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"ExamSoft" Bar Exam Software Fails Law Grads

O('_')O_Bush Re: Really? (80 comments)

Lawyers are not necessary to maintain law and order. They are useful only when law is written by and presided over by other lawyers, for lawyers.

That is, they are a solution to a problem they create.
  You can look back at just about every functionjng society for most of human history and neither find mob rule nor lawyers. You also find law that is comprehensible to a lay person.

Not saying our legal system is better or worse than old legal systems, just that the point you made about mob rule is certainly not necessarily true.

5 hours ago

Soccer Superstar Plays With Very Low Brain Activity

O('_')O_Bush Re: No shit, it's soccer. (157 comments)

Everything sounds dumb when you oversimplify it.

I mean, shit, American Football is a game about running forward and sometimes catching a large ball. And you want to talk about slow pacing, they cover a field 2/3rds the size of a soccer field about 1/10th as many times, and most of the game is standing around waiting to play. Even the "exciting" bits only move a few yards.

Your post and mine have roughly the same amount of truth to them.

5 days ago

Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

O('_')O_Bush Re: Not news (331 comments)

I guess to boil it down to a shorter point, it is this:

Any other apex predator species given the same capability and opportunity would do the same as we did. We know this, because they do (that's why we have problems with invasive species).

For us to single ourselves out as 'special' or 'remarkable' is flawed. Possibly, so is the idea that this is even a bad thing. I mean, one of the tenants of punctuated equilibrium is that species evolve fastest when under high pressure and presented with new opportunities. And while we might be the cause of other species going extinct, we aren't the cause of *all* species going extinct, just the ones in niches that prevent them from adapting easily. In their niche-vaccuum is opportunity for the successful species to expand/adapt on their own, and potentially become new, interesting things once we are gone or have reached our own equilibrium with the environment.

about a week ago

Earth In the Midst of Sixth Mass Extinction: the 'Anthropocene Defaunation'

O('_')O_Bush Re: Not news (331 comments)

Nature is not something that peacefully coexists with things to begin with. The only reason why it can appear that species are coexisting is that they are at an equillibrium left behind from driving the other 99.99..% of species extinct. To pick out humanity as a "problem" takes remarkable hubris.

We might wipe out 99% of current species including ourselves, but as far as the earth or nature is concerned, or grander, the universe, it doesn't make one shitpile of difference.

The only thing we should be concerned with is self preservation. Beyond that, any notion that we should be ashamed of how we have treated other species, destroyed habitats and whatever seems asinine.

They are marginally adapted lifeforms that struggled to adapt just like every other extinct species in the past. They aren't sacred. Nature doesn't have that concept. I mean, hell, as advanced as we imagine we are, we've only managed what fireants do..., breed a lot, adapt to new areas or cause new areas to adapt to us, outcompete everything that was there and take the resources we need. Totally unoriginal.

Our time is limited. If we want to raise species diversity for... whatever reason, aesthetics maybe, we need to get off this planet and go elsewhere. That has the benefit of extending our own survival beyond the next time there is a mass extinction (probably inevitable) that we didn't cause.

about a week ago

Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

O('_')O_Bush Re: Kiev just got busted (667 comments)

Being a condescending twat. That is how I *know* your evidence is valid. Thanks for convincing me and proving your claim.

It all makes sense now.

about two weeks ago

Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

O('_')O_Bush Re: Kiev just got busted (667 comments)

The layers of disinformation and conspiracy run deep with you.

about two weeks ago

SpaceX Wins FAA Permission To Build a Spaceport In Texas

O('_')O_Bush huh... (80 comments)

Seems kind of small. I would have expected a space port to be high hundreds to thousands of acres to buffer in case there was some disaster... not a measely 57 acres... A lot of high schoolers could run across it diagonally in about two minutes.

But I don't know much about the requirements for spaceports.

about three weeks ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

O('_')O_Bush depends (502 comments)

Quality wise, I think there are minor gains. The biggest gains come from being able to drive nice/high quality headphones at the correct power levels so they sound as they should. Some motherboards can't supply enough power and the headphones sound... gross... because of it.

Also, you can gain a few FPS in some games by offloading the audio magic onto a card rather than do it on the CPU.

about three weeks ago

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' and That Could Be a Problem

O('_')O_Bush Re: Now thats incentive (564 comments)

Yea. Their first step is flying cars.

