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Thought-Provoking Gifts For Young Kids?

NukeDoggie Mad Scientist's Club books (458 comments)

I loved them, and then I got them for my son when he was 9. It was awesome sharing them and generated a good love of science...

more than 3 years ago

Intuit Still Fighting Government Tax Software

NukeDoggie Re:Already happened in Virginia (374 comments)

Yes the iFile saved the state of virginia millions of dollars. The removal of it will increase paper filing tremendously. They bribed(lobbied) our officials completely to remove it. It was fast free and easy, and it's gone now. There was only discussion by our local rag after the law was passed almost unanimously. Another example of corporate greed raiding the coffers in the name of "Helping" the poor...

more than 4 years ago

How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

NukeDoggie Re:CENTOS? (396 comments)

My First First Post! I'm such a proud Pappa!!! Cigars?

more than 4 years ago

How To Avoid a Botnet Infection?

NukeDoggie CENTOS? (396 comments)

Linux seems to be less vulnerable. Using as few windows boxes as possible helps. Using blacklists in the host files of bad servers (Spybot's list is good). May Bluecoat device, we have one here and it's helped a LOT. Email vectors are still huge, and the user error 1D107...

more than 4 years ago

Has a Decade of .NET Delivered On Microsoft's Promises?

NukeDoggie Re:Java Is Victorious (558 comments)

Just searched for last 30 days of postings Java had 4282 hits nationwide. .NET 2822 Java has ~2 times as many job postings JAVA WINS.

more than 4 years ago

Why Top Linux Distros Are For Different Users

NukeDoggie Senior Citizen Linux (496 comments)

Someone should make a version of Ubuntu or openSuse or Fedora or whatever that is designed for Seniors. Large Fonts, easy to use, very little duplication of apps, no problems... I bet it would spread far and wide. We have the kids checking it out, time to take the seniors... Also, why does all the netbook distros never fit the dialogs on the screen? 800x480 is not much to work with granted...

more than 3 years ago

New Virginia IT Systems Lack Network Backup

NukeDoggie Re:Blame Northrop? (211 comments)

Really blame doesn't fix anything. THere was a move to consolidate IT back in the 80's called DIT, and it also failed. Consolidation of IT doesn't work. The initial savings of consolidating software licenses from all Agencies worked. Having VA negotiate with Microsoft etc once for all seats and getting them at a good rate saves money. Trying to consolidate Helpdesk as a commodity fails. The current Helpdesk merely takes a message (garbled of course) and sends it to Tier 3 workers to fix. THey used to be able to fix things directly with their own knowledgebase. Also, CESC and SWESC are 2 consolidated Datacenters does work. Instant on backup etc. They did do some stuff correctly. But mandating that all Agencies be on the same Microsoft DOMAIN, with the same Security Policy and the same everything else opens HUGE security Holes really. Also, not having sufficient Networks and Network backups have caused major outages like it says. Then they tell you that there was "no loss in service" when you've been down for 32 hours because someone unknown removed your DNS entries for your webapp. The Iceburg is HUGE!!!

more than 4 years ago

Why a High IQ Doesn't Mean You're Smart

NukeDoggie Re:419 Scams (808 comments)

All these guys that "Earned" it had the Keys to Power, the ability to go to college and hobnob with the rich and posture themselves to earn even more than their parents had. Like Gates for instance, it's not like his dad was dirt poor... He was in Harvard for peat's sake. All these guys inherited it pretty much, there might be one that came from the "wrong side of the tracks" so one out of thousands of millionaire/Billionaires...

more than 4 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

NukeDoggie Re:Multichannel audio cards needed with drivers! (513 comments)

Thats what I'm saying there is no single device for 16 I/O for Linux, everything is putting 2 8 channel AD/DA converters into some other device to get just 16, each device is like 1500, vs just one small device for 24 real I/O... I used M-Audio 1010 and it's not Pro grade. We need Pro level audio hardware... Maybe we need FOSS Hardware!! I for one would support it with $$$...

more than 5 years ago

Goodbye Apple, Hello Music Production On Ubuntu

NukeDoggie Multichannel audio cards needed with drivers! (513 comments)

About time this came up on /.

I am a recording engineer and a musician. Unfortunately I have a MOTU 24io which only works with OSx or Windoze. I've tried out Audacity and other stuff, and it works fine, but the drivers for audio cards work if I use only the correct stuff. Drivers Drivers Drivers! I mean getting VST's to work is great, but if I can only have 2 channels to record, I mean that's not gonna work.

I use at least 16 channels at once for recording. We need audio cards that handle 16 channels and drivers that work for me to rig up my studio for linux. God I would love to switch if I could get decent audio with Linux

more than 5 years ago

In Defense of the Classic Controller

NukeDoggie Soon button games will be like 2d platform games.. (251 comments)

But really isn't motion control really about MORE granularity of control? There are 360 degrees of freedom in all 3 axes giving you MUCH more control really. Also, there will still be some buttons. Instead of doing an actual action (uppercut to the left) they have made it a tight series of button presses.

