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Since Snowden Leaks, NSA's FOIA Requests Are Up 1,000 Percent

Nugoo Re:Tomorrow's news (47 comments)

While funny, your comment is true if and only if the government uses 100% of its black toner for FOIA responses. More to the point, it's irrelevant how much of each response is redacted.

about 10 months ago

Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS

Nugoo Re:If you notice... (510 comments)

I think we all know they'll never get to the third one.

about 10 months ago

Avatars Help Schizophrenics Gain Control of Voices In Their Heads

Nugoo Re:Why Harm? (138 comments)


Do you mean marijuana or heroine?

about a year ago

Larry Page's Vocal Cords Are Partially Paralyzed

Nugoo Re:I'm tellin ya... (189 comments)

According to this, only around 108 billion people have ever lived. Given that about 7 billion are still alive, the survival rate of life is roughly 6%.

about a year ago

The First Fully 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Successfully Test-Fired

Nugoo Re:Ultimately we do need more government intervent (717 comments)

If you're American, aren't your felons disallowed from voting? It would be consistent, then, to disallow them from owning guns, via background checks at gun shows.

about a year ago

New Console Always-Online Requirements and You

Nugoo Re:The only winning move.... (435 comments)


[...] I may roll over eventually and join the herd because I could get used to it.

This is the problem. Microsoft is a game publishing company, and the amount of control gamers have over their own games is essentially another price point. Publishers will put that price point exactly where the market will bare it, which means things will get worse until people stop buying games. So if you don't want things to get worse, don't roll over.

Don't buy this console, tell your non-tech-savvy friends not to buy this console, tell your tech-savvy friends not to buy this console, and tell your tech-savvy friends to tell their non-tech-savvy friends not to buy this console.

about a year ago

New Pope Selected

Nugoo Re:Humility? (915 comments)

I'm against homosexual marriage and especially against homosexual adoption. I don't think it is good for kids to be told that they don't need a mommy and a daddy, that mommy and mommy are fine and we don't need a daddy. I think it is harmful on a level that will not manifest itself for a long time, but will eventually. Kids do need both a Mommy and a Daddy, that is optimal. It is sad when we don't strive for Optimal because of selfish desires of people in a relationship that is destined to be sterile.

Do you have any evidence for this, or do you just want to restrict people's freedoms based on what you think?

about a year ago

Student Expelled From Montreal College For Finding "Sloppy Coding"

Nugoo Re:Idiot. (633 comments)

[...] this kid was only twenty years old.

Not true. In Quebec, we have the CEGEP system, which is equivalent to the last year of high school and freshman year of university. Dawson is a CEGEP, so Ahmed was almost definitely between 16 and 18.

about a year and a half ago

AMD Tightens Bonds With Game Developers

Nugoo Re:Splash screen are evil (91 comments)

I agree completely. Big props to Bioware (pre-EA) and Namco for making their splash screens skippable. Also, big shits to EA for mandating that their splash screens be un-skippable.

about 2 years ago

Ask Richard Dawkins About Evolution, Religion, and Science Education

Nugoo Re:How to argue against fiction (1142 comments)

How do you convince people that what they have been taught is completely wrong without insinuating that they or their respected teacher/pastor etc is a complete idiot?

Have you ever seen Richard Dawkins answering questions? I don't think he generally worries about that.

about 2 years ago

You Can't Print a Gun If You Have No 3D Printer

Nugoo Re:the ammo (632 comments)

Except that bullets can be traced to the gun that fired them, and are usually destroyed on impact.

about 2 years ago

Obama and Romney Respond To Questionnaire

Nugoo Re:Will will happen has been seen already (608 comments)

Perhaps if we never had "right-of-way" laws (which usurp individual property rights), people would insist on owning the cable running through their properties.

If we assume people get to own the cable, then, presumably, each person is responsible for maintaining his or her part of the cable. But what if the same cable also runs through your neighbour's property? What if your Internet cuts out due to your neighbour's negligence? What if your neighbour moves, and your new neighbour decides they don't want a cable on their property? Do you pay for the ISP to run new cable around your neighbour's property? What if no one else wants the cable under their property? Do you get to negotiate with them each individually? Are you just out of luck if they still say no?

Oh no, two cables in the ground! The horror! Who would have thought that competition involved duplication?

Do you feel the same way about power lines? Natural gas pipes? Sewers? Roads? Libertarians say that private enterprise accomplishes things more efficiently than public enterprise, but I really don't think that's the case when it comes to infrastructure.

Local governments use their road monopoly to stifle ISP competition.

Has that ever happened? And I don't mean a city charging someone to dig up a road; I mean a city refusing to let someone pay for it.

about 2 years ago

Obama and Romney Respond To Questionnaire

Nugoo Re:Will will happen has been seen already (608 comments)

Why don't you ask the local governments that MAKE them monopolies. Them being monopolies is NOT NATURAL.

How do you figure? It was never illegal to start a new ISP. Like all infrastructure, it does naturally become a monopoly. After all, it doesn't make sense to have multiple companies each running cable to your house so you can choose your favourite. In fact, a few local governments have been sued by ISP's for trying to break their monopolies.

And it was MARKET FORCES that stopped Comcast, when they were found out they shut that down.

Not quite. In fact, the opposite. Granted, Comcast appealed the decision, and won, but it was the FCC that stopped them, not the market.

What has yet to be shown to any reasonable degree is why it is preferable to let the government dictate what goes over a network.

Ideally, net neutrality legislation wouldn't dictate what goes over a network. It would instead prevent ISP's from dictating what goes over their networks.

about 2 years ago

Obama and Romney Respond To Questionnaire

Nugoo Re:Bad interpretation (608 comments)

It has always struck me as funny that so many people that want to keep companies out of the government are seeking to draw them in via net neutrality. Once Comcast is told what to do by the FCC do you think lobbying will go substantially down, or up? And the best part is then Comcast can do whatever it likes because the rules came "from the government". If you loved the torrent throttling they tried to get away with you should be delighted with the total torrent ban in effect once network neutrality rules start allowing the government dictate how networks should be run - and who they can reach. After all, neutrality means only that you must be able to reach equally VALID network endpoints...

What, exactly, do you think will happen without net neutrality laws? Will all the ISP monopolies suddenly start acting like they have competition? Will Comcast just never try to get away with throttling torrents again? Do you realize that if there are no "rules from the government", then ISP's can just do what they want anyway?

about 2 years ago

Birth Control For Men Edges Closer

Nugoo Re:There's an option that's much closer to approva (407 comments)

While RISUG looks like a great procedure to me, intellectually, I am much more comfortable emotionally with taking a pill than with having a doctor inject a spermicide into my vas deferens.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many of You Actually Use Math?

Nugoo Re:Yes (1086 comments)

That's a good point. A lot of math in computer science is used behind-the-scenes, so to speak. It doesn't show up directly in the algorithms, but it's used to show that an algorithm is correct, or that one algorithm is faster than another, or that an algorithm cannot take more than so long, or that an algorithm will take so long on average.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many of You Actually Use Math?

Nugoo Re:Yes (1086 comments)

Agreed. Any graphics engine uses a ton of linear algebra under the hood, so you'll need that if you ever want to modify one or write your own. Also, if you want to do any kind of physics simulation (which you probably will, if you're doing games), you may need calculus (but maybe not, since video games fake as much as they can get away with).

about 2 years ago


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