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A Look Inside Newegg

Omnieiunium Re:New Egg not one of my faves (327 comments)

I remember watching a show on NBC, or one it's other channels, and they were doing a documentary about Walmart. There factories are incredibly complex and insane. Everything you buy is sent to a central database within minutes of your purchase and is analyzed by the computers who determine what products are needed at various stores around the country, so they can send them out instantly. It is some crazy complex system where every item is tracked to the store. Too bad I can't remember much more.

more than 8 years ago


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Web Hosting

Omnieiunium Omnieiunium writes  |  more than 9 years ago I have been looking for somewhere to host my website. I have been with a company before that has incredible deals, however I am looking for other companies. I ask you, the slashdot crowd, and of those who read my journal, where you would recommend to host your site? I am looking for a cheap, under $10 a month, with a fair amount of bandwidth, db, and the like. Any recommendations? Suggestions?


Bloody f**k

Omnieiunium Omnieiunium writes  |  more than 9 years ago So anyway, last night I decide to turn off the old compy for a bit of a rest. It actually helps me get work done because I cannot be distracted as easily. Okay, simple enough, however when I finish my work early I decide I should play a bit of a Superpowers 2 (see earlier post) then go to read. However, I turn on my computer, and guess what happens, MOST OF MY PROGRAMS ARE GONE!! I mean really gone. I decide to check the C:\Program Files and they are aren't there. I check the Recycle Bin, gone. I am utterly confused and very ticked off because I had just lost soo much work. Okay, I calm down and try a system restore. It works, bringing back some of the programs, however, it gets worse. The computer starts to eat files. I am really panicing right now, I have stuff on here that isn't backed up. So for the next hour I am hustling around the house putting stuff onto the other computers I have in the house. After doing this, the computer is basically in self-destruct mode. I am now pretty ticked off. Then my computer just started to not work. I gave up and started to re-install windows. Now I am on the brutal path or re-installing everything. I seriously thought about getting LInux, however I don't have the time to do extensive reading about it. Any one have any suggestions?


Omnieiunium Omnieiunium writes  |  more than 9 years ago Every time I visit slashdot I seem to have Five more moderation points. I am pretty sure this is a normal thing, but do most users seem to get five moderation points every other day like I do? Heck, whenever I visit I sort of expect to have them now :S I also just discovered meta-moderation and boy is that fun :S I also just bought a great game called Superpowers 2. Okay, maybe you haven't heard good things about it, but I adore it. You control everything. I mean everything. You are the government. You control how it acts, how it moves, how it thinks, how it does everything. Seriously. There are a bajillion submenus with stats on everything avaliable. Tons of fun. Check it out http://www.superpower2game.com/ The only thing I found bad about it was that it took so long to get working because it kept crashing. I finally figured out I had to download the v1.4 patch which I had done so earlier but apparently this was a different one. Blah.


Geek Trip

Omnieiunium Omnieiunium writes  |  more than 9 years ago Hmm, why not use this journal? Why not? That is a good question why shouldn't I? So I am. Well I guess today I watched some Peter Davison Series 20. That is some good science fiction. And for that list that was published today about the top 50 sci-fi shows, Doctor Who is CLEARLY not #8. It is at least in the top 5.

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