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Firefox To Get a Nag Screen For Upgrades

Odiumjunkie Re:I'll upgrade when... (565 comments)

> unfortunately, they also can't have a "don't remember these sites" list for obvious reasons Why not have a "don't ever remember this site" button that keeps a list of the $FavouriteAlgorithm hashes of the base second level domains (foo.org) of the sites you click you the button while surfing. Every time you visit a site, it hashes domain; if the hash matches the "do not remember" list, it doesn't keep any records.

more than 6 years ago



Odiumjunkie Odiumjunkie writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Odiumjunkie (926074) writes "BBC news are reporting on a new pilot scheme that allows police officers to fingerprint motorists suspected of providing a false identity, as around 60% of stopped drivers currently do, at the roadside. Officers use a hand-held device to take fingerprints, which then wirelessly communicates with a central fingerprint database through encrypted GPRS. Apparently the device is around 95% accurate. Currently, a suspect must be arrested before they are legally obliged to surrender finger prints, but under the new scheme motorists can volountarily provide prints in order to spare a trip to a police station. Currently, fingerprints taken under this scheme are not retained by police."


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