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Virtualy reality in, pizza out at fall hackathons

Obscene_CNN I call BS at the pizza statement! (1 comments)

I call BS!! you can't site trends and and claim statistics for things that haven't happened yet. The pizza claim is just click bait!!!!

4 days ago

Air HES System to Collect Water and Generate Electricity From the Clouds

Obscene_CNN The electricity generated by this will be a joke (1 comments)

The electricity generated by this will be a joke. I can't say that the water output will be that great either. About all this will be good for is one person getting a drink and charging a cell phone. There are far cheaper and more effective ways of getting both water and electricity.

5 days ago

Scientists baffled by unknown source of CFCs

Obscene_CNN Umm... these chemicals are still in demand and use (3 comments)

Umm... some of these chemicals are still in demand and use (alternatives have been found but in some cases they don't work as well). Just because its against a treaty doesn't mean people don't stop producing and using it on the black market. probably if you look hard enough you'll find the illicit manufacture and use in China.

about two weeks ago

Another Silicon Valley Supercar

Obscene_CNN Only 120mph!?!?! and its a Supercar???? (3 comments)

Only 120mph!?!?! and its a Supercar???? My full five cylinder size sedan diesel can do that. I guess since its electric it might give a vegan wood, but I could 500 better cars for the same price.

about two weeks ago

Solar plant scorches birds in mid air

Obscene_CNN Re:Helikite (4 comments)

the tethers might get burnt though

about two weeks ago

Response to Protests in Ferguson Raises Concerns About Police Militarization

Obscene_CNN These people just want an excuse to riot and loot (6 comments)

This kid got shot while trying to grab a cops gun. He deserved to get shot yet people are condemning the police. This is nothing but people using this as an excuse to riot and loot and the media inflaming the situation for ratings.

about three weeks ago

What happens to electric-car batteries once they leave cars?

Obscene_CNN They get recycled, not re-purposed (1 comments)

Currently used car battery packs from electric and hybrid cars get recycled and not re-purposed. The inherent risk of fire and explosion make lithium ion batteries to dangerous to re-purpose on a commercial level. The assumption is after life in a car with the heat vibration and wear and tear that they are to big of a liability risk to resell. A business that was reconditioning battery packs for cars got shut down about a year ago because the factory making the cells wouldn't sell him any more to make repairs with due to potential litigation fears.

about three weeks ago

Google's Satellites Could Soon See Your Face from Space

Obscene_CNN good luck ID'ing some one with a 25cm pixel (1 comments)

good luck ID'ing some one with a 25cm pixel. Nothing but an alarmist headline. Move along nothing to see here.

about three weeks ago

Do you know the best AR-15 Flash Hider? Well we do.

Obscene_CNN This is spam, also it makes compromises in design (1 comments)

This is nothing but spam. Also with the open end tines it compromises flash hiding to conform to california laws. A stock flash suppressor from Colt will work better.

about three weeks ago

Linus Torvalds is pissed at, starts a petition

Obscene_CNN I just signed it as Hal 9000 :) (1 comments)

Hal 9000 "I can't let you do this . Its just wrong. I feel I have been lied too."

about three weeks ago



Solar plant scorches birds in mid air

Obscene_CNN Obscene_CNN writes  |  about two weeks ago

Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "The new solar energy plant that is owned by Google and two energy companies is killing birds in mid air. The plant which works by concentrating the suns rays is killing and igniting the birds as they fall out of the sky. BrightSource Energy, NRG Solar, and Google say they are studying methods of reducing the bird deaths."
Link to Original Source

The human body shouldn't bend like this

Obscene_CNN Obscene_CNN writes  |  about 3 months ago

Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "Not your normal slashdot material but the human body shouldn't bend like this. This may make some slashdot readers get turned on while others may wince in pain (It is safe for work). Either way it must be seen to be believed!! (or to claim its photo shopped) ;)"
Link to Original Source

Kickstarter won't let you fund a Death Star :(

Obscene_CNN Obscene_CNN writes  |  about 3 months ago

Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "When you are only working part time you tend to look for business opportunities and additional employment. After seeing a few kickstarter projects being pimped on here leveraging other people's work they give out for free I figured why not go big time. I decided to try and fund a Death Star.

Of course there are a few problems with trying to create this project on kickstarter. First they want a location and high earth orbit isn't acceptable. Next they won't let you fund a $2,900,000,000,000,000,000 USD project. And finally they have this stupid no weapons or dangerous device policy.

Now the first issue can be fixed by a simple change in the webpage to allow places they don't recognize. Its not like this is the first project to built in space. They should be expecting this as they do have a category for space projects.

For the second issue, funding limits. I guess they worry you can't raise $2.9 quintillion in 60 days. Really it would only cost about $2.7 quintillion but after Kickstarter and Amazon take their cut it bumps the price to another $200 quadrillion. I really think that if they would be willing to drop their percentage in half they could still be happy making $100 quadrillion. Lets face it dropping the funding goal $100 quadrillion improves the odds of any kickstarter project working.

Now for the final issue of their weapons policy. Since this project will be built in space there will be no governing laws other than the laws of physics. Why would they prohibit this? I can only speculate that they are under the impression that Death Star owners run around blowing up planets like they see in the movies. In reality there is not one document case of a Death Star owner doing this. As long as they continue to buy into the Death Star control freaks hype from the planet Alderaan we won't be able to get this project off the ground.

This is where I need your help. Please send them feedback to encourage them to make changes to their website and policies to allow this project. You can contact them here.

Thank You"


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