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BellSouth Will Charge Providers For Performance

NotoriousQ Re:Huh? Somebody please explain! (594 comments)

I think that the caller paying for himself and the callee is the stupid idea.

Both people paying makes more sense, unless someone regulates the sh*t out of it. By that I mean fixed costs for sending calls to another provider. When I call someone, I do not want to worry whether I am calling landline or cell. It should not be my problem, and yet it is.

Both people paying for their sides of communication makes sense.
In fact this is what is currently the model for costs on the net. Both people pay for the bandwidth they use.
Bellsouth want to shift more of the cost onto the website providers, similar to the caller pays both model.
And hence it comes with the same stupidity that the cell phone caller pays model has.

It's interesting that at least one cell provider is now advertising "no cost for incoming calls"
You know, if bellsouth will be able to extort $10/month from websites that pass through it, they will be able to reduce their prices to consumers and advertise lower cost to use the same internet. Thus more people will end up using this whole extorion scheme.

OTOH, perhaps the internet connectivity should be paid only by websites, they are the ones generating the revenue. Maybe they should pay for both sides of traffic. What do you think. It works for cell phones, right!

about 9 years ago


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