tenure at West Point, I saw other Infantrymen attend, some of them decorated veterans; one a medal of honor recipient.

There are stupid people in all walks of life; having an 11 or 35 designator doesn't make you one.

about 7 months ago

Virtuix Omni is a Step Toward True Virtual Reality Gaming (Video)

Notabadguy Kilobyte (87 comments)

Piers Anthony wrote Killobyte in 1993.

His description of VR is a 3-D fully immersive sensory experience. Users wear a full body suit and have full body tactile feedback. When VR gets there, people will get on board.

Until then, you have a treadmill with an ultra-close T.V.

about 7 months ago

Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

Notabadguy Interesting (606 comments)


1. Amazon says that it's pay is already near the top of the scale for logistic centers.

2. German Union Organizers have a problem with Amazon defining their distribution warehouses as "logistic centers" because it allows them to pay less than they would otherwise be required to.

Germany's strike is really a strike against Amazon fulfillment centers being allowed to classify themselves as "Logistics" centers. I'm curious what a better definition would be.

about 7 months ago

Army Laser Passes Drone-Killing Test

Notabadguy Test it in (173 comments)

They're going to move it to Florida to test it in ran and fog.

RAN = Japanese pronunciation of "rebellion."


about 7 months ago


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