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Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

OcabJ Glock pistols (702 comments)

Glocks: Pretty ugly as far as firearms are concerned, but total workhorses. Function in rough conditions and easy to maintain.

about 9 months ago

Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

OcabJ Hackers (150 comments)

"Anyway, anyway, guys guys guys, come on. I'm in this computer, right. So I'm looking around, looking around, you know, throwing commands at it, I don't know where it is or what it does or anything. It's like, it's like choice, it's just beautiful, okay. Like four hours I'm just messing around in there. Finally I figure out, that it's a bank. Right, okay wait, okay, so it's a bank. So, this morning, I look in the paper, some cash machine in like Bumsville Idaho, spits out seven hundred dollars into the middle of the street. That was me. That was me. I did that."

about 10 months ago

Hacker Took Over BBC Server, Tried To Sell Access On Christmas Day

OcabJ U HAVE TREAD UPON MY DOMAIN... (41 comments)

So did Acid Burn kick Crash Override out of the system?

1 year,26 days

Sniping Could Be the Next Killer iPod App

OcabJ Re:But can you flaunt it in public . . . ? (461 comments)

Actually, a .308 Winchester with the 175gr BTHP (Sierra Match King) bullet can still be supersonic at 1000 yards.

With a muzzle velocity of at least 2650 feet per second, the Sierra MK 30cal 175gr bullet will make it out to and slightly beyond 1000 before it goes subsonic. It has a ballistic coefficient of .495-.505.

The 175gr is the standard bullet used on the US military M118LR 'sniper' round. M118 being the military designator for the ammo, 'LR' meaning Long Range.

You can even get a 22 caliber bullet in a .223 Remington (5.56 NATO) out to a 1000 yards maintaining supersonic flight. While many still use the .308 for 1000 yard Service Rifle competition, the AR15 platform in .223 has taken the Farr Trophy (US National Trophy for 1000 yard Service Rifle). This is accomplished by using an 80gr or heavier bullet. The Sierra Match King 22cal (.224") 80gr BTHP is popular, but the Very Low Drag bullets like the Berger 80gr VLD have a much higher ballistic coefficient and can buck the wind better.

about 6 years ago

Sniping Could Be the Next Killer iPod App

OcabJ Ballistic software for mobile devices not new (461 comments)

Ballistic calculators for mobile devices isn't new. Exbal has been around for Palm and Windows Mobile devices for several years now. The only interesting thing is that this application was approved by the iTunes Application Store. I guess people are surprised Apple would allow a firearms/shooting related application on the App Store.

I think ballistic calculators on mobile devices is a gimmick anyway. I just use JBM to generate a ballistic table for a specific gun/ammo that I use in competition, make a hard copy, and keep that with the gun (some people even print it out on a small card and tape it to their stock).

about 6 years ago

Night Goggles Capture Spider-Man Movie Bootlegger

OcabJ Wasted effort, SM2 bootlegs released anyway (998 comments)

http://www.nforce.nl/index.php?do=nfo&id=70667 (released 06/30/2004)
http://www.nforce.nl/index.php?do=nfo &id=70624 (released 06/30/2004)

I don't believe in watching shitty cam or screener rips before I watch the movie in the actual theater.

But, I don't understand why this guy even bothered to try cam'ing the movie when he could have downloaded the rip that very day. What an idiot.

more than 10 years ago


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