There are way too many uncertainties of what will be technologically possible by 2045 to be worrying about that right now. I'd wait until we actually had some idea of how to make a machine intelligence, and work the kinks out in a closed environment enough that it might actually be given control of something rather than the role of Ask Jeeves.

about three weeks ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

O('_')O_Bush Re: A win for freedom (1330 comments)

...Hobby Lobby didn't tell employees they couldn't use contraceptives. Hobby Lobby said they wouldn't pay for pills that cause the abortion of an embryo.

about a month ago

California Legalizes Bitcoin

O('_')O_Bush Re: Bitcoin's day has come. (162 comments)

I think Slashdot has officially become a pump and dump vehicle for BTC manipulators.

about a month ago

Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules

O('_')O_Bush Re: Throttling = "less available"? (125 comments)

Yea, but an ISP isn't going to classify itself as a cyber security threat to itself and then throttle itself.

about a month ago

Secret of the Banjo's Unique Sound Discovered By Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist

O('_')O_Bush Re: he must be bored (101 comments)

As I pointed out elsewhere, it is common knowledge to traditional music makers that a vibrating bridge makes the banjo sound. That is why there are instruments like this:

Designed just like this:

Except, big surprise, they put a tiny drum head only under the bridge so that the bridge could vibrate and make a more banjo-ey sound.

about a month ago

Secret of the Banjo's Unique Sound Discovered By Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist

O('_')O_Bush Re: Banjo = guitar + snare drum (101 comments)

Does it need to be written down? It wasn't like the banjo was accidentally made... it was designed that way. That is why there are all sorts of hybrid instruments, like the Dulcijo (dulcimer banjo), where the whole body is designed to be just like a normal dulcimer except for the bridge, which sits atop a tiny drum head like a banjo does.

Bridge+vibrating support for the bridge + vibrating strings = banjo sound has been no big secret for a long time.

It is neat he did math behind it, but the summary makes claims about how mysterious it was, and that sounds pretty ridiculous.

about a month ago

The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics

O('_')O_Bush summary (2 comments)

I don't care what the woo-woo conspiracy back story is, what the hell were the results and what prestigious peer reviewed journals were they published in?

about a month ago

Yahoo's Diversity Record Is Almost As Bad As Google's

O('_')O_Bush Re: Most qualified and motivated candidates? (435 comments)

You start with the presumption that he suggested men are being chosen over women and that women are competing.

He was actually suggesting that there are not women to compete with in many positions, and that without offering a handicap to positions they are competing in, diversity is a pipe dream.

I.e. if 70% of engineering jobs have 10% female applicants and the rest have 50%, all other things being equal, the mix may be 78% male, 22% female, from a completely non discriminatory hiring practice.

Not the fault of the company (driven by profit motives) for doing anything discriminatory or nefarious.

about a month and a half ago

Emotional Contagion Spread Through Facebook

O('_')O_Bush huh (127 comments)

So given that I post lots of stuff but do not read stuff in the feed, that means I am the sole originator of lots of contagions?

Kindof badass.

about a month and a half ago

Average HS Student Given Little Chance of AP CS Success

O('_')O_Bush Re: AP is what exactly? (293 comments)

There is very little rote memorization in APCS.

about a month and a half ago

One Developer's Experience With Real Life Bitrot Under HFS+

O('_')O_Bush Re: Legacy file systems should be illegal (396 comments)

Vs the chances you back up already corrupted files and don't notice until you've aged off the good versions.

about a month and a half ago

Aliens and the Fermi Paradox

O('_')O_Bush Re: Progenitors? (686 comments)

Well, as has been pointed out before, just because life appears to stem from one thing, doesn't mean there wasn't a "Second Genesis" (or multitudes of them, even happening today). However, those other lifeforms have to compete for the same resources as better adapted ones (per natural selection). And then there are things that are "arguably life" that seem awfully close to life and awfully orthogonal to the existing tree, like viruses.

But besides that, what amazes me is that we are not only the most intelligent life on earth (for some values of intelligence), but as far as we can tell, the most intelligent life to have ever developed on earth.

This seems odd, given that there are so many other intelligent life (but nowhere near our level) like cetaceans, some birds (which are descended from Dinos, which had a longer time to evolve in interesting forms- not like early, ratlike mammals, to boot), other primates, some species of octopuses, and I am sure I can think of more examples.

Maybe the trick is having a big brain and a body plan that is flexible enough to do many things, starting with a high metabolism. I would think that a therapod with human intelligence levels would have an awfully hard time building spaceships.

And the brain consumes a lot of energy, which is why human muscles are relatively weak and energy efficient (also for endurance).

In that sense, it is my opinion that life is probably common, but intelligent life is rare, maybe even extraordinary, and probably not inevitable for a planet or system.

about a month and a half ago


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