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RIM Changes Stance On PlayBook's Android Support

NullProg Linux (Android) != QNX (112 comments)

So anything that relies on the device layer is not going to be supported (Sound, Frame-Buffer, etc). Any respectable nerd would already know this.

The old slashdot would have posted a detailed story on why some Android Apps will not work on the Blackberry/iPhone/Win7 phone etc.


more than 3 years ago

Microsoft: No Windows 8 ARM Support For x86 Apps

NullProg Windows 8, the OCHO (413 comments)

Every time I see these Windows 8 stories I keep thinking ESPN 8, the Ocho.

We need a new slashdot meme around here anyway.


more than 3 years ago

Why No War Over MS's Android Patent Shakedown?

NullProg Re:Not Sco at all (174 comments)

In this case, careful review by a number of hardware makers has led them to pay Microsoft to license the patents. We may not know exactly what they are using but you can bet the companies paying Microsoft had to have pretty good proof before they simply handed over per-device fees to another company.

I doubt that. All the companies that have licensed the patents for their Android devices also ship Windows devices. More than likely Microsoft threatened them over Windows pricing if they didn't agree to the patents. See the monopoly trial transcripts on Microsoft's use of predatory pricing tactics.

The one Android using company that didn't license the patents also doesn't ship any Windows versions. According to Barnes and Noble the patents are weak. See


Food for thought,

more than 3 years ago

The Ugly State of ARM Support On Linux

NullProg Re:Linus (94 comments)

what's going to happen when Linus finally retires?

I hear he will live on as a kernel module.

insmod linus

insmod: can't read 'linus':

more than 3 years ago

National Broadband Map Shows Digital Divide

NullProg Re:Really not that bad..... (182 comments)

* BTW what is broadband?

An upgrade from 300 baud to 14400 without any government assistance.


more than 3 years ago

Net Neutrality Supporters Hammered In Elections

NullProg I'm getting tired of this.... (402 comments)

Network Neutrality was lost the day they/we allowed E911 calls over the internet. The network neutrality folks would argue that P2P traffic has the same priority over 911 VOIP packets. They don't.

I'm using Verizon as a sample because thats what I currently have (Replace Verizon with whatever ISP you have). Should Verizon discriminate packets between a streaming video NetFlix user and an FiOS on-demand video user on their network? No. If I was the NetFlix customer I would file a consumer complaint. Should Verizon discriminate between me watching on-demand and the NetFlix user watching a streaming video while the P2P Verizon user downloads Debbie Does Dallas from Russia at the same time? Yes, if it interferes with the paid for transmissions. Both I and the NetFlix user paid extra (State/local Taxes, Fees, etc.) for the priveledge of watching an un-interrupted streaming video.

In the USA, this isn't a Federal issue its a local issue. Its a grass roots effort that requires you to go down to the local zoning/franchise board in your community. Get the Franchise ISP's to sign a some sort of customer Bill of Rights. If they violate it, then they loose the franchise. The community gets to vote for a new ISP.

We, the USA internet users, need to craft this Bill of Rights for our ISP's. Not, congress, not the president, and especially not the courts. Make the internet Bill of Rights a GPL/ANSI/ISO/FSF etc. standard. How do we do this? I don't know. Maybe usenet, IRC, etc. Maybe each local ISP block needs to send two users to a internet forum to discuss, debate, and ratify. Then those users take it back to the ISP users for a vote. That's how the US constitution was formed. Its how democracy works.

Food for thought,

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft's Silverlight Strategy 'Has Shifted'

NullProg Hey Microsoft, here is a cloud seed for you... (212 comments)

The 5 primary Desktop computers in my home run Linux. I purchase services (annual subscriptions in Microsoft speak) from the NFL/MLB/HBO and several others. They all work with Linux. They all work with my Windows Netbook, Wii, MacBook, and Linux Laptop. The producers know the product they produce is viewable with Linux and several other OS's. They get my subscription fees while Microsoft doesn't. Check it out, I'm not tied to any platform.

        Cross platform does not mean Windows XP/Vista/CE/7 only. Cloud services does not mean Windows XP with IE 99 or Windows 7 with IE 8.5. Cross platform and cloud services mean Droid, Windows, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, iPhone, HP, Wii, PS3 or any other platform that is standards compliant.

