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Gary Kildall, Father of the PC OS, Finally Gets His Due

Obijon70 Award (99 comments)

IMO, CP/M should get him the award, not even considering BIOS...

about 5 months ago

The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey

Obijon70 Re:What a fool. (82 comments)

Same thing we do every night Pinky. Take over the internet BWAH-HAHAHA..

about 6 months ago

The Net Routes Around Censorship In Turkey

Obijon70 What a fool. (82 comments)

Haven't these tin pot dictators learned you cant "abolish" the internet? people that want to communicate with each other WILL find a way.

about 6 months ago

Oldest Known Star In the Universe Discovered

Obijon70 Re:Which star? (141 comments)

Nah, Shirley Temple just passed away today.

about 7 months ago

Oldest Known Star In the Universe Discovered

Obijon70 Knowledge (141 comments)

The more i read stories like this, more i realize there is so much more I would like to know. Too many books not enough time lol...

about 7 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Obijon70 Meh. (2219 comments)

No need to fix that which is not broken - new is not necessarily better. Remember "New" Coke?

about 7 months ago

Slashdot users give new beta design a huge Bronx cheer

Obijon70 beta (2 comments)

Change is NOT always good. I prefer the way it is now, so thumbs down from me.

about 7 months ago

Mozilla Partners With Panasonic To Bring Firefox OS To the TV

Obijon70 Re:Anything will be an improvement (55 comments)

I would love to, but my wife would kill me. kill me extra-dead.

about 8 months ago

Firewall Company Palo Alto Buys Stealthy Startup Formed By Ex-NSAers

Obijon70 Re:I don't think so. (102 comments)

Now, now, Im sure the products they offer will be 100% safe and backdoor proof. Boy that was hard to type with out it getting stuck in my throat...

about 8 months ago

Backdoor Discovered In Netgear and Linkys Routers

Obijon70 Re:haha (189 comments)

I loved that modem - I had the internal version for my IIe. And it could keep up with my typing!! Now I'll have to dig around and see if it still works...

about 8 months ago

Cyber Squatters Grab Up More Than 600 'Pope Francis' Domain Names

Obijon70 Re:Because the Vatican Has Its Own TLD? (73 comments)

This pope has a history of being humble though, from turning down his limo and mansion (in his last post). Plus the name he picked in honor of St. Francis, in homage to the saint who was all about the poor. And as a bonus, he doesn't look like Emperor Palpatine.

about a year and a half ago


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