Interview With the Author of "Mastering Cat"

Olaf Underbridge dog link is broken (243 comments)

<>, the link given for the
dog program, is broken, and the first Google hit
seeking a replacement is unresponsive (probably /.ted).

However, <>
gives a good overview.

Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install dog
Gentoo:        sudo emerge sys-apps/dog

more than 5 years ago

Online Banking Customers Migrating To Lynx

Olaf Underbridge "CLUI" (220 comments)

It's "CLUI" for Command-Line User Interface.
"CUI" is "Curses User Interface", fsckface.

more than 5 years ago

Sun In Talks To Be Acquired By IBM

Olaf Underbridge Best logo in human history (526 comments)

> Q. What do you get when you combine Sun with IBM?
> A. IBM.

I'm going to miss the Sun logo.

more than 5 years ago


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