Come out with a .Net runtime with Silverlight that runs native on Multiple non-Microsoft platforms. And no, Mono sucks and is full of traps.

My rant.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Android-Related Patent Infringement

NullProg Some random thoughts... (199 comments)

Motorola makes other devices besides phones that use Windows. Why is Microsoft suing one of their own partners? Do they want Motorola to drop Windows all together? Dell, Acer, Symbol, Samsung etc. will all pay attention to this. Microsoft to partners: "In the future, as a Microsoft partner, we will dictate to you the OS your product uses or else we will sue you! We don't care if your hardware requirements cost more using our software."

Why not sue Google directly. Apple didn't, Oracle did. It doesn't matter if Android is open source or not, if Google violated your patents then sue Google. I'm not suing the DOT if my automobile has a flaw. I'm suing the source.

This reeks of extortion. Why isn't Microsoft targeting other Android phones? Oh, the manufacturer also supplies Windows based phones. I think the DOJ needs to re-open the Monopoly case again, specifically the section that details how Microsoft once used office/windows pricing to abuse the hardware manufacturers. Hey IBM, you owe Microsoft $500 million for Windows licenses because you also provide OS/2. Dell only owes us a $100 million for the same amount of licenses.

Those patents listed are weak at best except for the FAT one. Hey Microsoft, users have been synchronizing network data since before 300 baud modems. Rsync pre-dates ActiveSync, and I have scheduled a meeting using a (Yes a) Motorola beeper back in 1995

Motorola owns a shit-load of patents too. Is Microsoft doing the right thing? My inner Yoda says: The patent wars they have begun.

The technology group at Microsoft and the legal/marketing group at Microsoft are not on the same corporate page: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/10/strange-bedfellows-eff-apache-back-microsoft-in-patent-dispute.ars

Microsoft isn't interested in cloud computing. Instead of offering services to Android users (Office, Silverlight, .net etc), they are more interested in protecting the Windows hegemony. This means they have no plan for providing internet services to non-Microsoft clients wanting to use/subscribe to Microsoft cloud applications

Lets discuss..


more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Android-Related Patent Infringement

NullProg Re:The Patents (199 comments)

Don't know why you got modded to 1. I'd mod you +5 for getting the patent numbers together.

5,579,517 "Common Name Space for Long and Short File Names"
5,758,352 "Common Name Space for Long and Short File Names"

So, these two are the the infamous FAT patents.

These are the only two that will stand in court. All the others have prior art. Does the droid phone support fat out of the box?


more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Hides Firefox Extension In Toolbar Update

NullProg Re:There is nothing inherently wrong with this... (285 comments)

Same thing is with Microsoft, with the only difference being that there is no assumed connection between Windows and Firefox (Microsoft doesn't package Firefox)

It is not the same difference. All those updated packages came with the distribution.

This is more like installing Opera on your Ubuntu system and Canonical adding plugins and changing the default behavior without your permission? (Hint, Opera isn't in the default repositories).


more than 4 years ago

Nvidia Drops Support For Its Open Source Driver

NullProg Thank You Nvidia (412 comments)

I for one appreciate the great binary only drivers you provide me on my Linux systems.

I don't care that you keep your math algorithms private in your quest to be better than ATI and Intel.
Just remember, I choose your product over the others because of your support of Linux.

Keep up the good work


more than 4 years ago

Subversive Groups Must Now Register In South Carolina

NullProg I have guns, computers, and beer.... (849 comments)

Everyday I teach my young sons about life, liberty, and property rights. The pursuit of happiness comes when the government is not meddling with your life and making it worse.

The trouble is, I have no ammo for my guns since Obama has taken office. No 9mm, No 30.06 shells. Black powder to make your own is scarce. I guess I can throw my beer cans at the government when its time to overthrow it.

To all South Carolinians, the invasion from Florida will commence as soon as I can load my beer cans into my truck and overthrow your government from the south. In the mean time you can overthrow the government of Florida from the North. Charlie Christ will surrender to your whims when you stimulate him.

PS: How in the hell does the LA/NY/CHI/MIA gangs get their ammunition when I can't get any?


more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Open Sources .NET Micro Framework

NullProg Question for .Net Micro programmers ... (320 comments)

From the article:

Microsoft isn't opening up the whole stack: the TCP/IP parts are missing because another company wrote that code, and the cryptography libraries are missing because "they are used outside of the scope of the .NET Micro Framework"

Does anyone know how hard it is to write your own .Net classes/wrappers for the missing pieces?
Are there any good .Net references for CLR internals? I know how Java was designed and written, did Anders or Microsoft provide any references for .Net internals outside of the PR fluff pieces on MSDN? How about a decent book.

