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IBM Opens Up Its Watson Supercomputer To Researchers

NothingMore Supercomputer? (28 comments)

Why is the term "Supercomputer" being used to describe Watson? No demonstrated systems have shown anywhere near the processor or node count that actual supercomputers have (the Watson machine on Jeopardy for instance was only 90 nodes with around 2K cores). Also it uses an off the shelf interconnect (10gbit fiber) with a simple hierarchical network fabric which doesn't even approach even small supercomputers in terms of performance (which use something like Infinband or Seastar in a N-Dimensional torus interconnect topology).

While I have nothing against the technology being used for Watson. The fact is that it is not a supercomputer and the division of IBM that did make supercomputers (BlueGene) has been disbanded (with most of the key individuals leaving for other places).

about 3 months ago

Researcher Shows How GPUs Make Terrific Network Monitors

NothingMore Re:That's it? (67 comments)

I saw this poster at the conference and I was not impressed and in fact it was one of the weaker posters that I saw at the conference (it was light on details and had some of the information on the poster when talking about GPU's in general was not entirely accurate). It is really a poster that should not have been at SC at all. While it is interesting in the network sense the amount of data they can process is not anywhere close to the amount that is actually flowing through these large scale machines (up to 10 GB/sec per node) and there was no information about scaling this data collection (which would be needed at extreme scales) to obtain meaningful information to allow for tuning of network performance.

This poster should have been at a networking conference where the results would have been much more interesting to the crowd attending. Also of note, IIRC the author was using a traditional GPU programming model for computation that is not efficient for this style of computation. The speedup numbers would have been greatly improved by using a RPC style model of programming for the GPU (persistent kernel with tasking from pinned pages). However this is not something I totally fault the author for not using since it is a rather obscure programming technique for GPU's at this time.

1 year,5 days

1.21 PetaFLOPS (RPeak) Supercomputer Created With EC2

NothingMore HPC? (54 comments)

"Supercomputing applications tend to require cores to work in concert with each other, which is why IBM, Cray, and other companies have built incredibly fast interconnects. Cycle's work with the Amazon cloud has focused on HPC workloads without that requirement." While this is cool, Can you really call something like this an HPC system if you are picking work loads that require little cross node communication? The requirement of cross node communication is pretty much the whole reason large scale HPC machines like ORNL's Titan exist at all. Wouldn't this system be classified closer to HTC because it is targeting workloads that are similar to those which would be able to run on HTC Condor pools?

1 year,14 days

Firefox OS 1.1 Released, Mozilla Prepares For 2nd Round of Device Launches

NothingMore Re:Didn't know it launched. (76 comments)

The first iPhone also wasn't competing against three other smartphone platforms.

about a year ago

GIS Community Blocks Esri's Geospatial 'Open Standard' REST API

NothingMore Re:Their API's are exactly what you would expect (53 comments)

No kidding. They have the absolute WORST API documentation of any product i have ever used. Its slightly better now (in Arc 9 good luck finding documentation to do anything non-standard). However this problem does extend beyond ESRI since it seems like documentation in this entire software sector is pretty shitty (OGC is better but not great).

about a year and a half ago

DOE Asks For 30-Petaflop Supercomputer

NothingMore Re:this means the NSA already has one (66 comments)

There are already 3 at national labs that are > 10 PFLOPS... ORNL's Titan, LLNL's BG/Q, and ANL's BG/Q. The story behind this is they want it cheaper than the crazy price tag those machines have.

about 2 years ago

Ouya Consoles Will Start Shipping On December 28th

NothingMore Re:Suck it down (121 comments)

I wouldn't jump the gun on this yet. While it is a really promising sign that devkits are making their way out, the post on Ouya's site has something quite concerning. "The dev consoles aren’t cheap for us to make." No one claimed they couldn't make this console. Most of the issues brought up was that people doubted that they would able to make it cheap enough to meet a $100 price tag (dev kits were $699+ each).

about 2 years ago

Dual-Booting PengPod Tablet Can Run Linux/Android

NothingMore Re:The PengPod folks are vague (109 comments)

Couldn't you modify android to unrestrict this on some (or most) android tablets?

about 2 years ago

Nintendo Wii U Teardown Reveals Simple Design

NothingMore Re:Yes and no... (276 comments)

The WII U has 2GB of memory but only 1GB available to games (1GB is reserved for the system).

about 2 years ago

It's Hard For Techies Over 40 To Stay Relevant, Says SAP Lab Director

NothingMore Re:Quantity over quality (441 comments)

Because some (or most) new software engineers hadn't really worked real jobs prior to their new careers and believe that because the company provides food that they instantly care about your well being. This is not the case. I am not saying to go screw over your employer, but you should know not to be screwed over by them.

about 2 years ago

Bush's Electronic Archives Threaten To Swamp National Archives

NothingMore Re:Not much of a threat (185 comments)

You sir, are not familiar with the bureaucracy they call the US government. It wouldn't surprise me if they have to spend $1 Billion to be able to store only 50 Terabytes of the data..

more than 5 years ago

Streaming Video Service Coming To the Wii

NothingMore Re:Sweet (103 comments)

What makes the wii better suited for distribution of video over the Xbox 360 especially since the 360 has netflix already in its camp?

more than 5 years ago

PC Grand Theft Auto IV Features SecuROM DRM

NothingMore Re:no (531 comments)

One problem with that is that Securom still gets installed on the system. Cracks generally just remove the Securom checks from the game itself, they do not remove Securom from the system (which from what i hear embeds itself kinda deeply into the system and makes actually taking it our a real hassle).

more than 5 years ago

Mark Cuban Charged With Insider Trading

NothingMore Re:Wrong, He Has a Blog Post On It (176 comments)

Id say its only coincidental timing since the SEC took about the same amount of time to bring charges against Martha Stewart (her insider trade happened in 2001 and she wasn't put on trial until 2004). Whats REALLY coincidental is that he allegedly committed this crime one month before Stewart was sentenced to go to jail for her insider trading charge. Why he would make an inside trade when another high profile celebrity was taking heat for insider trading is kinda mind blowing.

about 6 years ago

New AMD Processors Aiming Between Laptops and Netbooks

NothingMore Re:Yeah. Sure. (77 comments)

They only said support for DDR 3 so it could very well still support DDR 2 memory. While DDR 3 is expensive right now in the not too distant future it will be cheap. To me it looks like they just want to cover all of there bases and not have to redesign a chip to be compatible with DDR 3 in the next year or so when prices for DDR 3 fall.

about 6 years ago

Sony Claims PS3 Javascript Performance Is Better Than IE7's

NothingMore Re:nonsense (112 comments)

I want to know how they compared it to IE7 fairly... Does Windows Vista/XP run on a cell processor? does the PS3's browser also run on a windows machine? because i see no way you can compare an browser on a console to one on a computer. Not only does the console (most likely) have less crap running in the background, it can be highly optimized for the machine since all the machines have identical (or close) specifications. Im not trying to defend IE7 but this is a total non-story.

about 6 years ago

Good Email For Kids?

NothingMore Re:A tool every parent needs... (489 comments)

Wow, that is some hard core invasion of privacy there. Why not install a key-logger while your at it, or take snapshots of the desktop every 2 seconds? Even in the OP's case logging every PACKET sent or received or sent might be a bit much, but suggesting doing that until the kid is 18?? thats pretty crazy and shows no trust at all in your kids. If you need to resort to packet logging to make sure your 16 year old is not doing incredible stupid things on the internet you really havent done your job as a parent. No amount of logging is going to fix that.

more than 6 years ago


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