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Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

Ol Olsoc Re:Just proves the point (1179 comments)

Well, no. Not with you and the reason is you are clearly very very bigoted:.

You just have to be patient. In the end, women will win this "war". Given the advances in biology, and reproductive science in general, the male of the species is becoming quite redundant. Perhaps men will be first reduced to some manner of parasitic thingy, or even made completely unneeded, as women will be able to reproduce asexually, as the all female gender lizard does.

I might be accused of being a smartass here, as I often am guilty of that. But I am dead serious, the male gender of the species will go away, my guess is around 200 hundred years or so. Not in our lifetimes, and probably only in a few countries at first, but as testosterone based problems are faced - there will be increased pressure to engage in pathogenesis.

11 hours ago

African States Aim To Improve Internet Interconnections

Ol Olsoc Re:wrong priorities (27 comments)

Erm, nope.. I'm just asking a simple question. No need for all this rudeness.

I'm sure 95% of the population of Africa won't give a toss about faster or better internet, or even know or care what that is to begin with. There are more important things to work on and solve over there..

Well then, let us make sure they have no internet until they solve all their other problems.

You might think it's rude, but perhaps that is because of the way you use the internet. If I had to produce food, lest I die, Rain, and or crop information might just be of real interest to me.

So who is the arbiter of what these people are allowed to have or not have. Should they be converted to Christianity first? Some look at that as job number one.

Should we just give them food? Feed them forever and ever?

Medical information - No, wouldn't want anyone to have that, would we.

Or should you personally be allowed to determine what is or isn't allowed for these people to have access to. Are you willing to make life and death decisions for them?

You might think I'm rude. I think you are so shortsighted that it stinks.


African States Aim To Improve Internet Interconnections

Ol Olsoc Re:wrong priorities (27 comments)

Shouldn't they focus on human rights, eradicating corruption, poverty, disease, getting rid of the so called debt they `owe` to Europe and the west? Instead, they want to improve their internet connection.. They really have the wrong priorities set at the moment...

Are you the guy who is always bitching about research projects? The one who can't see past your own prejudices? Maybe one of the people who want every problem on earth fixed before we went to the moon?

So how does your system work?

No internet for them until they improve human rights, end corruption, poverty, disease, and debt?

For immediate purposes, how might the internetz be helpful in eliminating poverty?

Maybe the farmer might be able to get a good idea of what the weather is going to be. Maybe information about diseases that will help people. Not only cures, but preventative measures. Maybe understand the relationship between mortality rates and population growth.

Maybe more people wanting to learn how to read, in order to use teh intertoobz.

Now suddenly you have a much more literate populous. And literacy and knowledge are dangerous for the "bad guys".

Then comes the disruption - your corrupt leaders aren't going to just step aside, the populous will need to fight for their rights. Seeing how other parts of the world live will be a positive influence. But all this will take many years.

2 days ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

Ol Olsoc Re:What's so American (521 comments)

\ It is a wonderful example of the effectiveness of propaganda. I assume that you aren't part of the press, but here you are, repeating the "Big Lie" as if it were fact.

Are the selfish pricks that I know who call themselves Libertarians repeating the big lie also?

Assuming you are a Libertarian, you are using one of the pervasive Deep Right Republican tactics. Aways the media's fault.

Okay, then why not start up your own news networks?

3 days ago

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Ol Olsoc Just sayin' (807 comments)

While systemd may or may not be the best thing since sliced bread, what I see as it's biggest drawback is the microsoft shill-like attitude of it's developers.

When an obvious software bug gets blamed on everyone and everything else but the buggy software, When a program breaks functioning systems and it is the functioning systems fault it no longer works.....

Hey, we've gone through this bullshit with Microsoft long enough, that every problem is "The stupid user's fault". No thank you. Get a new attitude, show us how good it is rather than blame us when the hardware quits working. It removes a huge reason I moved to Linux.

Or move to programming for Microsoft. That attitude might just fit in gangbusters there.

3 days ago

New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Ol Olsoc Re:FYI - Windows 7 EOL Jan. 14, 2020 (251 comments)

spoken like a true fanboi. "Windows 8 didn't work for you so you must be stupid!"