From a embedded Linux perspective, I find this way more interesting than Mono.


more than 5 years ago

N.Y. AG Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel

NullProg Delaware? (169 comments)

Cuomo's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware Wednesday, alleges that Intel extracted exclusive agreements from large computer makers and threatened to punish those perceived to be working too closely with Intel competitors.

Why is the New York AG filing lawsuits in Delaware?


more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Hits RTM At Build 7600.16385

NullProg Cool (341 comments)

The new version of my NullProgNix comes out next month too.


No WGA Everyone is a thief because its free and they cant be caught. We don't care.
No Secure Audio Path We hold the electron path between the users CPU and soundcard as sacred.
No Secure Video Path We don't care what you watch.
The license Manager (CACL) checker doesn't do anything when you hook a printer up without a CACL We don't care how many connections your computer has.
To make Windows users at home Cron will launch a desktop/menu scrambler once a day. Bonus, it launches a Fibonacci sequence four hours a day to make your computer sluggish.

For $0 USD, the additional Family pack includes nothing you cant download from the repositories.
On Sale today, you can have the nullProgNix distribution for $0 USD. For an additional $0 USD you can choose the KDE/XFCE experience.


more than 5 years ago

First Look At Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

NullProg native ANSI C/C++ support .... (236 comments)

Doesn't exist in Visual Studio anymore without some tweaks. If your program targets multiple platforms beyond Microsoft your in for a few headaches.

I wonder if Martin Heller used the VS10 compiler for cross platform Wx/Gtk/Qt development (Check Audacity out). I (or someone) should do this in a future slasdot review.

The OpenWatcom, g++, and Intel compilers are a much better solution if your targeting multiple platforms (ARM, Mac, Power5, Mainframes, cellphones etc.) I use VS6 and GCC, but your mileage may vary.

I appreciate the fact that Microsoft is pushing for VS studio C#/.Net acceptance. As of today, that solution is just as slow and portable as Java is/was ten years ago. For some strange reason I refuse to write a program that takes twenty to thirty megabytes of RAM to run when it should only take two. Why? Because that RAM belongs to the user and the other programs they may be running, not me. Waste not, want not. If you can do it faster and for less RAM in a different language then you owe your users to do so.

And no, I've never written a C/C++ program that was un-secure (yet), thanks for asking. And yes, I like C#/Java programming, I just have deployment issues that I've never recovered from.

My opinion or experiences may not be yours.


more than 5 years ago



Need Windows for a job application

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 2 years ago

NullProg (70833) writes "In this economy, any job opportunity is welcomed. My Wife tried to fill out a on-line form using her KUbuntu box with firefox 3 and received a browser warning Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for this site. . The web site: https://xpresshr.online-onboarding.com/KMS/Applicant.aspx?Account=NYCB apparently hasn't heard of Linux or Android. I've changed her user-agent in firefox but I believe I should not have to. How do other Android/Linux slashdot users deal with these Web Sites?"

Red Light Cameras

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 6 years ago

NullProg writes "I received one of the automated tickets/fines from a traffic light camera in Tampa (Temple Terrace, next to USF). The Ticket/Fine was for "failure to stop at a Red Light". The ticket they sent me is crystal clear, the still photos show my truck license plate zoomed at about a 50:1 ratio at an intersection with no on-coming traffic with my truck brake lights on.

The problem is, I wasn't driving the vehicle at the time. My wife was. She insists she stopped. The website with the live video won't work without IE so I can neither prove or contest whether she did something wrong. This is the response I got from the company when I emailed them about the live video feed: The video works on internet explorer and it depends on the security settings of your computer. If you cannot view the video at home, you can try maybe a friends computer or the local library I'm not asking slashdot readers for legal advice. I'm going to fight the ticket (myself) because my wife said she didn't do it, she states she stopped (Yes I will subpoena the camera software, optics, etc). My question is do you find it fair to have a computer automated ticket sent to you and then be told you have to buy or borrow a windows box to view it? If its a taxpayer bought system, shouldn't it be platform neutral?"

