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Dutch Gov't Has No Idea How To Delete Tapped Calls

Odo No joke, it's hard (186 comments)

Deleting data is really really hard. If one is storing large amounts of data it is difficult to put a system in place which can prove that every copy in your posession has been deleted. Think about the work of sifting through thousands of write-once offline backups, be it tapes or CDs or whatever, locating the data, copying the original minus the data and destroying the originals. If that's not hard enough, what about data that's not in discrete files. Say there's a PostgreSQL database that's zipped and spans a thousand peices of physical media. The only way to delete a record is to load the whole database then redump it. And don't forget about regenerating all the index files. And dealing with obsolete file formats.

This sounds like a stupid problem, but in reality it is really tough to delete something and be certain that you've got it all.

about 5 years ago

Watermelon Juice Makes Great Biofuel

Odo Wasted fruit? (160 comments)

The real news is that 20% of the watermelon crop is currently thrown out due to cosmetic issues. I don't understand why shape and surface issues would disqualify the fruit from use in processed foods. Such as watermelon juice, fruit salads, sweeteners, etc. If true (and the article did not provide citations, this represents a stunning waste.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Contractors Censoring Saturn V Info

Odo Re:Pot this is kettle calling... (583 comments)

> Given the size differential between the first and later stages, the earlier post is
> somewhat justified in calling LOX and kerosene the primary fuel for Saturn V.

But most of the delta-v comes from the final two stages.
Velocity at first staging was 9,900 km/h. Final velocity was 39,000 km/h.

more than 7 years ago


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