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Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

O('_')O_Bush Re:Holy shit (441 comments)

Whoever mentioned that was an idiot.

Gold prices are driven by 1. Speculation and fearmongering about the state of the economy (I.e. preppers, pump and dump scammers, etc). 2. By how low interest rates are(if they can't gamble on the stock market or in loans, they gamble in gold). So, gold is a gamble against the economy (and therefore, the dollar), but that has nothing to do with inflation.

And that can be extended to the world economies as well.

If you want to see real inflation, you have to look at low profit margin commodities on a broad scale.


Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

O('_')O_Bush Re:Back to One Man, One Vote (753 comments)

Did you not pay attention to the article? How, pray tell, do we, the people, get a constitutional amendment passed through Congress, when our options are :

1. Vote for politicians who are all going to be against amendments that benefit the people and we are being psychologically manipulated by both the media and political parties away from such ideas or third parties.
2. Armed rebellion, which complacent Americans don't want, radical Americans can be framed or spun as domestic terrorists, and is an option only as long as gun rights remain intact..

This is the problem with the oligarchy. No matter what you or I *feel* should be done, we have no say in the matter anyways.


UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

O('_')O_Bush Re:shenanigans (385 comments)

Maybe the problem is that you don't know which countries are first world countries.

about a week ago

UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

O('_')O_Bush Re:shenanigans (385 comments)

That post was written on my phone's keyboard, which auto corrects words into whatever it feels like. I probably typed 'thwn' or 'thsn', both of which autocorrect to 'then' instead of than. If I didn't notice it while watching the keyboard, it would not have gotten fixed..

about a week ago

UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

O('_')O_Bush Re:shenanigans (385 comments)

I have more of a problem with you cherry picking Canada, Australia, NZ, and England, despite those countries having very little in common with the U.S. and causes for violent crime.

The U.S. falls into the category of large, moderately urbanized countries with large open borders to less industrialized countries, high wealth and wealth disparity, and ethnically diverse populations. Most of the western world is not that way at all, and those properties breed the root cause of the majority of violent crime in those countries, which is the illegal drug trade.

Countries that share those features include Russia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and China. Surprise, surprise, those other countries are all at least or much worse off then the U.S. is, despite some having the strictest gun ownership laws in the world (Russia), all having socialized healthcare, and the US. Actually having a pretty good education system for most of the country (not underserved inner-city areas) when reported the same way other countries are.

China is the outlier, in that it does not have either high violent crime rates or a violent drug trade, but my theory is that this is because the vast majority of the country lives in squalor and acts as a buffer to help shield the cities, and those cities have their crime rates dilutes by the shield.

Simple facts are that gun control reduces gun crime but increase violent crime. Education and healthcare raise the standard of living, but don't provide disincentive for crime in the drug trade. You are right about inequality as a facet of this.

about a week ago

Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

O('_')O_Bush Re:So? (351 comments)

That last statement is utterly false.


Most of their populations are in the hundreds, which is long term sustainable.

One example, off the top of my head, is the North Sentinelese, who have lived, mostly uncontacted (certainly so by white people), for a long, long time (some estimates have been in the 60,000 year range).


They also survived the 2004 Tsunami, apparently unaffected.

If the Indian government continues to protect the island from outsiders, I certainly expect them to outlast western civilization.

about a week ago

Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco

O('_')O_Bush Re:It's not trending. (370 comments)

And Elon Musk would be whining about how the media was unfairly targeting Tesla, making misleading claims about a correlation between toppings and high speed crashes, claiming Teslas are not tipped more than any other car in the city, all the while designing titanium tipping resistant body panels as implicit acknowledgment of reality. And Slashdot would be a boiling kettle of fanboys defending Tesla and group thinking (par for the course).

I should say, I am biased, being a Tesla stockholder.

about two weeks ago

Scientists Solve the Mystery of Why Zebras Have Stripes

O('_')O_Bush Re:Terrible summary (190 comments)

Isn't it obvious? This is why Elephants, Rhinos, Spring bucks, Antelopes, Giraffes, and Buffalo all have stripes too.

And their stripe pattern has nothing to do with large, sight base feline predators like lions and tigers in Africa, or jaguars in South America. The selective pressure from being bitten by flies is way stronger than being eaten, especially since equines don't have to rely on camoflauge because they have armored skin, horns, and blazing speed like other potential prey species.

about two weeks ago

Mt. Gox Questioned By Employees For At Least 2 Years Before Crisis

O('_')O_Bush Re: Easy (134 comments)

...? That isn't what a Ponzi scheme is. That is just fraud.

about three weeks ago

How Facebook and Oculus Could Be a Great Combination

O('_')O_Bush Re: So all they needed was money? (151 comments)

Yea, but I am pretty sure anyone would sell their soul (metaphorically) when the buyer is offer in somewhere between 100 and 1000x what you are actually worth.