The worst example of this is Guitar Hero, where it is really NOTHING like playing guitar really.

Button based games are like 2D platform Games vs 3D First Person Shooters, they will always be beloved, but I bet you they will feel 10 years ago pretty soon...

What if you have 6 buttons and 4 motion controllers?? 2 feet, 2 hands and 3 buttons in each hand?!?

more than 5 years ago

Hackable In-Car GPS Unit?

NukeDoggie Just talking about this today! (208 comments)

I was just talking about this with my wife today. We just got a Garmin, and it's nice and everything as a GPS and Bluetooth phone integration and has other useless stuff (Games and msn? UGGH) but it's not integrated into the car like it should be. What is wrong with the car manufacturers, why hasn't Apple done an iCar? If I turn up my music I can't hear the directions.
And having my car computer on the cellular network for web updates of traffic etc. Also having engine computer diagnostics on my screen would help. Also, having mileage and Trip statistics and memorys of places and cell phone hands free and ability to hook my USB drives up for mp3 jukebox... Don't forget voice recognition. And it could phone the ambulance if I crash. All in one built in unit.
But I guess it's too much to think someone would build it into a car where it belongs and it would *JUST WORK*...
So I will have to do like the poster is talking about and hack up my own system... And Linux is a great start.

more than 5 years ago

Norwegian Lawyers Must Stop Chasing File Sharers

NukeDoggie How do I Immigrate? (186 comments)

How do I immigrate to Norway from US? Sounds like the place to be!!! I'm in IT, and have pretty fair skills, Siebel, VB, some web, java, C etc also Cobol and other dinosaurs and assorted relics...

more than 5 years ago

Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic

NukeDoggie FIOS VERIZON did this to me too... (527 comments)

I had to put a different Verizon DNS into the Router to get them to stop hijacking my DNS. I was having VPN issues and issues with stuff running as http://localhost/ and then it got my attention... They all seem to monitor as much as they can, Seems like ISP = iSPY4NSA!!!

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Greet an Extraterrestrial?

NukeDoggie There is no way to be "Silent"... (803 comments)

They would be advanced enough to hear us like we hear them... We emit lots of noise without trying. We would have to face them head on and with as little fear as we can, which means each nation would try to oneup each other in favor, and then war would ensue...

more than 5 years ago

The Long-Term Impact of Jacobsen v. Katzer

NukeDoggie FUD (77 comments)

Consider the Source. Microsoft FUD

more than 5 years ago

Worst Working Conditions You Had To Write Code In?

NukeDoggie consultant gig (1127 comments)

I was a Y2K consultant and they put me in a small room in the back 8x6 with 2 other consultants, we each had a monochrome terminal and we were doing IMS and Cobol reports. Then we got to the main subroutine, over 40,000 lines of glorious speghetti that looped through with every keystroke. Then we got to the Fortran, and then the assembler. They still had a punchcard reader in the operations area. I'm talking crazy for 1999. Felt like 1969...

more than 5 years ago

ISP Capping Is Becoming the New DRM

NukeDoggie Re:So who gets rationed? (395 comments)

I recently tried using some p2p on my cell phone sprint 3g. It did seem to hit caps and wouldn't take PHONE CALLS after hitting the limit. No Texting, nothing. Needless to say, I reverted to my FIOS which is uncapped thank God. If it became capped, I don't know who I'd turn to, but I'd be willing to pay... We need companies who don't have investment in their content to provide access so the WAY we get content is different than WHAT content we are allowed access to...

more than 5 years ago

Breaking Down Barriers to Linux Desktop Adoption

NukeDoggie How to Beat Windows, copy their GUI (821 comments)

All they have to do to take the consumer market is get a GUI that works with Linux that looks and feels like the best of 98/2000/XP and is easy to install with a variety of hardware, and then it would be easy to sell to joe blow down the street!

more than 8 years ago



Teleworking Bandwidth over VPN

NukeDoggie NukeDoggie writes  |  more than 4 years ago

NukeDoggie (943265) writes "At work we have a third of our CSR's teleworking from a home broadband connection. We have LOT's of fun trying to support them remotely, but one of the really troubling things is bandwidth. We use a VPN, and they connect to it to work, and it seems to work Most of the time. We allow our workers to go home if they get a "broadband" connection, and they are all over the state, including in the countryside with an aircard or satellite card, but just having a "BROADBAND" connection might not ensure they can function. So some of the engineers asked me if I knew of any tools to continuously test "bandwidth", ie latency, throughput, packet loss. Something we can load on the teleworker's machine and test just our VPN connection speed, not their general internet connection speed...

Anyone got any ideas?"


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