Tell me more how ten minutes is a great deal of time to reach a good assessment on an operating system.

You are absolutely correct. After 10 minutes I thought that W8 was awful.

But after almost a year, I realized I was wrong. W8 isn't awful. It's an abortion, a first class fuckup, doesn't do a thing other than make things I used to do on every other version of Windows a little harder, and decreases productivity a bit, and is the worst OS ever created. It was what convinced me to stop using Microsoft products

See, I know to admit when I've made a mistake.

3 days ago

New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Ol Olsoc Re:FYI - Windows 7 EOL Jan. 14, 2020 (251 comments)

Windows 8 was a non-starter - all new machines got rolled back to Windows 7 after about 10 minutes of howling about the interface by the users.

You give up after just 10 minutes? You're clearly not the right person for the job.

Well, problem is that there are some options that don't require spending large sums of money to retrain people to use a completely fucked up interface that at the very best , will allow them to do exactly what they were already doing. Like sticking with W7

Tell me the business model of spending money to retrain people who don't like what you are retraining them on, for absolutely no benefit. Not faster, not better, no benefit at all.

They could achieve the same result by withdrawing a few mil from the bank in cash, and lighting it on fire on the lawn.

3 days ago

New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Ol Olsoc Re:Doesn't need much to make it right (251 comments)

The real issue is that half of the OS uses the desktop UI, and the other half uses the "metro" UI. The built-in metro apps are inferior and redundant to the desktop counterparts.

A million times THIS!

For all the shills squawking about addon's to make your W8 desktop into something approaching a normal computer, they simply ignored that there are a lot of Apps that you gotta go Metro for. So now instead of one desktop you have to use two.

And it's not just built in versus desktop apps, because much of the offering's on the store are metro app only.

After trying it for almost a year, it convinced me that Microsoft has slipped a cog. My W8 touchscreen laptop is running Mint now. Faster, more reliable, and much more pleasant.

3 days ago

New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Ol Olsoc Re:Already? (251 comments)

The interface is fine. Its quicker to get what you need. The problem as some minor issues with the interface, and a bunch of people on the internet who hate change of any type.

Well they should just ignore those assholes. Who the hell do those customers think they are anyhow?

If you look at OSX for instance, they have a desktop option called launchpad a bit like Metro, with icons instead of rectangles. Close enough for comparison.

Almost everyone dislikes it, so they don't use it. They can simply use the method they've used forever, and ignore launchpad. Then they can go out on their porch and yell at the kids walking on their lawn.

Even better, OSX doesn't use launchpad as a default. If you like it, you can use it. You don't have to install third party apps to get something that looks like what you want. ( by the way, there are apps that you have to use in Metro mode) You don't have to go to ht einternet to find out how to do things that you could easily do in all the earlier Windows OS's.

Not everything new is better. And Metro simply smacks of change for changes sake, not improvement.

3 days ago

New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

Ol Olsoc Re:Not worth it (251 comments)

Right, because all PCs are black boxes that won't let you wipe the HD clean and install your own Windows. Oh wait.

Hey, when I replaced W8 with Linux Mint on my better hal's computer, it wasn't that big a deal, only had to enable legacy boot. Trouble was, that meant I coudn't boot Winwos 8 any more.

Gee, I can't tell people how much that upset me.

3 days ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

Ol Olsoc Again, (521 comments)

with the litmus tests. Golly gee, I had no idea that supporting net neutrality made one a stinkin commie!

Litmus tests are very important, and infallible, because far right conservatives use them all the time, and they are inherently right, right? So let me drag out one og my own......

So being that under net neutrality, all data is to be treated equally, it means that anyone supporting any sort of equality is a Marxist.

As noted in the Constitution, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal", means that if you support anything that doesn't treat my internet traffic as equal to everyone else's, you are not a Marxist.

Therefore, in an astounding and true litmus test, it appears that the founding fathers were Marxists, because they supported the idea that all men are created equal, and that is contrary to the truth as outlined by the Koch brothers.