California to tame your home thermostat

NullProg NullProg writes  |  about 7 years ago

NullProg writes "The state of California is about to enhance Title 24 (http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/). One of the new mandates requires new homes to have a RF controlled thermostat. When you change your existing home central AC/Heating system, the installers are going to be required by law to install the new RF thermostats. http://cryptogon.com/?p=1834 The state of California is allowed to set your thermostat to whatever they desire in an emergency power crises (Which they don't define). Explain to me again why a nanny state is good and why we are not building more nuclear/coal power plants?"

Windows Live Healthcare

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 7 years ago

NullProg (70833) writes "The latest blog from Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet states that Microsoft will be entering the medical records storage business. http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=785 From the article, Peter Neupert, vice president of the Microsoft Health Solutions Group, described HealthVault as "an extension of our (health) search product." "It's a platform — a shred data repository for users to collect, store and access their health information." Neupert and others at Microsoft know that connectivity is only one hurdle players in this market face. Privacy concerns are even more of an issue, especially for Microsoft, which isn't a company many users have come to equate with "trust." Microsft will use Windows Live ID as the secure-authentication mechanism. I personally would rather store my health care information myself. Will others entrust Miscrosoft with thier medical records?"

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 7 years ago

NullProg (70833) writes "Thomas O. Barnett, a US Department of Justice assistant attorney general and ex-Microsoft lawyer rejected an anti-trust complaint by Google. The complaint, which contends that Google's desktop search tool is slowed down by Microsoft's competing program, has not been made public by Google or the judge overseeing the Microsoft consent decree, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the Federal District Court in Washington. It is expected to be discussed at a hearing on the decree in front of Judge Kollar-Kotelly this month. The full story is here http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/10/business/10micro soft.html?ei=5065&en=a6f3dd79c5258b91&ex=118205280 0&partner=MYWAY&pagewanted=print"

NullProg NullProg writes  |  about 8 years ago

NullProg (70833) writes "Over at IBM DeveloperWorks http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/ they have a story An introduction to Linux on the PLAYSTATION 3 http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/pa-l inuxps3-1/. The article provides details on how to install Linux on your PS3. The author then provides source code to demonstrate programming for the PPE and SPE. This is the first in a series of articles on how to program the PS3."



Windows 7 printing worse than Linux and XP

NullProg NullProg writes  |  about 2 years ago

Hey Microsoft, I can install 76 updates in Linux under 10 minutes, including a new kernel. I'm not waiting two hours to install the 76 updates the computer already downloaded in the background. I powered down after update #2 took over twenty minutes to install. Life is too short. I expect the Windows 7 installation on my desktop is hosed now.

My ten year old canon ink jet died. I replaced it with a Samsung laser.

I'm sorry. Windows 7 is worse than XP and Linux. CUPS detected, installed and printed a test page on my new Samsung Laser with no other input than a IP address. Worked flawless under Kubuntu, and Xubuntu. Windows 7 autodetects the IP printer as a Brother but adds it as a Samsung to the installed printers. Printing a test page results in 10 pages of garbage. I add the printer manually and it tells me it cannot find a driver. My XP-SP3 laptop adds it as an Samsung IP printer just fine. Test page prints fine.

Oops. I just aborted the Windows XP3 updates on my laptop. I refused the new Genuine Advantage Agreement (I guess my old agreement wasn't good enough). Why does Microsoft periodically require my license key and IP address for product updates? Oh yeah, I'm a thief first instead of a licensed user. If I walked into any Store and they frisked me to see if the clothes I was wearing or the devices I had in my possession were stolen I wouldn't shop there any more. Fuck you Microsoft. There is a reason I spent over $500 on Android devices/services this Christmas.

Why did I have to boot to Windows on my laptop and desktop? Because my wifes new job needed her to update some employment information. It wouldn't let her use the system without using Firefox/IE/Safari under Windows or Mac. Can I give a big FUCK YOU to the developers of that web site? You suck. We live in a neutral world but your software requires specific browsers and OS versions.


NFL FieldPass

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 5 years ago

I am happy to report that I am the proud subscriber of a NFL FieldPass for the 2009 season. In previous years the NFL used Real Networks RealPlayer which won't authenticate under Linux. This year? Its just authenticate and use flash player (Screw You Moonlight/SilverLight). Works great with Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Opera under Linux.

