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San Francisco Bans Parking Spot Auctioning App

OGmofo Free lottery weighted by karma? (404 comments)

One massive problem with scarce parking and no smart system to distribute it is that a lot of vehicles spend a lot of time driving in circles looking/waiting for a spot to turn over. If there were a system that was essentially a free lottery, it could avoid a lot of wasted time and pollution. You'd have to incentivize the occupant somehow though.

something like this:

1. Occupant is about to leave and sends an alert of near term availability.
2. N subscribers get the alert and enter the lottery, lottery executes, winner is selected, and winner is notified that they get the spot, no charge. The lottery could be weighted by karma, say the number of times that lottery participant has yielded a spot to others.
3. Occupant yields their spot to winner, and receives parking karma for next lotto.
4. Society benefits by less traffic, pollution.

about 7 months ago

Google To Buy Waze For $1.3 Billion

OGmofo Re:Not sure this is good (153 comments)

FWIW, I thinks OruxMaps is great for offline navigation. It exists and is free.

about a year and a half ago

Making Earbuds That Fit (Video)

OGmofo Polycaprolactone? (104 comments)

Sounds like it could be.

about 2 years ago

Simulation Using LRO Data Shows More Locations With Ice on the Moon

OGmofo frost post! (55 comments)

posty frost

more than 2 years ago

Researchers Using AI To Build Robotic Bees

OGmofo Why not simulate the world too? (44 comments)

Why go through the trouble of building an actual physical bee, when there are awesome 3d world and physics models that you could drop the bee brain into and it would have no idea the world was simulated. Seems like that would bee a lot easier debug. *cringe*

more than 2 years ago

Genes About a Quarter of the Secret To Staying Smart

OGmofo *At least* a quarter... (77 comments)

The study only sampled a subset of the genome (certain SNPs), there could be other variations in the genome that contribute even more. We simply can't tell from the study. All we can say is that this study suggests at least a quarter of the variation is explained by the subset of the genotype they have sampled.

about 3 years ago

Venezuela Bans Hostile Videogames and Toys

OGmofo Re:Not really (335 comments)

No matter how "legitimate" it might look, whenever the highest executive in a country's government somehow manages to remove term limits, he has become a de facto dictator.

The higher you go in government the more important the concept of term limits become. Executives must have reason to fear that at some point they will have to answer for their actions to someone with the same level of authority they currently enjoy.

Chavez can crap roses and turn water into wine...as long as he maneuvers or succeeds in removing term limits...he's a dictator.

more than 4 years ago

Doctors Will Test Gene Editing On HIV Patients

OGmofo will this select for more virulent HIV in CCR5null (263 comments)

So these HIV patients will simultaneously be hosting HIV in CCR5wt cells providing a steady stream mutant HIV particles to try their luck at cracking CCR5null T cells.

Hopefully CCR5null is a real deal breaker for HIV or we might be creating the perfect situation for HIV to maximize its chances of overcoming that hurdle.

more than 5 years ago

The Fastest Processor You Can't Run

OGmofo Re:You're all missing the point... (236 comments)

I think you hit the nail on the head. AMD seems to be trailing right now in performance and I suspect the reason is mostly process capability differences. I think AMD had a lead for a little while, mostly in their design (relatively cheap to achieve) but couldn't turn that lead into enough profit to fund more rapid advances in process shrinkage to maintain that lead ( a much more expensive endeavor). A good part of why they couldn't turn that lead into a decent reputation and lasting profit margins was industry inertia and Intel's very effective, perhaps sometimes underhanded, marketing.

What's even scarier is that AMD could fall far enough behind they eventually effectively fold. I don't think that would bode well for CPU prices.

Sometimes I think the enlightened consumer needs to think about the competetion aspect of the market. Given two options of equal or comparable value, give extra consideration to the little guy...you may benefit from the competetion later.

more than 7 years ago


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