Who knew?

3 days ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

Ol Olsoc Re:What's so American (521 comments)

The Kochs shill for their holdings in power companies by spreading bullshit about wind and solar power.

Enemies of the free market, trying to squash any competition

The Kochs shill for Mike Pompeo so he will do their dirty work in Washington.

Enemies of representative lawmaking,

I'm so tired of hearing how they claim to be Libertarian. I swear they registered just for the publicity.

Because they aren't Libertarians. If I were a true Libertarian I would be pissed at how the name has been stolen

Libertarian today stands for selfish prick who refuses to do anything that isn't in their immediate self interest. And they look a whole awful lot like far right wing Republicans.

The concept of live and let live, and personal freedom of the original Libertarians is long gone. "Enlightened Self Interest" has been replaced by "Self Interest" only.

3 days ago

$75K Prosthetic Arm Is Bricked When Paired iPod Is Stolen

Ol Olsoc At least (194 comments)

If he was using a Zune, no one would have stolen it.

3 days ago

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Ol Olsoc Re:NT is best (190 comments)

Gee, look! Another mistaken soul who automatically assumes those who think Linux is shit simply MUST BE USING AN OLD VERSION. Where have you been?

Happily using Linux and OSX. Happily not using whatever Microsoft puts out any more

And especially not give a flying fuck what some person uses. And I've done enough installs of enough distros (Oh, I'll bet just seeing that word gets you pissed) to know just what they look like. And they work. Just fine.

And nothing like pissing off asshats. Nothing like retorting to people who either don't know what they are doing, or lying about anything but whatever Microsoft is offering. Or OSX - You know I had a conversation here about someone who was bitching about one button Mac Mice - still thought they were using them. Sorry Coward, but there is a lot of misinformation put out by people who have absolutely no idea. And responding is somehow a bad thing? If you are having troubles with Linux, well then perhaps it isn't the Linux OS, perhaps it isn't the Distro, perhaps it's you.

4 days ago

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Ol Olsoc Re:LibreOffice (190 comments)

A work center redid my resume with a template they had, the document saved as a docx file. When I went to make a change at home on Libre Office, some bullets in the original changed to a symbol that looks like a man's junk. Any change to the document would change these bullets.

There are still small compatibility problems.

Take a powerpoint file with more than just basic text made in Windows Microsoft Office. Open the file in Microsoft Office for Mac.

Yup, Office is not compatible with itself. I've dealt with that for so long that I've come to the conclusion that a program that doesn't support itself should never be used as an example of compatibility with anything else.

P.S. - Make a pdf file. Making doc files for distribution, like resumes is considered gauche, like typing in all caps.

4 days ago

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Ol Olsoc Re:NT is best (190 comments)

If constant reboots and BSODs are still your impression of Windows, you should give it another try with a more recent version. Things are quite smooth these days, thanks to the NT6 kernel.

Haven't been paying attention lately have ya?

Last Black Tuesday fucked up a lot of users of New modern great Windows systems

And recently there have been a lot of Windows 7 users who after an update, Microsoft wouldn't accept their genuine legal copies of W7 and wouldn't allow them to use their computers.

Or do you mean some mythical New Version of Windows that won't have any problems at all.

4 days ago

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

Ol Olsoc Re:NT is best (190 comments)

" You may want to try a Linux distro that is not 10 years old next time.

What fun would that be? Kinda wipes out his argument. Remember we are dealing with people who think Mac's still use one button meeces.

As for appearance, and setup, it is hard to imagine a Windows user not being able to figure out how to get around easily in Mint Cinnamon, and there are so many different distros, it's hard to imagine any Windows only user being able to declare them alll as ugly.

Buggy? I have no idea what he's talking about, except in a open source environment, we do stand a chance of getting incompletel or not ready for prime time software on occasion. That is a very acceptable tradeoff for not having to use Windows.

4 days ago

Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

Ol Olsoc My thoughts (185 comments)

I've built a number of telescopes, and here's what I've learned.