Kudo's to the NFL for being open.




NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 6 years ago

My tool of the month (possibly the year) is Kompare from the KDE team. http://www.caffeinated.me.uk/kompare/

I've used mgdiff, tkdiff, xfdiff, and xxdiff under Linux.
Under Windows I use windiff http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa242739(VS.60).aspx and examdiff http://www.prestosoft.com/ps.asp?page=edp_examdiff.
Rational Rose sucks even worse for a quick compare and merge utility. *Disclaimer, It may be better now that IBM owns it. I haven't used it in eight years.

Kompare rocks for ease of use. Left click Merge, Right click Merge. Boom, I'm done.
Thank you Kompare team for making my life easier.



Java and Xubuntu

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Since I've been messing around with eclipse/netbeans and Java programming I needed a way to run Java programs from the Xubuntu desktop. Yes, for those who know me, this old time C/C++/Assembler programmer is using Java to display custom graphics from a embedded device I've been working on.

While the Xubuntu file manager thunar associates .class files with java, it doesn't run them. I'm guessing because thunar is calling java with the fully qualified path and class name. No matter how I tried to coax thunar with custom command settings, it wouldn't run any java programs.

The following shell script will run them once you associate the .class file with it. It requires sed for parsing. The next version will handle .jar extensions. Save it as javawrapper (or whatever) chmod +x and copy it somewhere into your $PATH. Feel free to copy, modify and share.

infile=`echo $1|sed 's/\..\{5\}$//'`
infile2=`basename $infile`
basepath=`echo $1|sed 's/[^/]*$//'`
cd $basepath
java -cp $CLASSPATH $infile2



Update 09/22/08
Java class files run out of the box (so to speak) under XUbuntu 8.4.
No need for the script file above.



NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Geany http://geany.uvena.de/ has replaced my preference for gvim and Anjuta under Linux for the last year.

I found myself coding under XP today and installed the windows version. Excellent. Much better than VS6/VS.NET for coding (re-build the Symbol database my ass). I replaced my Watcom http://www.openwatcom.org/index.php/Main_Page VIW preference with Geany.

So far under windows I'm only missing the context sensitive help feature that viw offers (xman/winhelp).

The developers don't give me a choice of paying for a license, so all I can do is just state accolades about it.

I'll update this post later on how integrate it with compilers from Watcom or Microsoft.

Update (04.22.08)
- Added context sensitive help by adding to the context menu (winhlp32.exe .hlp file).


Verizon FIOS

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I had Verizon FIOS installed last Thursday.

FIOS is excellent.

We have the HD channels, but only one TV in the house supports HD.
I'm most impressed with the video on demand features. I can watch my (HBO/CineMAX/Starz) movies anytime of the day. My wife loves live features with the free DVR. FEAR net channels are available under the VOD menu (My wife and I are horror freaks).

I'm getting download speeds of 480-512k per second but can't find anything good to download :(

My son says his WoW (World of Warcraft) isn't any faster, but youtube videos play fullscreen now without skipping or any missing frames.

The Trendnet card in the Linux laptop works flawlessly with the WAP Verizon gave me. Our new Nintendo Wii connected with no problems.

Next I need to probe/hack into my LAN. All the cable boxes (Motorola) showed up on my network ( to 106).

The WAP they gave me is much nicer than my Trendnet WAP. It has all sorts of configuration/Security/Logging options. I haven't checked out all the settings or the signal strength yet.

A Nmap probe from work I launched against my network shows no response/no open ports with the default Verizon settings. You can't get into the WAP Admin screen from the wireless side (A security plus). The default admin/passwords on the WAP had to be changed (Admin/password1).

I'm saving about $30 a month with FIOS (48 month contract). Before I had Premium cable + DSL + Phone and only the master bedroom TV had premium content. Now all the TVs (Four) can view premium channels based on ratings.

My only complaints so far....

- Verizon insisted on Internet Explorer to register for the free mailboxes even though the sales Rep. said our browser didn't matter (I think its due to the Yahoo/MSN/AOL bundling). I really don't care because I get to keep my two .gte.net mailboxes.

- I can't block the Adult listings in the Video On Demand guide. Even though the channels are locked and can't be viewed, the kids can still browse the Adult listings (Debbie does Dallas, Lusty Lesbians etc.).

