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Why doesn't slashdot allow users to see who upmodded or downmodded them?

Obscene_CNN I'm down modding this out of principle (2 comments)

I'm down modding this out of principle. This just sounds like a jilted poster who is butt hurt their stuff didn't make the cut.

about a week ago

MIT's Ted Postol presents more evidence on Iron Dome failures

Obscene_CNN Bad science, Biases Opinion, and ignoring facts. (1 comments)

This guy is ignoring facts. Hamas in the past has had far better success with its rocket attacks before iron dome at killing Israelis. He also incorrectly states that the only intercept that is successful is one that destroys the warhead in the air. As Hamas aims its attacks at highly populated areas, any missile intercept that damages the incoming missile will deflect it a lower populated area and thus reduce casualties.

about a week ago

You're Paying Comcast's Electric Bill

Obscene_CNN Your math sucks and is biased! (3 comments)

it only costs you $8 a year. You state yourself that the cable modem uses $14.99 a year just sitting there. but when it is under use either by you or someone else it goes up to $22.80. So the most it can cost you extra is $7.81 a year. If it bothers you that much put your cable modem on a wall timer to go off while you sleep or are at work. you will probably save more than the $8 a year to power people sponge off of you.

about a month ago

New chemical process could make ammonia a practical car fuel

Obscene_CNN its too poisonous to use for car fuel (1 comments)

"there is no obvious reason why this existing infrastructure cannot be extended so that ammonia not only feeds but powers the planet." How about ammonia being too poisonous to use as fuel in a car? Exposure to gaseous ammonia can result in lung damage and death. Pure ammonia boils at -33 degrees C and once it is diluted to a safe level it isn't suitable for fuel. Yet this person wants the average idiot to put it in their car?

about a month ago

The EPA carbon plan: Coal loses, but but who wins?

Obscene_CNN Answer: We all loose! (3 comments)

Answer: We All Loose!! no matter how you slice it it means higher prices, which means fewer jobs and lower pay. We All Loose!!

about a month ago

Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

Obscene_CNN Analog can still beat digital, its not going away. (236 comments)

As long as analog can still beat digital, its not going away anytime soon. I have designed pure analog circuits to do control and functional logic in some cases because its cheaper, easier to build, and eliminates a programming step than throwing in a micro controller. You don't see it done much these days because people just don't bother considering it as an option.

about a month and a half ago

Facebook Lets Users Opt Out of Targeted Ads

Obscene_CNN Hog wash!! (97 comments)

If you want to opt out you have to enable accepting ALL FIRST AND ALL THIRD PARTY COOKIES!!!! Why should we have to make ourselves vulnerable to every other tracking network just to opt out of theirs? Why don't they just honor the do not track flag in your browser? I'll tell you why they are going to track you like it or not. If not through their system they will do it through a shell company.

about a month and a half ago

It's time to say goodbye to the password

Obscene_CNN This story is dead, not the password. (1 comments)

We have heard this so many times its not even funny. This story fails because it says human memorizable ones are no good but tel;l you haw to make a memorizable one. FAIL!!!!

about a month and a half ago

How Florida cops went door to door with fake cell device to find one man

Obscene_CNN don't transmit if you don't want to be found (1 comments)

I don't see what the alarm is here. Its not like the cops were listening in on his conversations. Directional antennas have been around just as long as radio itself. If you don't want to be found its your responsibility to keep your phone from transmitting its unique ID.

about 2 months ago

FPGA for Makers: The Dream of Drag and Drop Circuits

Obscene_CNN Re:How is this new? Why give them money? (12 comments)

Ignoring the fact that there is a whole hell of a lot of work in just "connect the FPGA to your dev board" etc that you're glossing over by making it sound like "just turn the light switch on if you want light, duh!"

What hooking up 4 lines to program it is hard? Bit banging to program the FPGA is just going to be as hard as bitbanging the io pins you are going to have to use to use whatever you program the FPGA to do. Its dead simple. I had my first test circuit running in less than a day. Why give these guys $30,000+ ?

about 2 months ago

FPGA for Makers: The Dream of Drag and Drop Circuits

Obscene_CNN Re:How is this new? Why give them money? (12 comments)

Its not like its all that hard to use FPGAs. Both Xilinx and Altera have lots of examples on programming FPGAs in their IDEs. All that needs to be done is connect the FPGA to your dev board and come up with simple bitbanging code to program the FPGA (there is even source code examples and wiring diagrams for that). If people can't figure that much out I don't know what they hope to accomplish with an FPGA. Its not like you have to be a god to read.

about 2 months ago

FPGA for Makers: The Dream of Drag and Drop Circuits

Obscene_CNN How is this new? Why give them money? (12 comments)

How is this new? Why give them money? If you look at what they are saying in this kick starter project they are just using the existing Xilinx software that can be downloaded for free to draw and implement the circuits. Are Arduino people and their money that easily separated? Damn shame I have ethics or I'd be rich.

about 2 months ago

UK Ballistics Scientists: 3D-Printed Guns Are 'of No Use To Anyone'

Obscene_CNN Re:polymer AR lower recievers... (490 comments)

If your gun was made after 1968 and ever crosses a state line it has to have a serial number (federal law).

about 2 months ago



The human body shouldn't bend like this

Obscene_CNN Obscene_CNN writes  |  about a month and a half ago

Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "Not your normal slashdot material but the human body shouldn't bend like this. This may make some slashdot readers get turned on while others may wince in pain (It is safe for work). Either way it must be seen to be believed!! (or to claim its photo shopped) ;)"
Link to Original Source

Kickstarter won't let you fund a Death Star :(

Obscene_CNN Obscene_CNN writes  |  about 2 months ago

Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "When you are only working part time you tend to look for business opportunities and additional employment. After seeing a few kickstarter projects being pimped on here leveraging other people's work they give out for free I figured why not go big time. I decided to try and fund a Death Star.

Of course there are a few problems with trying to create this project on kickstarter. First they want a location and high earth orbit isn't acceptable. Next they won't let you fund a $2,900,000,000,000,000,000 USD project. And finally they have this stupid no weapons or dangerous device policy.

Now the first issue can be fixed by a simple change in the webpage to allow places they don't recognize. Its not like this is the first project to built in space. They should be expecting this as they do have a category for space projects.

For the second issue, funding limits. I guess they worry you can't raise $2.9 quintillion in 60 days. Really it would only cost about $2.7 quintillion but after Kickstarter and Amazon take their cut it bumps the price to another $200 quadrillion. I really think that if they would be willing to drop their percentage in half they could still be happy making $100 quadrillion. Lets face it dropping the funding goal $100 quadrillion improves the odds of any kickstarter project working.

Now for the final issue of their weapons policy. Since this project will be built in space there will be no governing laws other than the laws of physics. Why would they prohibit this? I can only speculate that they are under the impression that Death Star owners run around blowing up planets like they see in the movies. In reality there is not one document case of a Death Star owner doing this. As long as they continue to buy into the Death Star control freaks hype from the planet Alderaan we won't be able to get this project off the ground.

This is where I need your help. Please send them feedback to encourage them to make changes to their website and policies to allow this project. You can contact them here.

Thank You"


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