Unless you are willing to invest a lot of money in a good refractor, or lens based scope, you are better off with a mirror. Lenses have a quality called chromatic aberration, which can be mostly eliminated, but you'll be buying an expensive scope that isn't all that big, and need to take special care of it.

An equatorial mount needs to be rock steady. This means it has to have a lot of mass usually a lot more than the Optical tube.

This is why unless you plan on doing a lot of photography from a fixed location, an alt az mount is preferable for rmost folks. It also allows you to use a relatively large mirror.

The Dobsonian version of alt-az mounts uses a base bearing, the azimuth portion, and altitude bearing, that usually consists of a teflon surface placed against a formica type surface. The idea is that when the scope is balanced, it will stay where it's placed, yet will move without jerkiness when you need to move it. The scopes I have made allow me to move them smoothly while viewing. It has a quality we refer to as "stiction"

As for the size of the telescope, I recommend a 6 inch for beginners, or maybe an 8 inch. A focal ratiot of somewhere between F6 and f8 is also good.

A note that the longer the focal length, the larger the magnification of any given object is for a given eyepiece, , and the narrower the field of view is. The shorter focal ratios, like f4 have a wider field of view which can make for some awesome views of the Milky way, but they have an aberration known as coma, which means the center of the image will be sharp, but not the edges. This too can be corrected, but with an expensive coma corrector.

Next the really important part is Eyepieces.

Very popular today is the Plössl, which have a pretty decent apparent field of view, which is to say it doesn't look like you are viewing through a porthole from 5 feet away.

You should get a few different sizes. I would recommend a 32 mm, a 25 or 20 mm, and perhaps a 15 mm. There are shorter eyepieces available, but are only useable when the atmosphere seeing is very good, otherwise they give a pretty elnarged fuzzy image, which is not the lenses fault, but the conditions.

Note there is a type of eyepiece called a "Nagler", which is a very good but very expensive eyepiece. Stick with the Plössls to start with, Naglers are awesome, but can empty your bank account pretty quickly.

So let's say you are looking at a 6 inch scope. Orion has their skyquest scopes for either $299 or $349 a version with a barlow lens which will double the magnification of any eyepiece.

I'd go for the $299 model. It's an F8 which should be a good compromise height for kids or adults - more on that in a moment.

A Sirius Plössl eyepiece is in the roughly 50 dollar range each.

Some things to think about:

A chair for the adults, especially handy for viewing things at lower Alt settings.

A step ladder with a railing for the young'uns.

Both should wait unti you have a scope in hand. I have an infinitely adjustable chair that makes viewing a lot more pleasant, and the railing is just something for leaning against instead of the telescope.

A Telrad. This is a cool - if ugly - device that projects a bulls-eye image on glass that you look through to find objects. Works great. There are also "red dot BB finders that are Okay but not much better than the regular finder. A cool feature is that there are Telrad finder charts that allow you to set your scope with a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

about a week ago

Slashdot Asks: Cheap But Reasonable Telescopes for Kids?

Ol Olsoc Re:Dobsonian (185 comments)

No. Absolutely not. Alt-az mounts are horrible, especially for beginning astronomers as there is a complete disconnect between the telescope axis and reality. An alt-az mount almost has to be motorized to be useful, and it drives up cost. People hocking dobs love to talk about how cheap the "dollars per inch" of the optics are, but the fail to mention you can look at something under high magnification for a few seconds before it disappears, and then you have to figure out how to track RA with an alt-az mount under high power and find the object again.

There's no better way to get an astronomy newbie to QUIT the hobby than to set them up with a dob.

A perponderance of users contradicts what you are writing. The concept of an EQ mount is completely at odds with the way people - especially noobs, think. Where is X? This many degrees up and that many over with the alt-az mount. So now with the EQ mount, you have to first align it, then moving it around can be "interesting", and by the time you get things moved around, the kids have lost interest.

You might like the EQ mount better, but that's personal preference not shared by a lot of others, except thos that like to do imaging. Even then, with a drive and a eyepiece rotator, you can do just as well. What is especially problematic with the EQ mounts is how they scale in mass with the size of the scope. They get really big and heavy, really quickly.

about a week ago


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