- I still haven't received my free LCD TV my wife insisted on getting. I'm supposed to be getting a voucher.



Mplayer and Mozilla (SeaMonkey)

NullProg NullProg writes  |  about 7 years ago

First, I use the Mozilla (Netscape) suite because I can and there is not a better cross-platform substitute. I have all my bookmarks, email, and preferences since 1996 in Netscape/Mozilla format. They reside on a shared FAT32 partition thats accessible under OS2/BSD/Windows/Linux. The Mozilla suite is now called SeaMonkey under 7.10 xUbuntu and IceApe on my beta install xUbuntu laptop.

Under Ubuntu with Seamonkey, you can install the mplayer plugins from Synaptic but you still won't have sound/video. You need to copy the mplayer plugins in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ (sudo cp mplayer*) plugins to /usr/local/seamonkey/plugins.



CPU Upgrade

NullProg NullProg writes  |  about 7 years ago

I Upgraded my 3 three year old MSI motherboard from an Intel 1.80GHz Celeron to an Intel P4 2.40GHz CPU today. I went from a 128k 3640 Bogomips machine to a 512K cache 4829 bogomips one.
For more on bogomips, go here http://tldp.org/HOWTO/BogoMips/bogo-faq.html
The cost was $65 + $15 for the new CPU and fan. I get a 40% performance boost for $80 without the hassle of having to build a new machine. It took about 15 minutes for the upgrade. 10 minutes were wasted on waiting for the old CPU/Heatsink to cool down (Yes I burned my fingers).

Other than me not getting the ethernet cable plugged in all the way, no xUbuntu problems (sudo dhclient3). I haven't rebooted into Windows yet, so no telling if I'm a thief and violated my good standing with WGA by changing my CPU.

Glest loads faster but is still sluggish when I want to attack. http://www.glest.org/en/index.html
WoP sucked before but now is great http://www.moddb.com/games/350/world-of-padman
OpenOffice loads in 4 seconds where it took around 15 seconds before.
OpenArena still plays like OpenArena.
All the weird pauses in sauerbraten are gone. http://www.sauerbraten.org/

I never had any slowness problems with building programs/burning CDs/browsing at the same time on the old CPU so I won't benchmark those activities.



Everyday Linux

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I'm ignoring my previous journal entry from 2004 in which I said '04 was the year of Linux (Yeah I was wrong. Lots of programmers obviously don't equate to new users).

Now I'm going to use my /. journal to inform people about everyday computer topics and issues that came up for me and how I used Linux to address them.

Astronomy, Comet 17P Holmes.

My 13 year old son comes home yesterday and states a comet is exploding. Not hearing about it on slashdot, today I look it up on space.com. 17P Holmes exploded last month and the vapor is now visible to the naked eye. It's supposed to be in the Perseus constellation.

Under OS/2, Windows, and DOS I used ezCosmos to see where the stars where. With my old SuSE Linux install, I used Xephem. The Ubuntu repositories didn't list Xephem so I downloaded and installed Stellarium. Excellent program but it doesn't show 17P/Holmes. I download KStars and it displays 17P/Holmes within Perseus.

This next weekend I'll use my 900mm telescope to look at Holmes. Tonight the kids and wife viewed it with our binoculars. Pretty cool.

kStars is a bit too much to run on my PIII laptop. I'll give an update later on how Xephem works under XUbuntu.



This is my one journal entry, I will never make another.

NullProg NullProg writes  |  more than 10 years ago

A) If I have pissed you off, then so be it. Prove me wrong or shut up. I will always apologize when I'm wrong (it might take a few days). Will You?

B) As of January 5th, 2004, I predict that Linux will gain at least 10% more of the desktop (Gnome/KDE etc) market this year. How do I know this? I'm guessing from PC Sales/Software sales/My companies client requests for Linux server/user software. Linux will replace existing software on a 2 to 1 basis (2 Unix shops to every 1 Windows client) this year.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with these comments. I submit this journal entry just in case everyone wants to tell me how wrong I am.

[Update 04/06/04]
I just got back from the UK (business trip to a partner site). Every programmer (10) I met had Linux installed at home (mostly mandrake) and some of them asked me to help/show them how to solve minor hardware issues (My Dell P150 using SuSE 8.2 rocks). All were positive about Linux and the dev tools that come with it.

Granted, this is only one company, but times are a changing.


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