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What is the ambient temperature in your office?

NumbDr9 Re:Fahrenheit vs Celsius (676 comments)

though I'll never get how Imperial users can be fine with the inch being the smallest common length unit

I'll never get how metric users can be fine with the meter being the smallest common length unit.

What's that you say? You can measure something in fractional parts of a meter? Hmm, I wonder if we could apply that same principle to inches.

more than 4 years ago

USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM

NumbDr9 Re:lol = laughing out loud? WTF? (274 comments)

My coworker's wife initially thought wtf was "Wow, that's funny." He set her straight . . . after a while ;)

about 5 years ago

Religion in Video Games

NumbDr9 Re:Bullshit (523 comments)

I'd like to see a game that tackles religion the way Brandon Sanderson tackles religion in his Mistborn books.

Give us realistic characters that seriously contemplate the types of questions that real people ask themselves as they go through the human experience. Place those characters in situations that challenge their ideals and provoke thought. Allow the player to experience these ideas in their own way then make real, meaningful choices. Invent new religions, but treat them seriously, exploring the philosophies that are common to most religions without taking sides or trying to direct the audience toward your own biases. This is a difficult path to walk, but I'd love to see a studio pull it off.

IMO the studio that has come the closest to achieving this goal is BioWare. Their talent for placing the player in compelling ethical dilemas is one of the things that keeps me buying their games. I'd love to see a studio with BioWare's talent take on a game that dives deeper into the human religious experience.

more than 5 years ago

Time To Discuss Drug Prohibition?

NumbDr9 Re:Bad idea for some drugs (1367 comments)

Although antibiotics are slightly ot, your comment highlights the exact reasoning used to illegalize certain drugs: namely that drug use "has a definite negative effect on the society at large." Now I realize that a lot of people will argue this point, but that argument is mainly one of degrees (i.e. x or y drug isn't as bad as p or q drug). I don't think anybody in their right might would assert that drug use in general has no negative effect on the society at large.

Now given that drug X does have a negative effect on the society at large, there are really only two valid arguments for keeping them legal. Argument 1: personal freedom outweighs the negative effect on the society at large. Argument 2: the cure is worse than the disease.

Personally I believe all of the above. Some drugs should continue to be illegal. Other drugs should be allowed because the negative effect on the society at large is fairly low and is trumped by personal freedom. Yet other drugs would be better off illegal, but because of their prolific use the level of crime resulting from the trade trumps the negative effect on society at large.

Now by all means, continue to argue about which drugs fit into which categories.

more than 6 years ago

I Backup My Personal Data..

NumbDr9 I work for an online data backup company (393 comments)

... One month after I joined the company, I lost a hard drive at home. I lost some personal data including digital photos of my family. Result: threw an old HD into my computer and went on my way.

Six months later the other hard drive crashes, and I lose some more personal data. Result: installed a new hard drive that I had ordered, but hadn't installed yet.

The funny thing is, I have access to unlimited free online backup from the company I work for, but I haven't bothered to set it up. Do I plan on setting it up? Maybe someday.

I guess I am a slow learner :)

more than 6 years ago


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