Consider Oculus is "just another" VR company, with their biggest innovation being that they were crowd funded, and their product barely released and with a fairly small audience (due to price, interest, motion sickness, etc).

Being bought for more than what Google paid for YouTube.

Being bought for at least 100x more than what FB could have developed for themselves, closer inline with what FB wants to do with the product.

Mind boggling.

about three weeks ago

The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

O('_')O_Bush Re: Yes it will (400 comments)

Ahahaha... you thought the cost of producing something was the same as the cost of the materials

What a laugh.

No, the cost of something is the labor, equipment cost, power/energy use, time involved, production capacity, and the cost of materials. And injection molding has 3D printing beat in all those areas, except (and probably not even except) the raw material cost.

about three weeks ago

Researchers Find Problems With Rules of Bitcoin

O('_')O_Bush Re: wooo look at that strawman BURNNNNN (301 comments)

Actually, just like with dollars, the creator can choose to inject more BTC into thesystem at any time. That feature was designed into the currency.

And holding some fixed share oof something is not a good thing. That just means it is easy to manipulate by speculators (also just like gold) in comparison to real currencies in which a stable purchasing power is desired.

As for the "many" geeks turned millionaires, that is hogwash. There were a handful of accidental millionaires, but nobody predicted the heights of the bubbles and while many made some money, with the exception of the accidents, all others liquidated at 2-3x value, not 1000-10000x value.

about three weeks ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

O('_')O_Bush Re: Redefine hunting. (397 comments)

Bow hunting is for unethical assholes. Humane hunters and those that respect wildlife use firearms.

No matter how good of a bow hunter you are or how good your aim is, simple fact is that an arrow travels at a third the speed of sound, meaning game can both see and hear your shot long before the arrow arrives. Every bow hunting season, forums are slammed by bow hunters that take a heart shot, the buck digs off at first sound, and the arrow ends up in its gut because it had time to travel the foot and a half or so to turn a good shot into an ethical hunter's worst nightmare.

Rifles do not have that problem. Bullet arrives too soon after first flash for game to react ( usually traveling 10x faster than an arrow ).

Anyways, as for drones, I don't mind so much that it allows hunters to find game, as infrared does a similar job. The problem I have is that it allows a hunter to know about game that is far away or hidden, encouraging long-distance shots (as soon as distanced game becomes visible), and thereby decreasing the chance of a clean kill.

about three weeks ago

Google Tries To Defuse Glass "Myths"

O('_')O_Bush Re:A lense cover (363 comments)

If Google Glass ever becomes popular, I hope

Becomes trendy as well.

about three weeks ago

Final Fantasy XIV Failed Due To Overly Detailed Flowerpots

O('_')O_Bush Re: Maybe there's also another reason? (195 comments)

I think the problem was multifaceted. Starting with making the combat system as generic as possible. Combat is one of the areas where real creativity can shine. Just look at the varied systems between pre-EOC Runescape(no class concept, multiple level trees for different combat styles, weapon based special attacks, and mixing gear types for the situation and on the fly) versus Guild Wars (initially top tier gear was diverse in graphics only, attacks based on weapons with some influence from skill trees) versus WoW (expectation is everyone on max level with only distinguishing features being gear and skill trees) versus FFXIV ( generic level system, only diversity coming with raising multiple classes to high level and mixing skills, no useful auto-attack, meaning all combat is tedious number key mashing).

I raised a max character in RS (took years), SWTOR (took months, mildly tedious, nothing to do end game), GW (took weeks-low months, less tedious, but little to
do afterwards at the time), but could only manage to play FFXIV even after relaunch for a month or so before I was so bored I couldn't play anymore and moved on to Starbound.

That is pretty bad with an 2D indie mine craft clone can beat out a super expensive MMO on my interest levels because of being too generic and tedious.

about three weeks ago

Oppo's New Phone Hits 538 PPI

O('_')O_Bush Re: approximately the resolution of an adult eye (217 comments)

Doesn't really matter to the argument that because of ink absorption causing blurring, and the fact that most people using phones are doing so at 1/3-1/4 the distance of looking at printed images, that your comparison of PPI on phone screens and image DPI that will be used in high LPI printers really isn't equivalent or analogous at all.

about a month ago

Mute Witness: Forensic Sketches From Nothing But DNA

O('_')O_Bush Re: Is this a joke? (68 comments)

Their own example show poor results. The only thing that kinda matched was the nose. Everything else was unrecognisably different, including ethnicity.

about a month ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

O('_')O_Bush Re: Demand all you want (667 comments)

I would oblige them. Give I.D.ERS equal time... just, give it to the Luciferians. I am sure the Creationists will shut up mighty quick.

about a month ago

Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

O('_')O_Bush Re: Celebrity Death Match (878 comments)

*Swine flu, mixed the two up.

about 1 month ago


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